40k Editorial – Eldar Good or Bad?


I know the new codex is to release soon for the EZ-win Eldar. This may be the the most divisive codex EVER!

On the one hand we’ve got a large group of heavily invested people who are looking for a new messiah of uber death – on the other hand we’ve got a large group who can almost be termed xenos racists they hate on eldar so much. It’s literally over the top no matter how you slice it.

This is a golden opportunity for Games Workshop to take a long step towards truly balancing the game if they were to shore up their resources and tone it down… but on the other hand I can easily see the new meta list…


Meet Craftworld Easy-button

  • Two Wraithknights (Lord of War unkillable gargantuan creature with D out the gazoo)
  • Wraithguard with D flamers attached to an Archon with Webway portal in a raider supported by a multitude of jetbike units with maximum overdrive shooting and scóring multiple objectives every turn.
  • Oh and Jetseer Council is back in a big way better ever than before.
  • Sprinkle in some fluffy Harlequins for leadership shenanigans – we are potentially looking at an army so vastly superior every competitive player will be forced to play Eldar.

Plunking out over the top broken armies is a sure thing when it comes to making your sales goals and we know this has been a GW business model for a long long time. Eldar have always been smoking hot coming out of the gate literally every time they get a new codex. Why should anything change now ? This is a short sighted business model that guarantees results.

What if GW reversed their course and decided to go with a long term business model truly balancing all armies against each other ? If this were the case we could expect to see things like Dire Avengers must be 10 man strong minimum and serpent shield being a one time use like it should be. Balancing the game would go a long ways towards making 40k overall a much better game and the long term results would a steady increase in sales.

At first there was a lot fear in the pro Eldar camp – the diehards were really hoping this would just be another supplement but obviously that’s not the case. I haven’t seen any actual rules yet except for some of the special detachments and formations plus a couple blurbs from White Dwarf. No one at this point can really say yet how it’s all going to shake down.

The Evolving Meta

So we do know eldar will have their own special detachments and formations…


Expect to see a large outcry from the competitive crowd suddenly demanding multiple detachments, formations and Lords of War. Things will change for sure. No longer will the grey beard TOs be able to so heavily restrict the game any longer.

Final Thoughts

So we should ask ourselves will Eldar get the Decurion or Grey Knight treatment. I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worse. If indeed Eldar drop from their current lofty perch upon the top of the meta then you can expect to see some major shifts in the overall power level. Right off the bat I see Space Marines and Space Wolves vaulting up a few notches in the current meta. The great thing about the latter is their codex and supplement are still fresh so it will at least be a couple years before they get whacked by the old nerf bat. Generally speaking every army that doesn’t involve Eldar should move up in scale filling the new vacous vacancy left behind by the pointy ears IF Eldar take a hit from the nerf bat.

The definite good news for eldar players is they get some new toys to play with now …

Are you anticipating or fearing the new Eldar?

  • Steven Miller

    Sooo much unwarranted hate in this article. Most eldar players would quit all together if they went by your suggestions btw. 90% of eldar army is killed by bolter fire. But haters gonna hate.

    • denzark

      You are correct 90% of the eldar UNITS can be killed by bolter fire. But now armies will min max the barest sprinkling of jetbikes troops and max out with D and invisibility alongside wave spam. There will not be a single eldar army 90% killable by bolter fire

      • Deus Encarmine

        How do we know that? How can we comment at all… We know next to nothing about this codex, which is impressive considering pre-orders are up today! :O.

        I feel we need to hang back and wait out for the codex itself 🙂

        • denzark

          the issue is with increasingly prevalent D weapons – which whilst we don’t know for 100%, bet the life of your first born on it, we have seen the side panels from WD and it is fair to say this is an estimate based on evidence rather than a SWAG.

          • Anggul

            If people actually took the time to think about it they would realise that wraithcannons becoming destroyer isn’t a big deal if they cost more for it. Against the vast majority of targets in the game, it’s better to have cheaper S:10 distort than more expebsive S:D, because most targets already die to S:10 distort so paying out more for S:D is wasteful. Destroyer is significantly better against really big things like gargantuans and super-heavies, and multi-wound things with powerful saves like Riptides and Wraiths. Most of these things are very much capable of engaging and destroying Wraithguard before being shot by them as well.

            Against most other things like single wound models, multi-wound models that don’t have amazing saves (including MCs) and almost all non-super-heavy vehicles, it’s better to have S:10 distort for cheaper.

            Now max heavy weapon Windriders… they are pretty crazy. Far more so than wraithcannons being destroyer.

          • LordKrungharr

            Destroyer is way better than Str 10 against vehicles or anything with an armor value. How to sell more models? Make people want to buy things they need many of rather than one thing that eats points, like Land Raiders. And many army builds need such things to transport their good assault squads, so that really screws them even beyond the crappy amounts and sizes of terrain at most competitive events.

