Next Week’s Harlequins & Prices – CONFIRMED


All the week 3 Harlequin goodies and prices are confirmed.  The time for rumors is over.  Come see!

via DakkaDakka 2-9-2015

First up the prices:



So the Starweaver/Voidweaver for $41, and the codex at the standard $49.50


Then next week’s tease: 



“A grin and a big gun”… Looks like we can expect Deathjesters and probably that Shadowseer spotted a couple days back in week 4 of this whole new army!

~ About time – Week 3 codex!

  • Gabor Fazekas

    hm eldar united? can that mean they make some end times kind of combined army list? if so Imperium gonna get similar?

    • Aaron LeClair

      I am gonna guess a Data Slate that makes use Harlequins, Eldar and Dark Eldar units, Combined army list is unlikely with the current rules unbound/battle brothers rules.

      • Sebastian Rubio

        In previous editions dark eldar were hated enemies, now, DE are more like disturbed cousins, but still family to all eldar. In Valedor warzone book, caftworlds, dark kin & harlequins all work together nicely. They’re all different factions, but they seem to work together just fine. When you start investigating fluff you find several times when DE help out their craftworld brothers, one of the minor craftworlds even work together with dark eldar on a regular base. In current fluff they’re separated, but in a later timeline, they’ll be united like in the old days.

        • georgelabour

          Actually there was at least one incident in which the eldar, harlequins and the dark ones were allies.

          In an old Titan Legions article in WD they had a small half page bit about how the eldar had mustered for a rare war on a massive scale in order to punish some humans who had settled onto a maiden world, and also stolen the spirit jewels of some ambassadors.

          At the end of it all the craftworld Eldar handed the offending governor over ot the harlequins who then hand him over to what were basically Dark Eldar before they were called dark eldar.

          They didn’t even have an army book back then and they still were treated as having relations with the other factions.

        • Majere613

          It’s not quite that simple. It’s a common misconception that because two armies are Battle Brothers on the ally matrix, they get on great. DE and Craftworlders certainly aren’t friendly to each other by any means, but on those occasions where they do have common cause, like Necron threats or Chaos, they’re smart enough to put that aside and work together efficiently.

          I think that was also meant to be the idea behind the Tau’s strong ally status with Imperial factions in 6th, but it got so blatantly misinterpreted and abused that the nerfhammer had to be deployed.

  • Nogle

    my expectations are soooo high for the fluff in that codex

    • Malevengion

      Agreed, there hasn’t been a lot of light shed on the Harlequins (Outside of the Masque of Vile book). Should be interesting.

      • georgelabour

        I’m expecting the fluff to be about on the same level as the Imperial Knights book myself. Fortunately I liked the Imperial Knights book.

  • Spacefrisian

    So the Starweaver is also a Voidweaver. Seems interesting.

  • Andrew Thomas

    A limited edition minidex? At $205? Stupid.

    • Badgerboy1977

      Luckily you don’t have to buy it and there are other options.

      If you don’t see the value in things like this that’s fine (even though you don’t even know what’s included yet) but it doesn’t mean that others feel the same and quite frankly you should be glad that people do buy the high ticket priced items like that as it gives GW more cash to carry on producing the models and kits you are interested in.

      • amaximus167

        ‘…you don’t have to buy it…’

        Obviously, we don’t HAVE to buy it.

      • Crablezworth

        do you know what a sycophant is?

        • Retconned Legion

          Do you?

        • Badgerboy1977

          I do indeed and I’m not entirely sure how stating a few simple facts on a comments section, none of which were praise is supposed to gain me favour with GW but hey maybe you know something I don’t.

      • CertainlyNOTmccarthy

        GW will pay out any execess funds to their shareholders.
        If you belive that they will re-invest it into the company you are unfortunately wrong.

        • Badgerboy1977

          A successful and profitable company means more products, simple as that.

          • CertainlyNOTmccarthy

            No it means more dividend for the shareholders.

