40K – WFB Weekly Roundup 9-15-2013

Wow, what a week we’ve had.  Let’s catch us up on 40K and WFB and get us ready to hit next week running!

First up, Space Marines shipped! You might have heard that by now 🙂
You may hve heard about the major changes, but did you hear about the Grav-Weapon rules conundrum? (it’s a good one)
moving on…

Games Workshop Q4-13 through Q2-14 Schedule


The Gamesday UK Mystery Box – Either an Inquisitor themed game or Blood Bowl.
Dark Elves

Nov. Tyranids

Dec. Hobbit / Terrain


Imperial Guard
Space Wolves
Warhammer Fantasy 9th

July Historical note:   30th anniversary Warhammer Fantasy

CSM Supplemental Codices

Faeit212 got a tidbit on CSM Supplemental Codices

Chaos Space Marines are getting supplements for all of the major traitor legions.

These will be more and more complex as time goes on (as will all supplements) and are ordered based around how much they affect the game/core codex, and not based on anything else primarily.

World Eaters, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, Emperor’s Children, Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion, Word Bearers and Night Lords will all get their due treatment and be fleshed out into characterful factions.

Keep in mind that though mono-god Legions are coming, it’s very much so desired by essentially everyone, but it’s being handled carefully.

Warzones however we’re going to start seeing a lot more of, which will coincide with codex launches or between them to bridge codexes together (expect one for Tyranids and Ultramarines).

Also, despite being in the core codex, Space Marines will also be seeing Chapter Supplements to help deviate them farther.

Dark Elves Miniatures
The Dark Elves are supposed to be the “Big Unveil” of Gamesday UK, so everybody get your cameras ready.  Here are just some of the basics:
NEW Plastic Blackguard/ExecutionersThe Warriors, Black Guard, and Dark Riders all have cloaks. None of them appear to have face coverings. The Executioners appear to have skull faced helms. The theme to me appears to be a more sinister version of their High Elf bretheren. The plate armor has very spiked and jagged edges. The style will still fit well with the Shades and Reaper but next to these new models they will look very dated.
-Black Guard look very stalwart with large halberds and high helms with 3 spikes on each side with a flowing plume on top. Their armor is black trimmed in gold and they have dark purple cloaks. The unit champion is holding a sword by the hilt with the blade planted in the ground. Musician is a drummer.
-The executioners have what look like skull helms, and their armor is a brighter silver than the Black Guard. Their tunics are red in color and the Draiches are all held on the left hand side of their bodies (their left our right). They look very cool ranked up.
The Executioner champ is armed with an axe and is holding the decapitated head of a High Elf. Pretty dang cool.

NEW Plastic Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne(This model is AMAZING)The Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne look very cool. If you are a fan of the newer larger models GW has been putting out for WHFB you will really dig it. It is a bit toned down compared to the Empire Celestial Hurricanum/Luminark of Hysh and has blades and hooks on it to make it very sinister and Dark Elf.
The Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne are on a bigger base than the chariot base.
Yes the Cauldron and the Blood throne both have 6 wheels. They are on the same chassis, just with different stuff on the altar. I just noticed that the Witch Elves on Blood Throne have metal masks that cover the front of their face with the exception of their chin and mouth area and of course their eyes.
Ok and now to answer the Medusa question: She has the lower body of a snake and it appears there are other snakes on her base. The right side of her torso is bare, including her breast. In her right hand she is holding a spear. She has armor over her left breast and has a nasty looking clawed gauntlet on her hand. Her mouth is agape and she has snakes for hair. There is also a significant amount of blood on the model.

NEW Plastic Witch Elf box-The pictures we have of the Witch Elves has them with two hand weapons.
The witches are also sporting thigh high boots and are very dynamic with their poses. I wonder how much of a pain in the butt it will be to get them to rank up.
The Witch Elves look great. No mowhawks or anything like that. Long flowing hair, thigh high black boots and red loincloths and for lack of a better terms bras. They appear to have open mouths so lord only knows what they are saying before they come in and hack my poor High Elves to bits. 
There appears to be a command group for the Witch Elves.

NEW Plastic Hydra/Kraken About Hydra:It looks bigger and beefier.
Yes the Hydra does have 2 handlers.
-The Kraken has 5 heads/fanged maws. The have spines and scales with smooth neck and belly flesh. Scales are painted a Dark Grey with the softer flesh painted blue. Looks awesome.
The Kraken doesn’t have tentacles, it has four legs with webbed appendages ending in claws and it also has a tail.
Yes the Kraken has multiple heads. From the pic it looks like there is one main head with eyes and the other four necks end with fanged maws. Very cool looking. It may sound stupid to people as it is walking but wait until the picture comes out before passing judgement. 
You have to clear your head of any preconceived notions of what a Kraken is or looks like. Because lets face it, an 8 legged octopus creature flopping around on land would just not look right. It has 4 limbs that end in webbed feet with claws on them. It also has 5 heads. The main head has beady little eyes right above the mouth. The lower jaw on the main head extends kind of like an octopus tentacle but with teeth on it. The other heads end in an mouth with teeth and 4 claws around the head that look to facilitate grabbing their next meal.

~Many of us are just starting to get grips on the new Space Marines and we all have Horus Heresy: Massacre, Dark Elves, and Tyranids coming up fast. It’s a great time to be a hobbyist (with $12K just lying around).

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