40K Rumor Roundup – 3-8-2014 Chaos and Guard OH MY!

Crimson Slaughter is out and Imperial Guard are coming!  It’s a hot on this week on the rumor-trail!

Here is what has hit the streets this week and what is rumored.


Well the Chaos Crimson Slaughter Supplement is out and here is what we have:

Crimson Slaughter Codex Supplement  $ 49.50

Chaos Hellbrute $ 54.00

Chaos Attack Force $ 205.00

Crimson Slaughter 1st Glance Rules Rundown 

Possessed Chaos Marines 

Possessed move to TroopsThey replace the default Possessed ability chart with this new one:1: Unit changes from Infantry to Beasts2: Unit gains a 3+ Invulnerable3: Unit gains Rending, and wounds on a 3+


– Relic grants 2+ Armor Save, Crusader, It Will Not Die special rules +40pts– Relic grants access to Divination +25 points.

Crimson Slaughter Discussion on the Lounge


Imperial Guard will take up a 3 week release slot.  The release picture got leaked.  You can see it here.

– Week one is up for preorder with the March 22nd White Dwarf.
– Breakdown is as follows:

Week 1: 3 kits, including the Ogryns plastic combo-kit and 2 others.
Week 2: Codex
Week 3: 2 kits 

Week 1 kits:
– Ogryns/Bullgryns plastic combo-kit (one unit with ranged weapons, the other with giant shields and close combat weapons)
– Stormtroopers/Veterans combo-kit
– Unseen “Big transport” kit.

This new vehicle is said to be able to move entire squads of Ogryns and other stuff (so apparently more transport space than the Chimera). This kit is said to be roughly Land Raider sized. Previous “big tank” chatter over a month ago has also described it as being influenced by the Forgeworld Malcador’s design.

Imperial Guard Rumor Discussion on the Lounge

Go forth and kick ass!


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