WFB 9th: Starter Box Minis and More


Here’s the latest WFB 9th’s starter box contents will include? Come take a look at one very untraditional set of minis.

WFB 9th Box Content

– WFB 9th Starterbox follows the “Stormclaw/Exterminatus”, with almost all existing minis and a unique boxed-set only hero model.


2 Warriors of Chaos units

1 Daemon unit

1 Chaos Warmachine

2 Lords (1 unique)

Forces of Light:

2 Empire infantry units

1 Empire cavalry unit

1 Elf unit

1 Warmachine (Dwarf possible)

2 Lords (1 mounted, 1 foot)


2 Rulebooks

Painting guide book

Army lists book


And let’s compare that to the last set of info:

The results of the End Times will be directly reflected in the armies included in 9th Edition

Boxed Set:

Will include good guys (the Forces of Light) versus Chaos – in a loose fashion.

The Boxed Set is set in a former city of the Empire (save your breathe, it’s NOT Mordheim), but luckily the End Times offers up plenty of new choices.

Boxed Set includes a campaign at a skirmish level and is firmly designed to introduce new players into the game at this smaller model-count level.

Look for an increased focus on “Heroes & Characters”, even at the skirmish level of the game.

WFB 9th will kick off a new set of products that cover not only the new surviving factions, but new modular terrain pieces that support the game at all size levels and reflect the new “Post End-Times” world.


So it looks like a boxed set right inline with the 40K Campaign sets, and presents a “sampler platter” of different army models in one box.  Perfect for giving new gamers a little taste of a bunch of different faction’s aesthetic, and to spark interesting starting new forces. The real question is are we looking at very small 5-10 man units in these boxes emphasizing skirmish, or larger unit sizes with a bunch more models.


Warhammer 9th Roundup

~ Skuttlebutt says to look for this mid summer.

  • D. B.

    Considering how many alleged starter box contents (40k as well as Fantasy) I’ve seen in the last few months, I’ll believe it when the first spoiler pics show up.

  • darthken

    doesn’t really bother me any way, GW fantasy died at my club years ago when the model count and $$$ went through the roof.
    It’s started a resurgence now via mantic games KoW rules set, and now one i know will be going back.

    • Daniel Sundblad

      Who will be going back?

    • Badgerboy1977

      Well the ‘one you know’ 😉 that’s going back has the right idea as far as I’m concerned. The new models and books have been of excellent quality and if you’ll be able to have skirmish style games in the future then the model count and therefore the costs will be reduced.
      Personally I’m a sucker for a huge battle myself but hey maybe that’s just me.

  • ted1138

    Sounds good. Put a variety of great looking models into a box and include a set of skirmish rules to get people started playing(sort of a cross between Mordheim and WHFB). Makes perfect sense for a starter set. Are we sure this is Games Workshop?

  • Adam Murray

    Pics or it didn’t happen. Shame it’s not plastic squigs.

  • Purple-Stater

    Looks like a starter set designed for a WHFB game variant created by a couple of junior high kids. (“Hey! You know what would be a cool way to play Warhammer, using all of our minis?)

    And I do mean that in a serious way, not just trying to make a low-level joke. A starter of that variety really does have the feel of a game designed for, and by, the 12-14 yr. old crowd. Might/could be really fun too, but I’ve played those big multi-army battles, and they never have quite the same sense of awesomeness that a one-on-one battle provides. (Note: 3 v 3 is still awesome when it’s 3 of the same army vs 3 of the same army.)

    • ted1138

      I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Looks to me more like a small scale skirmish game, designed for just a handful of units rather than a fantasy version of 40k’s Apocalypse. Could just be a great way to get into Fantasy for beginners…

      • purple-stater

        You said the same thing I did, except you used the marketing version. 🙂
        It’s the inter-mixing of forces (elf & human) that’s makes it feel a bit ‘juvenile’ to me.

        • duno

          Juvenile is the way to go! We need to purge the complaining old guard from this hobby and get in some fresh blood.

          • Kveldulf

            Yea because the new generation has more taste…? /sarcasm.

            Honestly, I don’t think the convoluted issues seen in warhammer is a problem with age groups.

          • Mechhead13

            Yep lets purge the people whose support kept GW afloat all these years so you can have “new and shiny”. You do realize that without them there would not be a GW?

