40K 7th Edition – New Format – New Price!

Warhammer 40,000 goes back to its roots with an all new format.  Here’s the details:

After decades – the days of the single giant coffee table book are gone.  Here is what is coming your way:

Warhammer 7th Edition: Price: roughly $80

Edition is presented in a new format, 3 hardcover books in a slipcover.  Pagecount of all three is about 450 pages in total:

The Rulebook: @200 pages, only rules

The Grimdark: @128 pages – Fluff and history of the Warhammer universe

The Hobby: @114 pages – Full miniatures and hobby book.  All splash pics, and intro to the hobby stuff.

Now the funny thing is we have seen this before.  If you look back to 2nd Edition:

You have Blood Angels vs Orks, and the separate books for:

– Rulebook
– Wargear
– Codex Imperialis (the fluff)

So it’s actually a very close overall theme to what we are hearing about for both the rulebook and the new boxed set.

Full 7th Edition Rumor Roundup
Even more Launch Product news coming in…

Let’s party like it’s 1993!

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