BREAKING: WFB: EndTimes – Khaine is Coming!

The Elves get their turn with a twist in the upcoming End Times Series for Warhammer Fantasy.  Here’s the latest:

End Times Rumors 11-9-2014 (Black Library Weekender)

via Warseer’s Darnok:

Now what if I tell you that 1.) the Elves ET book will come with no models alongside it and 2.) there will be two more ET books after it?

Volume III: The Curse of Khaine (Scheduled for this year)
Volume IV: Skaven Book
Volume V: Unknown rumored final volume

The big point of contention out there in  rumorland is whether or not End Times: Khaine will come with models, or be a book only release.  Based on what we’ve seen before from the End Times series, Army Bundles to represent the listed battle hosts is a given, and both High Elves and Dark Elves have received substantial new kits in their last updates.

But then again, would a model of Khaine himself count as an “Elf Model”?

Full End Times Rumor Roundup

~Who needs to get killed off in an Elf focused End Times book?

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