40K Rumor Roundup – 2/22/2014

While there aren’t a lot of rumors floating, there are a TON of new releases.  Sentinels of Terra barely scratches the surface!

Imperial Knights

The big guys are up for preorder and up on the GW site with gorgeous 360 views and details on the kits.  I’ve already ordered mine – have you?  It’s a whole lot of kit for $140.

At 8 inches tall the Imperial Knight is a towering war engine. Crafted in the Dark Age of Technology and resplendent with gothic details it presents a unique silhouette both in a display cabinet and on the battlefield. Fighting alongside armies of the Imperium, most Imperial Knights are part of a Knightly House. They are affiliated with either the Imperium or the Adeptus Mechanicus. Some Imperial Knights choose to forsake all ties to a noble house. Known as Freeblades, they are masters of their own destiny.

Fully jointed at the head, arms and waist this kit allows you to create some wonderful poses. You can assemble the Imperial Knight as a Knight Paladin armed with a Rapid-fire battle cannon or a Knight Errant armed with a Thermal cannon. Both are equipped with a Reaper chainsword and protected by an Ion Shield. Each also has the option to add Heavy Stubbers. You have the choice of three unique face-plates: one for Mechanicus affiliated Knights and two for Imperial Knights.

We have the Imperial Fist Supplement, the Legion of the Damned Codex, The Chaos Hellbrute and the Tyranid Dataslate.


Sentinels of Terra

The Sentinels of Terra Codex is a codex supplement on the Imperial Fists 3rd Company.It features:

– The History of the Sentinels of Terra, and their struggles to reclaim honours and glories under the command of Captain Darnath Lysander. 

– A showcase of Space Marine miniatures featuring the colour scheme and iconography of the Sentinels of Terra. 

– New missions: both to recreate famous battles and to reflect the Sentinels of Terra’s favoured tactics. 

– Unique relics, Warlord Traits and new stratagems – Perfect for games of Planetstrike and Cities of Death.

The Codex costs $ 49.50 and $ 90 for the limited edition.

Legion of the Damned

The digital codex for The Legion of the Damned codex is out and clocks in at $ 16.99. 

Appearing from the shifting tides of the Warp, the Legion of the Damned are mysterious bone-adorned Space Marines who arrive unlooked for to aid the servants of the Imperium. No one knows for sure where they come from, but none can doubt the fury with which they fight, or the trail of dead foes they leave in their wake. Tormented by a ghostly past and afflicted by the very power that snatches them from one battlefield to the next, the Legion are truly cursed warriors who, perhaps, seek salvation through the carnage they visit upon the enemies of the Emperor.

Codex: Legion of the Damned allows you to add Legion of the Damned squads into your Warhammer 40,000 army, or field them as a detachment in their own right. It includes extensive background on the mysterious Legion of the Damned, detailing the times they have appeared to fight alongside the armies of the God-Emperor. Also inside you will find rules for Legion of the Damned units, as well as three new missions, an artefact and Warlord Traits and, all unique to these legendary warriors.

You can buy it on The Black Library site.

Chaos Hellbrute Kit

The new Hellbrute kit has been sighted and lots of photos were leaked, but GW asked everyone to pull them down.   

What we know, is the kit has all the weapon options and versions for every Chaos God.

It is possible these are right around the corner!  Now if they would accompany this  kit with a rules errata, or “add-on rules” for new options in the kit – it would be perfect!

Rising Leviathan II Tyranid Dataslate
The new Tyranid Dataslate is out and looking good!

The invasion of Satys enters a new and deadly phase as the Hive Mind drowns the planet in a deluge of biohorrors. Though tens of thousands lie dead already, the Catachans, led by Colonel Krelm, desperately try to hold key fortifications within the irradiated jungles, hoping to keep the swarm at bay. The surviving members of the Aurora Space Marine Chapter fight with them, determined to sell their lives if it means blunting the Great Devourer’s assault. Can they hold back the beast long enough for help to arrive, or will they too succumb to the chitinous claws of Hive Fleet Leviathan?

About the Book:

Tyranid Invasion – Rising Leviathan II is the second book in a trilogy of Tyranid Dataslates, each of which details the different stages of Hive Fleet Leviathan’s assault upon the planet of Satys. This second instalment showcases the invasion organisms of the Tyranid fleet. It contains formations, missions and rules so that you can re-create the unstoppable advance of Hive Fleet Leviathan in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

And the return of Endless Swarm!

Available on iTunes for $ 14.99

And for all the latest on 40K, check in at Apocalypse40K.com.


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