          • ryan40k

            s10 weapons hurt AV 11 vehicle on a roll of 1, Strength D weapons do nothing on a roll of 1 after the hit. There are scenarios where the S10 is better.

            The biggest change is how durable the wraithknight is becoming, the vast majority of the time ive used my knight, hes been 1 shot from force weapons or D strength melee weapons in his face. Not anymore.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            actually I’m fine with the wraith knight bring gargantuan and a melee d weapon with low status and point increase (although int 5 str d is a bit much). That fits the current balanced in the meta. However don’t pretend the fact you wraith knight died to a force or str d assault weapon was a just a one shot. The best balance for assault d was the fact it’s nesrly impossible to use it turn 1. You have several turns to shoot the target. It’s was limited to a handful of Superheavy or monsterous creatures that were a single large expensive model that are massive priority targets. They needed to make random charges taking overwatch to the face then they usually went last in assault due to low int or int 1. If your wraith knight died to str d in assault then you simply got outplayed by your opponent. The new ranged d wraith knight, Garagantuan creature, with fnp, immunity to insta death, stomps, resistance to str d and an int 5 assault d weapon that goes before most other assault ubits is simply overpowered easy mode, whose only threat in the game now is other elder players with their own wraith knoght.

          • ryan40k

            the only thing with strength D melee i face are new bloodthirsters and the imperial knight, both move 12 inches, not sure how im being outplayed because things that match my speed cut me off and got into melee with me.

            and unless im missing something, the wraithknight will not both be equiped with ranged D and melee D weaponry, its one or the other. The suncannon is not being made strength D.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            How many turns do you have to deal with those models before you got hit in melee with them? Neither the knight or khorne demon can charge you turn 1. If the demon flys to benefit from being more defensive then it’s also sits another turn before it can charge. So unless you run into melee with them your not dying. Furthermore once they make thier random charge with overwatch in the face, you still get another turn in melee before them with your wraithknight. You have ample opportunity to kill either of those models and plenty of opportunities to use your old wraith knight. If you allowed them to charge you’re waith knoght without killing them of tarpit ting them then yes you got outplayed and out manuevered by your opponent.

          • No one will take the shield besides fluffy bunnies .

          • Shiwan8

            S10 glances AV12 on a 2. Strength D kills almost anything on a roll of 2 or more. So yeah, there is a scenario when the s10 is better. That’s 16% of the time. I’d say sD is a lot better than s10.

          • ryan40k

            “strength D is better against vehicles or anything with an armor value”

            Not in every situation, which the guy i quoted said it was. 16% is not 0%

          • Shiwan8

            And yet everyone will take D rather than S10 because the chance that it does nothing is literally abysmal when you have 5 bs3 shots with it…

          • S10 is really good but D is the new S10 and that’s just the way it is .

          • Shiwan8

            Sad but true.

          • Vince Weibert

            Is your example of why str 10 is better than d really that they can Glance 35pt rhinos on a 1?

          • So true Chaos brother !

            We have to get in a game soon !

          • Samuel Sanchez

            No idea what your talking about str d is 3 hull points plus pen result not even considering rolling a 6. That insta kills almost every standard vrhicle in game. A 6 basically just removes invulns and triples the hull points removed.

          • Jonathon Bunn

            Now you’re posting this on BoLS? It’s not ‘3HP’, again, it’s ‘d3’. There’s a huge difference. One does what you’ve mentioned above (auto-kills many vehicles), and the other may only do one or two HP.

            Knowing what Destroyer weapons actually do in 7th is kind of a big deal, or at least, it will be next week.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            Dude it’s d3 and the pen result which can explode vehicles as well if it doesn’t out right strip all hull points.

          • Nameless

            in fairness, it hypothetically doesn’t matter too much if its 3 or d3 if there’s a unit of Str:D weapons pointed at pretty much any non knight vehicle

          • Jonathon Bunn

            That’s certainly a fair argument, but then, how many times did a unit of Wraithguard shoot you in the previous edition/codex? I’ll accept that you can’t really avoid the Heavy Wraithcannons from a WK, but 5 shots at 12″ range from an infantry unit, in a vehicle that most likely lost its boosted Jink, for around 300 pts? I think I’ll live.

          • deris87

            Probably more like 400pts since Wraithguard are almost certainly going to have a fair jump in points, and it’s not unreasonable to think the Serpent will go up a bit too (even if they take away the shield attack).

          • ryan40k

            the scatter lazer not twin linking is a huge nerf to the serpent, and possibly holofields being an invul save like harlequins instead of increasing jinx to 3+. There will be no further nerfs id expect.