          • Badgerboy1977

            Of course they need to pay the shareholders that’s a given but a successful company is also good for the customers as it means they carry on producing new models, books and games.

            What about that do you think is not true?

          • CertainlyNOTmccarthy

            Of course they are going to continue producing rules and models.
            Thats how they earn their money after all.
            I would prefer it if GW would be a privately owned company.

          • rickyard

            Not necessarily, could be BETTER products, or even CHEAPER products to increase sales.

      • rickyard

        No, I am not glad they earn easy money because they don’t do efforts in game balance, good minis, new art or better rules. All they need is call some small percentage of books “limited” to earn a lot more than simply doing real efforts in the other way. SO I don’t like it, no. Easy money means company-level laziness. Hard earned money, however, gets you to brilliant products and a healthy company, just like “place name of new successfull games company here”

        • Badgerboy1977

          So you don’t like their games, books, rules or minis?
          Why are you then investing your time talking about them on articles such as this?

          Given that they have a huge release schedule lately of items like the superb end times minis and books, FW’s HH series, constant updated codex editions (including brand new ones such as the Harlequins) with many accompanying models and large amounts of new artwork I’d say they’re doing pretty well in giving back to the customer.

          Also their big investment in plastic moulding tech is clearly paying off with the undoubted intricacy and detail of their products of late.

          Personally as someone who’s been in the hobby for getting on for around 30 years, I’ve never seen them produce more or better products than they are right now.

          If you don’t like the aesthetics or the way the games play then go play something else, simple as that.

          • rickyard

            I am sorry, didn’t mean to say that I don’t like their rules or minis or games… but in fact it has happened. I am as old as you (or more), it’s been more tan 30 years (since I was 12) playing with citadel minis, and OF COURSE they have never done minis just like they are now… well, NO COMPANY does minis right now as horrible as they were 30 years ago!! We liked them, because there was nothing else. Now there’s competition, and saying that “their investment in plastic moulding tech is paying off with undoubted intricacy and detail” is just false. The intricacy doesn’t have nothing to be with the moulding process, they could design WAY intricate and WAY smaller details if they were using a GOOD designer and simply cast the models in GOOD metal or a GOOD resin. Everyone can achieve this “level of detail” you are so proud of: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

            In fact, it is FAR superior in other companies… we are not talking about personal tastes. The level of detail of other companies, as the minis are more realistic and properly scaled, is even smaller than that of GW, is A M A Z I N G… try to touch the face of an infinity model with GW “fine detail brush” and you’ll get an Uruk-hai model. It is not a matter of tech.. it is money, as usual: plastic is cheaper tan metal or resin models, but they make you pay as if it was cast in gold. And about art??? please show me ONE piece of artwork that is completely NEW in a GW book! Sure most of the artists aren’t even working with them yet. 🙂 Quantity is not the same as quality.
            And they are lazy, yes, they are… your harley codex will be half the page count for a “normal” codex and will be the same price. And any rulebook from any other company out there is 50$ for about 200 pages. And in GOOD quality with full color and NEW art… and not printed in China. I know it is a matter of tastes, but I used to like everything about my beloved company, but some executive jerks decided that I was idiot enough (or rich enough) to pay like gold for my beloved minis, and I feel like they stole my hobby from me.

          • Badgerboy1977

            When I talk about intricacy I’m not referring to the detail quality which I well get to in a moment, I’m actually referring to the dynamic elements such as the swirling capes, smoke, ghosts and the like which are absolutely to do with the manufacturing process and are unmatched by other companies.
            Show me any other company that can match the plastic Nagash and other end times minis for example in terms of the intricate nature of its interlocking parts, I can guarantee you there isn’t one.

            As for materials, metal is much worse and I’m forever thankful they don’t produce metal minis anymore. It’s much more difficult to work with, it’s heavier and doesn’t hold paint as well.
            Resin does allow for finer detail but it’s also more expensive to produce, more involved to prep and doesn’t allow for the dynamism of the more robust plastic models.

