Two NEW Horus Heresy HQ Classes


Rules for two new HQ unit types dropped from Forgeworld recently.  Come see the latest new ICs and Consul classes!

Checkout the newest editions to 30k, Nârik Dreygur of the Iron Warriors and Autilon Skorr of the Alpha Legion?

Right now they are NOT playable in games of 40k, but with all the rumors of plastic Horus Heresy figures on the way, who knows what the future holds for these two characters!

Via Forge World and Forge the Narrative 




Autilon Skorr / Consul:Legion Delegatus








Narik Dreygur / Consul:Legion Praevian

I’ve always been a fan of the Consuls class as it has so many sub-types of HQ, eachof which opens up the world of Heresy gaming, and gives converters a chance to have fun making a cool new model.  I’m happy to get further insight into the Legions and have more army list options.  The HH Weekender models are just an extra bonus.


I’f you’ve been drooling over those 30K robots, but play a Legion army, you NEED to hire yourself a Legion Praevian doubletime!

Full Horus Heresy Plastic Roundup


-Good, Bad, these are the guys with the guns.
  • Barty

    I mean, it’s not like the Praeven is the only way to get Mechanicum stuff into a Legion list. You’ve been able to have Allies for ages, and Thallax/Castellex for about as long. The Delegatus is probably more noteworthy as it gives more options at smaller games.

    • An_Enemy

      I’d suggest rereading the Praevian rules. Particularly how each Legion can now effect Castellax units. Infiltrating? Chem weapons? Yeah…that’s a bit more exciting than the Delegatus making Vets troops imo.

      • Skimask Mohawk

        I agree, the Previan also allows you to get Vorax class automata, something you couldn’t previously get

  • 6Cobra

    I’ve got a Traitor Emperors Children Legion army, with a model of Fabius Bile included (he certainly gets plenty of ink in the novels.) I’ve never really felt like the Primus Medicae rules were a good fit for him. Well, I think I just found his new role: as a “Praevian” accompanied by a unit of hulking, tough-as-nails “automota” ie converted Spawn. I’m looking forward to recreating the battle on the Sisypheum’s embarkation deck from ‘Angel Exterminatus’, where Bile’s Terrata were flipping Rhinos and ripping Iron Hands apart!

  • Bad Meat

    Recently, like almost a month ago?

    • Houghten

      Heh, you wait. Next year they’ll report on it again going “WOW, you MUST see these rules, how did everybody miss these? BOOM!”

      • Bad Meat

        I hope they catch up as I really want to know more about these Harlequin rumors that are floating about.

  • life of adept brian

    I wonder if these plastic HH rumours have more to do with Legion CSM books on their way, rather than an actual HH game by GW-prime. Have there been any more developments with that rumour in the last few days that I may have missed? Seems like that could easily be a source of confusion/misdirection over what may be coming… Has it been confirmed with any certainty that plastic HH is coming? Doesn’t make sense to me if it is