40K Rumors: Chaos Daemon Whispers

So remember all that talk of Chaos Daemons coming soon on the heels of the Dark Angels?  Well here is what the cold voices on the wind portend…  
via tsetse fly

Incoming Chaos Daemon Wave:
It is believed to be a Q1 release.  There is conflicting chatter as to whether the Codex is coming as well, or whether it is a miniatures-only wave with White Dwarf rules like we say in Q4-12.
Great Unclean One,
New Nurgle “jetbikes” – Described as GIANT FLIES with Plaguebearer Riders!!!
Khornate Chariot with dual-build options.
-Option 1: Transport (holds a big squad of daemons, opened top)
-Option 2: Cannon Variant (autocannon equivalent blast template, medium range)
~More as we get it.  Nurgle flying cav sounds totally cool!  This does sound like its is roughly along wiht lines of the last Chaos Daemons wave. It has a new cav unit, a chariot to use those new 40k chariot rules, and a couple of new Majors thrown in for good measure.  This is a good thing.  The current GW Major Daemons are ancient and kind of embarrassing by modern production standards.

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