Airbrushing – Treads, Hull & Turrets Tutorial

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Kenny over at Next Level Painting just put out his SECOND tutorial for super heavy tanks, this time it’s on painting the hull, turret, and weathering the treads!

These tanks are done in the ‘traditional’ dark green of the First Legion of the Adeptus Astartes: the Dark Angels.

Checkout all the weathering on the treads and vents, as well as the actual shading of the greens on the chassis itself that he put into these tanks. These are some of the techniques, in additional to just basic color theory, and airbrushing instruction that Kenny teaches you in this series of videos!

Be sure to checkout Next Level Painting’s tutorials, daily updates and more over on Kenny’s new YouTube channel.

  • Zingbaby

    Well another great video, you’ve sold me on the technical paints. Thanks I am increasingly enjoying your work.

    BUT, what’s up with the face through the entire video? I’m sorry bro, it’s not a good look, I won’t even tell you what the wife said, but even if it was, it’s too distracting. I want to see more tank, less (no) face. Still thanks for video lol.

    • Jokaero

      What Zingbaby (and his wife) said!

    • jimmy

      i have to agree hate seeing people in a fedora

  • Dustin Dean

    Nice video! SpikeyBits/FtN/NLP drinking game: Drink when you hear, “Yo, dawg,” “peep,” “dope,” “I’m telling ya, man.”

    • Jokaero

      you were lucky you weren’t playing the drinking game: Drink when you hear “transition”!

  • Urban Bungledorph

    I think he said about five words before I had to turn it off.

  • bogger3k

    I like the videos and at least he’s trutheful about not knowing how rusting works.

    • bogger3k

      Not to say it looks bad, but steel doesn’t rust both in red and green…

      • kensaix

        it’s CERAMITE!! Ceramite rusts in all colours of the rainbow and then some

        • bogger3k

          From what I can find of it, ceramite is kind of a white color… that’s clearly metal. That’s different

        • bogger3k

          I’m also reading its made out of ceramics and is either extremely resistant to rust or doesn’t rust at all.

          • kensaix

            some ppl recognize irony, some don’t