Forgeworld: New 40K Terrain, Dinos and Mugs – OH MY

Those busy beavers over at Forgeworld have been on a tear.  Here’s the latest in plastic (and ceramic) crack for you all:

Lots of this stuff will be available initially at the Forgeworld OpenDay 2014, then for mass release later.  Let’s start small and move on up:

It seems a bit low-rent for Forgeworld but they are offering a fine selection of Horus Heresy themed…

T-Shirts £18 and Coffee Mugs… £7.50

Forgeworld says:

“The T-shirts and mugs that appear on the Forge World Open Day events page, are not available to order. They are only available to those people who attend the Forge World Open Day. They can be bought on the day, but cannot be reserved.”

moving on…

We get a Warhammer Fantasy beast from Monstrous Arcana, the

Dread Saurian £133

Finally for you 40K fans who can resist a new Realm of Battle tile for your awesome gaming table:

Realm of Battle Genatorium Nexus & Manufactorum £90 (each)

In a galaxy where conflict is commonplace, Imperial architecture is often by necessity fortified against possible attack. Should the Alien, the Traitor or the Heretic attempt to assault an Imperial world, more often than not it is the great cities of humanity that become battlegrounds. Large industrial facilities are transformed into key objectives, with generatorum nexus’ becoming vital sources of power and manufactorum sectors providing much-needed supplies or raw materials.

Forge World scenery designer Blake Spence has created two new modular Realm of Battle Cityscape tiles. Each is light weight and durable thanks to the hollow resin method we use, and each tile measures 2′ x 2′ (610 mm x 610 mm).

A limited quantity of both the Realm of Battle Generatorum Nexus tile and the Realm of Battle Manufactorum Sector tile will be available to purchase at the Forge World Open Day this Sunday. Both tiles will go on general release in the next few weeks.

Looking at that generator tile, let me just say it for all of us:

“Lord Vader, the shield will be down in moments; you may begin your landing.” – General Veers

-Who’s up for what?

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