          • Purple-Stater

            Veteran/established gamers are one of the biggest recruiting factors that Warhammer has, for either Fantasy or 40K. Games Workshop has turned their dedication towards catering to a small group of miniature collectors, whereas the veterans are the ones that are supporting the GAME.

          • Marky

            Last time I checked “warhammer” was a game not a model 🙂

        • deris87

          I don’t see what’s “juvenile” about a sampler platter of forces.

          • euansmith

            Elves; they are the vol-au-vents of the WFB buffet.

          • Purple-Stater

            Not juvenile per se’, it’s in the design concept where (theoretically) we’re moving from a game of battling empires (small “E”) to a game of not much more than battling models,

            regardless of nationality.

            “Play ’em if you got ’em” is not a desirable flavor for a mature game.

          • deris87

            You still haven’t explained why. I don’t see how the size of forces involved in the tabletop miniatures game, or whether they have humans and dwarves in the same army, have anything at all to do with the maturity of said game.

          • Bobsyouruncle

            Mordheim was a skirmish game and had some fairly dark , gritty and mature content and the warbands could hire all kinds of mercenaries from other races .

          • Kveldulf

            Those were exceptions, and they were not an expected thing (lore wise)

          • Kveldulf

            When I was younger, new to the hobby, I didn’t see cultural divides either, and didn’t understand their significance.

            Making obvious exceptions normal is a convoluted generality observed by the sane.

    • Can’t say I particularly agree. From a background standpoint, I always thought the older, criss-crossed cultural/racial background of the Empire, fr’ex, was a smarter and more nuanced fantasy idea than the simpler homegenous armies that’ve become the norm since 6th Ed WHFB. I’m glad to see that concept coming back. Too bad they had to destroy everything else that was enjoyable about the background to achieve it.

      • Bobsyouruncle

        Good point . In the older editions of WHFB the empire could field units of dwarf clansmen so as to represent ex pat communities of dwarfs whose ancestors fled into and settled in the empire during the goblin wars . GW even produced Imperial dwarf models wearing empire style clothes , neatly trimmed beards armed with swords and pikes . Come to think of it there was also a large community of High Elves living in Marienburg in the old fluff

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          Also imperial ogres which were beautiful models, tons of character in the sculpting. Not to forget halfings which are still some of my favorite models and that I still use in my Empire army as huntsmen and to add character to my blocks of swordsmen and


        • Marky

          I have a lot of those dwarfs, and “dwarfs living in the empire” was (is?) the theme of one of my armies

    • One word: Mordheim.

  • duno

    This is going to be so good!

  • Snord

    Looks like WHFB has morphed into Warcraft…

    • Joshua Clark

      Which got it’s ideas from where again?

      • Snord

        Yeah, that’s why it’s ironic.

      • Mechhead13

        The same sources that GW used.

        • Joshua Clark

          Considering that Warcraft was originally supposed to be a Warhammer game, I’ll concede that. But the last sentence is what my original comment was getting at.

  • Dennis Harrison

    Sounds like a good set to get me started. I have high elves, dwarfs, and chaos daemons- so this boxed set is going to give me two huge armies covering both factions. Elves and dwarf allying with the new humans gives me a lot of hope.

  • Kveldulf

    This does sound like warhammer anymore. Forces of light?? Do they really think the age of reckoning paradigm was a good idea? That was just an excuse to give divirsity.

    The charm with warhammer was the realism involved with factions being racist, among other inherently flawed things- that is more consistent with reality. Granted alliances occured, but now, it’s the ‘join forces’ mentality to survive – very juvenile.

    Having cultures melded is not something you should so broadly implement…. Unless uou are having issues selling product outside of the IP. 😛

    • Orodruin

      Your responses are hilarious. Please continue whining about this subject.

      • Manwiththedogs

        I think he raises a good point. I find a more nuanced approach to the motivations of the races more interesting than simply good vs bad.

      • Kveldulf

        I sense sarcasm but spawned from ignorance.

    • templar46_2

      diversity bad. racism good.

      wow. i think i just hurt myself from facepalming so hard.

      • Kveldulf

        Pluralism is okay, but ignoring cultural divides is artificial.

        If you don’t think so, the that’s your belief, but in my fictions that i like to read, I tend toward fiction that acknowledges imperfections because it’s more believable (opposed to ignoring them).

