40K RUMORs: Imperial Guard Info – FINALLY!

We’ve just started into March and Imperial Guard will round out the month and take us into April.  Here is the latest word on the Armored Fist of the Emperor.

Imperial Guard will take up a 3 week release slot.

– Week one is up for preorder with the March 22nd White Dwarf.
– Breakdown is as follows:

Week 1: 3 kits, including the Ogryns plastic combo-kit and 2 others.
Week 2: Codex
Week 3: 2 kits

More as it comes in.

I would assume that the previously mentioned Plastic Stromtroopers/Veterans and the new “Big Tank” are 2 of the remaining 4 kits.  But that still leaves 2 others…  Sifting through here will trounce up some likely suspects:

Full Imperial Guard Rumor Roundup

 ~ I’m still not quite ready to start calling the IG the Astra Militarum…  Have at it.

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