40K RUMORS: Greenskins and More

Hold your horses boys and girls- greenskin rumors! There has been an uptick in Ork chatter. Here’s the latest:

via Stickmonkey – 12-3-2012

Rumor is the battle wagon is getting reboxed, and will include the deffrolla sprue. ETA 2013. Price rise expected.

I’m hearing an ork wave with buggies/trax, new battle wagon box (old battlewagon with deffrolla incl), tank bustas/flashgitz plastics, and deffcoptas. This is in contention for Q2 model wave release. 

Hmm, so it’s sounding like Dark Angels, Ork/mystery 40K wave, Tau.  Looking good for the first half of 2013, and that’s not even counting all the Horus Heresy stuff Forgeworld will be dumping our way.

~More reaction in the BoLS Lounge here. the real mystery is what Q2 model wave the Orks are in contention with… The Plot thickens…

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