            If I want finely detailed resin models I’ll buy FW as I’m not a fan of other companies styling which is often far more cartoony or manga like and there is no other gaming company on the planet that makes plastic minis of the level of quality that GW do, not to mention the huge number of components you get in the kits these days that allow for a vast array of customisation and kit bashing.

            I want my army’s to be individual and varied and not full of mono posed models like every other company out there, better scaled or not.

            Oh and if you think they’ve not been producing large amounts of original artwork in recent years then you really haven’t been looking hard enough my friend.

            As for price, I’ve never been a rich man and the hobby has always been expensive for me but despite having a family and other commitments I’m still able to manage my cash over a year and buy the things I want.
            They’re non essentials, a pastime and its a far cheaper pastime than most sports around quite frankly.

            Also if you do a direct comparison of what you actually get in GW’s kits and not just a model count with other companies they really aren’t that dissimilar, the books yes but there is a quality difference. Whether that’s enough to justify the price difference is up to the consumer to decide.

          • luckyb0y

            Wyrd plastics are way more dynamic than GWs. Honestly the dynamic minis by GW are 50/50 hit/miss. All the jumping/flying/hovering models are supported by a piece of rubble or swirling ribbons. No imagination at all. Compare that to sometimes very cleverly designed Wyrd minis. Mind I’m not saying GW minis are bad. There is one thing about them that knocks everything out of the park. Conversion potential – no one does multipart cros-compatible kits like GW. Even the best plastics by other manufacturers are either monopose (or at least severly limited) or have way less in terms of range of pieces available. GW minis are kinda like Lego now. You can very nearly build any character you can imagine. But plastic monopose character by Gw are hardly that great compared to Wyrd, Kingdom Death or Infinity.

          • Badgerboy1977

            I’m not sure I’d agree that those companies minis are more dynamic myself and I’m not a massive fan of their aesthetics but those are subjective views obviously so we can agree to disagree on that one.
            At least you’re comparing like for like there as GW’s mono pose characters are that and yeh to be honest I would be happier if those included more options and were a bit cheaper but you can always kit bash them from the vast array of kits they produce if you don’t want to pay for them and as you say that is where GW’s strength really lies.

  • A.P.

    I really hope they Conjoin the DE/CW/Harley into one faction

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      Eh, before that happens all the Space Marine ‘dexs that use Tactical/Assault/Devastator/etc units should be conjoined.

      • A.P.

        You mean the faction known as the imperium… Not sure what your talking about with that statement.

        • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

          Ohhh, you mean you’d like to have them listed as a single “Eldar” in the faction matrix? I could kinda get behind that, especially since the Imperium’s supposed to have trouble telling Eldar apart.

  • euansmith

    I hope the exclusive Troupe Master Edition of the Codex comes with a diamond patterned, spandex slip case.

    • Wraith

      Mmm… spandex…

  • durkheim

    Do we know anything about HQ choices (if there is any choice and if HQ exists at all)?

    • Gabor Fazekas

      yes, that they dont exist 😛 at least up to now

    • vonDietdrich

      The harlequin force org got leaked, and they don’t have HQ slots. All their characters are elite choices.

  • andrew

    How do they justify the Weaver being 38% more expensive than the Vyper and Venom? Kits seem pretty similar to me…

    • A.P.

      Dual kit = more plastic ” congratulations you bought 10 dollars in bits! ”

  • BlasterCA

    So much for that price drop, huh? Same ol’ frakking high prices!

    • vonDietdrich

      The part I find amusing is that now GW is pricing out exactly how much money they want a ‘default minimum army’ to be for each new faction since Necrons.

      The new Harlequin org with their Masque formation is ‘three Troupes, seven elites (character blisters), two squads of skyweavers and a voidweaver’, plus up to three starweavers for the troupes, if you want the formation benefits.

      That comes out to.. what, $400 plus starweavers and codex for minimum squads?