BREAKING: Dark Angels Minis Unveiled

Hold onto your hat everybody.  The most polarizing set of new miniatures from Games Workshop in a while has hit the intertubes!  Take a look at the First Legion – The Dark Angels.

via Kenneth Lund

Dark Angels Miniatures
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Lots to take a look at over there.  Rumors say we are about a week away from the Advanced Orders going up.  We’ve had the rules covered in the Rumor Roundup for months, but lets talk about these minis.

Belial – Plenty of detail and the individual parts seem good, but the overall pose is incredibly static, almost like the old 2nd-3rd Edition metal one-piece models such as Eldrad and the original Yarrick.

Deathwing Terminators – Possibly the best of the bunch. Good variety, nice robes, and fantastic detail.  A very nice visual departure from the standard termys.

Dark Talon – A plucky snubnosed fighter.  I like the standard aircraft tail and wing design over the more helicopter inspired Stormtalon.  I think this one’s a winner.

Land Speeder Vengeance – Houston, we have a problem…  It makes me want to take out the Marine crew and see if my Gi-Joe and Cobra action figures will fit in there. You all can wrestle in the mud with this one.

~Have at it.

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