          • Nameless

            some good points, however during 5th Wraithguard where a very popular choice (large squads with re-rolling saves) so it is less that this unit has never been used competitively and more the 6th ed Eldar book has a lot of better units.

            As too points costs anything is just speculation at this point. one would hope that the points costs will reflect their killing poteintial.

            as too the comparison with Haywire/Melta
            5 Str:D weapons score 3.33 hits, and cause on average 6.85 hp before saves. 5 Haywire shots *only* cause 2.77 HP of damage. Melta is a little more difficult as armour vaules now matter. AV12: 3.98, AV13: 3.58 and AV14: 3.05. so Str D weapons are coming out about twice as good as Meltas and Haywire that might fail to kill a AV14 4hp Landraider/Monolith or more than one Leman Rus

          • Jonathon Bunn

            They’re stronger, and should be. Remember that saves are done before HP/wound multiplication.

          • Nameless

            true enough, I left them off as too not overly complicate matters with no save, 6+, 5+ and 4+ versions and as we are looking at averages it doesn’t matter at what point the saves are factored in (to hit*failed save*damage, is the same as damage*to hit*failed save)

          • Anggul

            And I don’t know what you’re talking about because I didn’t say it wasn’t more powerful.

            What I said is that a squad of S:10 AP2 distort already destroys most things in the game anyway. This means that against those things, paying more points for destroyer is a waste. It’s only against the really big stuff that it’s really worth having, and I expect they’ll be very expensive. It’s for the same reason you don’t want to pay out for lascannons when you’re firing at AV10, krak missiles are fine and you pay less for them.

            What this means as that most of the time they’ll actually be worse because they cost more and aren’t doing any more damage, they’re only efficient against the very toughest things like super-heavies, gargantuans and the high-end MCs and vehicles that are almost there.

            In fact against multi-wound models of T5 or less, S:10 is better because it guarantees instant death whereas destroyer could roll 1, 2 or 3. Even against T6+ MCs distort will often kick in and kill them.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            Your playing it off as if it’s no big deal and a full squad of guardians are able to kill a single vehcile all the time. That’s not the point even if it isn’t true. The fact is a single d weapon is likely to kill a target compared to a full squad. It’s that much more powerful not even considering the increased potential it has vs more expensive and harder targets or squads of vehicles; which they are much better at destroying instantly. In fact the best army against the new elder gargantuan wraith knight is the new elder wraith Knight. Even a knight dies instantly to an elder wraith knight. If it doesn’t die vs it’s str d shooting it dies in melee because the wroth knight is int 5. Don’t pretend like you will be using your str d shooting vs chaff units. You will insta gib ever vehcile in range turn 1 becuase that is what str d does. You will try to kill every monsterous or super heavy turn 1 becuase that’s what range str d does. This is the worst part about range d and the main issue with it ruining 40k. No one wants to play a game where the majority of your models are removed turn 1 from the table. Assault str d weapons never had that issue. Not only is it near impossible to assault turn 1, but you need to move and charge to your target taking several turns of shooting to the face, followed by overwatch just for a chance to use a str d weapon that usually went last in assault. It’s drastically less powerful in a game were assault is already secondary to shooting. Don’t keep pretending like range str d isn’t going to drastically alter the entire game and ruin what most people consider to be a balanced edition.

          • Anggul

            You are completely ignoring the fact that the points cost will increase massively. It can’t be overpowered if it costs enough points. If it costs enough, then you can buy enough other weapons to destroy a vehicle on turn one anyway.

            Also, one tank being destroyed by a gargantuan on turn one is not ‘the majority of your army’. If you get lucky you can destroy two because they can fire at different targets, but it isn’t that likely that one destroyer shot will instantly destroy a vehicle.

            Also, balanced edition? It isn’t much more balanced than any other edition, which is to say not very balanced at all.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            Your opinion of its state of balance is no where close to conventional opinion not to mention the results of recent tournaments that have a large variety of army lists in the top rankings. While balance itself is subjective it’s quite evident at this point you are simply deflecting the issue of how overpoerred and broken this elder codex appears to be in whatever state of balance you beleive this edition has. Since even if the game isn’t as balanced as every claims it is; this elder codex certainly doesn’t appear to help the issue. Also 2 long ranged str d shots is 2 more then any other codex unit in game.

          • John Bower

            “isn’t that likely that one destroyer shot will instantly destroy a vehicle.”
            Tell that to my Ork Stompa…… 2nd Turn to an Aquila cannon.

            Since then I’ve lost a good few vehicles to single D str blasts and other non blast D weapons.

          • I can’t even remember how many games I’ve seen where the heavy Wraithcannon soloed an FMC.

