Tyranids Rumorwave – December Pt. 1

Fasten your seatbelts – the Tyranid rumor-train is back in business!  Next stop – Launchwave minis and rules coming in.

We rate this set of rumors probable, coming from known sources.

Author: Adam Troke

New Tyranid plastic kits:
Warrior – Shrike: 3 model kit.
HiveGuard – Tyrantguard: 3 model kit. New weapon option for Hiveguard, Full lash whip-sword-claw-talon bits for Tyrant guard.
Pyrovore – Biovore – Hellevore: 1 model plastic kit. 3 plastic spore mines included.
Harpy – Eriyne: 1 model plastic kit.
Mycetic Spore: 1 model plastic kit.
Tyranid Prime: 1 model plastic kit.


Troops FOC
Unit size up to 30
Cost: 4pt
Default comes with Fleshborer

Fleet for 1pt per model

+1 pt Spike Rifles
+2 pt Spinefists (now Assault x(minimum of 2) Twinlinked)
+4 pt Devourers

1 per 10 can take:
+10 pt Strangleweb
+15 pt Electroshock Spitter (S4 AP6 Template Assault 1)

+1 Adrenal Glands – Fleet and Furious Charge
+1 Toxin sacs – Poison (affects cc attacks)
+2 Toxic grubs – Poison (affects ranged fire)

Full Tyranid Rumor Roundup

~Look for updates all week long.  What bugs do you want for the new year?

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