Infinity: Unboxing the Squalos

000 Infinity Squalo

Here’s the very first TAG for unboxing on BoLS. It’s the Squalos – for Pan O of course.

001 Infinity Squalo

Nine pieces is pretty good for such a large model.

002 Infinity Squalo

Even if we start with something innocuous, like the legs, there’s still a ton of detail.

003 Infinity Squalo

I’m fascinated that the chest plate for the torso is an extra piece. These big guys are AVA 2. I think they’re giving us the option to convert battle damage on one. Or maybe they just know enough about casting metal to not cast one giant piece.

004 Infinity Squalo

On the back the exhaust ports are also a separate piece.

005 Infinity Squalo

A look from the side shows one of the sockets that seem to define the latest Infinity releases, and also seem to make assembly such a breeze. Get a decent super glue and you won’t need to pin these legs at all.

006 Infinity Squalo

This HMG is a much more exciting bit. I finally decided I think the canister is for cooling. The hopper is on its shoulder.

007 Infinity Squalo

The other arm isn’t quite so exciting. But with PH 17, you don’t want to get punched by it.

008 Infinity Squalo

  The last piece is the head.


009 Infinity Squalo

Like many of the pieces, there are some sprues to remove here. Just get rid of them with some clippers and file down the rest of the area. It’s really not that hard.

~Hope you enjoyed the photos. I hope to have this guy painted and blowing stuff away before you know it.

  • stickywicket

    those are grenades on the side … the canister is the ammo

  • stickywicket

    big improvement on the old squalo

  • Camio

    will we see a painting tutorial of this armored beast? 🙂

  • Luciferiel

    I think I liked how it looked in the 90’s

    • Mud_Duck

      Priss or the Autoslave?

      • Luciferiel


    • kensaix

      yea, new mechas are overloaded and often too abstract
      ….and have feathers ??? o_O

  • nurglespuss

    Thank you! Photos, words!! Bliss! Great job 😀

  • As a note, most of the unit names as listed on the troop profiles are the plural forums, so I think the correct singular here would be “a Squalo” (means “shark” in Italian).

  • Damistar

    It’s good that CB is trying to mold the antenna / vanes as part of the larger assemeblies. My only complaint with the minis for Infinity is how fragile those fine detail bits can be.

  • kensaix

    so great

  • Partimus Prime

    I’m not really sure what the fuss is about with the infinity range. To me they seem to average at best. They look difficult to assemble, next to impossible to convert, no different weapon and accessory options or different posses even. Each to there own I suppose

    • radi0h3ad

      Well the sculpts are incredible if you like the aesthetic. They don’t have weapon options because you just don’t have the amount of options as games like 40k. You generally get a sculpt per loadout (some are still missing but not many from the earlier books now, they’re getting there). They’re pretty damn easy to assemble as metals go, and no more difficult to convert than other metals. The detail on them is astounding sometimes.

      • Partimus Prime

        I’m not a fan of the aesthetic so it does make it hard for me to like the range. Some of the sculpts are nice but I’m not blown away by any of them and some of the posing looks very silly to me. I have friends that have picked up the game and watching them struggle to assemble models and see the frustration when they realize how fragile they tiny joins are and they have to pin everything puts me off also. As I said though each to there own if people enjoy it then good for them but I wont be getting on board any time soon.

        • radi0h3ad

          Totally fair enough if you don’t like the aesthetic. I’m guessing your friends aren’t used to metal models? I’ve found Infinity models to be the easier metals I’ve assembled, the square pegs really help. The only things that need pinning generally are the big joints on TAGs.