All is Lost? New Daemon Models Reviewed

Let’s take a look  at some video unboxings of the new Daemons models; Plague Drones, Throne Khorne, Herald of Nurgle, and Flaming Chariot of Tzeentch.  Let’s hit it!

There was a ton of rumors circulating about what exactly would be releasing and when, but now we finally have the new Daemon offerings.

Once again Games Workshop seems to up the bar with every new multi-part plastic kit they put out. In terms of assembly, and design  these models almost defy conventional logic.

Huge plague drones that fly? Khorne dragsters? Only a truly chaotic mind could even come up with some of this stuff. And if you think that’s chaotic- wait till you see the rules themselves.

I especially like the new plastic Plague Drone models, which besides having a ton of cross over conversion potential, just look cool IMHO.  The new Tzeentch Chariot seems a little busy looking, but the fact you get so much extra in terms of Heralds and alternate builds, it kinda makes up for it. Plus of course you’re free to build it in a way that suits your tastes as well.

Rounding out the release is the Throne of Khorne (aka the Khorne Dragster) that is definitely just as ground breaking as it’s Slaaneshi counterpart the Seeker Chariot (aka the Farming Combine) from last summer, and it remains to be seen how “accepted” these models will be.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Nurgle Herald model who takes being a Plaguebearer to a while new level of grotesqueness.

Overall I think a pretty solid release model-wise, and the dual system value for these models doesn’t hurt either.  It’s a pretty neat feature that you can theoretically use the same figures for two different games!

Please enjoy my video unboxings of the new models below, and be sure to checkout my review of the Daemon Codex, and Army Book as well!

Chaos Daemons

Rules aside, what is your favorite kit?

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