      • Purple-Stater

        Lack of “racism” (as it applies within a game) is a modern comfort. “Us vs Them” is the simplest way to hold an empire/nation/tribe together, and it applies until the body you’re trying to hold together consists of citizenry of the races that were previously separate.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      ‘Forces of Light sounds like something Mantic would come up with. I hate the name.

      Have they forgotten the whole point of the setting? Have they not been reading their Moorcock? It should be ‘Force of Not Very Nice People’ vs ‘Force of People who aren’t Very Nice in a Different Way’.

    • Eh, I dunno. An always-on ‘Forces of Light’ army isn’t my preference either, but neither is the constant binary division between ‘good guy’ armies. The human kingdoms, High Elves and Dwarves have always been portrayed at peace far more often than at war, and lots of trade happens between them. Heck, used to be, there was a non-insiginifigant number of Dwarves fighting within the Imperial army. Ogres, too. Alliances against common, existential enemies like Chaos *should* be fairly regular. It’s just too bad they had to go destroy everything *else* worthwhile about the setting to fit them in again.

      • Bobsyouruncle

        I kind of feel sad at the missed opportunity for exploring the wider warhammer world . They didn’t need to pour massive resources into it , a ravening hordes style book with army lists for nations/races like the hobgoblin empire , Tilea , Cathay ,the Fimir etc. Then a steady release over the years of minatures perhaps starting with those with most crossover appeal . Imagine how many Empire players would buy some Kislev winged lancers or how many players might find a place in their army for a Tilean pike block or Norscan bezerkers .

    • Purple-Stater

      And that’s about what I was also trying to say, further up.

  • Clarence Harrison

    I actually love the sound of this if it’s true. I enjoy painting as much as playing, and the ability to add a single unit of elves to an existing army just because I felt like painting them (and the ability to get in small games with three or four units a side) would go a long way toward bringing me back to WFB.

    • Mechhead13

      There are ways of doing that already. This is simply throwing a life preserver to a game that is dying out, because of years of neglect.

  • Ira Clements

    I like my baloney seasoned with salt.

  • Bobsyouruncle

    Sounds like a good idea , the main point of starter sets in boxes was always to try to get new players or young kids into the hobby and once they are hooked they can explore it however they want . Just because the ” Forces of Light ” now work together doesn’t mean they still can’t fall out or that you can’t build armies of just Dwarfs or elves etc. It doesn’t say more experienced players can’t still build themed one faction armies or themed armies of one faction i.e night goblins , I should know I’ve been fielding an Estalian army for years .

    • Manwiththedogs

      But if the earlier rumour of the armies being condensed into less factions and loosing kits in the process is correct, fielding an all Dwarf army may prove impossible.
      Rather than giving people a taste of different armies maybe this starter set is a snap shot of things to come.

  • latro990

    Forces of light, yea like GW is gonna use that… where is the IP IP IP IP IIIIPPPPPP in that!?

    ‘warhammer’goodies-surviors of the end times-fromgamesworkshop’ more likely their official name

    orcs’ll get a rename too… greenwarhammerfolk goblins will be littlegreenwarhammerfolk

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      I don’t want to like this post as much as I do but I do. Awesome comment 🙂

  • NovaeVox

    So they’re pitting the forces Chaos against a “last alliance,” if you will, of men and elves (and dwarfs)…

    Reinventing a stale universe with over a dozen armies full of Tolkien-esque tropes and rolling them into about five or so…

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      Almost like a battle of five armies…

  • Gridloc

    GW, i like that you have decided to reduce your model count. I definitely enjoyed your large scale games, but as the community complained for years it cost to much i see what you going for.

    I’ll be happy to get the game, once you
    1) talk to your customers instead of keeping us in the dark.
    2) ensure us that rules will be something you support.

    • Mechhead13

      If GW could find a way to become more open with its customers a good deal of its problems would vanish.

      • templar46_2

        lol. nope! you clearly weren’t around during the days of the official forums, or the developer chats with the community.

        • deris87

          That’s why you don’t depend on internet forums for your feedback, but do other kinds of market research.

        • Mechhead13

          I simply did not pay attention to them because it was never seriously intended to be a conversation, just corporate play acting.

  • kickingitoldschool

    Sounds reasonably exciting though I’ll withhold judgement until seeing how much the prices go up(Because it would be plausible in this circumstance) and pictures.

  • Locomotive breath


  • WestFargo Dave

    Pfffft…. I mean pffffftttt…. Seriously… Pfffftttttt….