          • deris87

            It’s d3 HP, so potentially yeah it can one shot a vehicle, but it can also be just a regular penetrating hit. I’d agree, he’s underplaying it’s usefulness somewhat, but don’t do the opposite and overblow it. We can also rightly expect WG will go up in points. If they’re 50pts+ per model with a 12” range gun, you kind of deserve what you get for letting a ~400pt unit and transport get close enough to you to unload like that. If their points go up accordingly I seriously doubt it will destroy the friendly meta.

          • Kevin Buesse

            One small point is that points need to increase accordingly. If that doesn’t happen then there is a big issue. And given GW’s track record it’s a big if, best case 50% odds they don’t raise the price. I mean look at the release for the new bikes, is there any sense in the pricing of those?

          • Samuel Sanchez

            No I think things powerful troops like base jetbikess ruin friendly metas. Superheavies and stacked Death Star units or spam lists that people actively build for competitve advantage are less likely to effect friendly metas. But when base units most people use become the problem then you end up reading comments how players tend to downgrade thier basic lists just so thier friendly games aren’t completely one sided.

          • As always yer making too much sense

          • pskontz

            the bigger buff is gargantuan creature not S D heavy wraiths

      • Frank O’Donnell

        So tournament players will carry on doing what they always did is what your saying, min max.

      • Steven Miller

        wavespam doesnt work anymore. the gun now has worse MEQ than a single tact marine with a bolter.

    • Malthrak

      Eldar are much less vulnerable to bolter fire than any other T3 army out there, with far better transports, lots of 4+ and 3+ armor, huge access to cover enhancing wargear, psychic powers to drastically enhance survivability, jink available on half the units in the army.

      This isn’t even getting into vehicles and T6 infantry units.

      • Matt Craufurd

        What are you talking about? Eldar have precisely 2 transports, neither of which is an assault transport, and I would be very surprised if the wave serpent wasn’t nerfed into obscurity. We haven’t seen any of the wargear yet. Jink is all great except that now (rumour has it) we lost laser lock so our shooting isn’t going to be worth a damn.

        • Malthrak

          Yes, neither is an assault transport, but there are a total of 3 armies that really have those, SM’s with the Land Raider, and open-topped deathtraps for Orks and Dark Eldar.

          Meanwhile, the Wave Serpent and Falcon are hardy vehicles, with solid armor and great defensive capabilities coupled with excellent firepower.

          It’s hard to feel bad about Laser Lock allowing a Wave Serpent to put out more firepower while Jinking than a stationary Chimera firing at full ballistic skill going away.

          • Drayke

            I wouldn’t say Eldar are so much better in the transport department. Tau devilfish has a similar armor profile and has a better cover upgrade than Eldar. Sure the devilfish doesn’t have an answer to the wave serpent shield but with the SMS the devilfish holds it’s own in fire power (compared to the wave serpent).

          • SeekingOne

            Taken as a _transport_ , Wave Serpent would be ridiculously overpriced. Why? Because no transport option, no matter how durable or fast, can cost ~90% of the cost of the transported unit. Unless, of course, that transport is also a strong gunship in itself.

            If I need a transport to get my combat unit to a certain key point of the field, I would take Raider over WS any day (and yes I play both Eldar and Dark Eldar, as well as a few other armies). Why? Because it is cheap! Yes it’s not as durable as WS, but with 3HP and 3+ save on jink it’s durable enough. And it is equally fast, AND models can fire from within. And 70 points is a huge advantage over 130. See what I’m getting at? My squad of Avengers costs ~130 pts, my squad of Wraithguard costs ~160 pts – and there’s no way in hell I’m paying whopping extra 130 points _just_ to get any of those into range intact.

            That is why people stating that “Eldar have best transports in the game” always make me laugh. Is the current WS (which is about to get nerfed) a good tank? Yes, sure. Is it a good transport? No, it’s not. Which is why hardly anyone uses them as _transports_ now – only as firepower tanks.

          • Nameless

            I think most armies would take a raider if they could. It is great for shooting, every model inside gets to shoot rather than limited to fire ports. it is fast when it needs to be to get across the board for that objective. its a lot more survivable than most other transports due to the 3+ jink (although it can be glanced to death by bolters). its cheep, comes with a dark lance or disintorgrator and to top it off its a assault transport.

          • Malthrak

            The Wave Serpent is an excellent transport.

            AV12, can Jink with Holofields for a 3+ cover save, ignores pens on a 2+, and is a Fast Skimmer.

            It’s got amazing resiliency and the speed to ensure that its cargo is going to get to where it needs to be far moreso than just about any other transport save perhaps a Ghost Ark.

            And it’s a great MBT on top of that.

            Raiders are fast, but much easier to destroy and *far* more vulnerable to the vast majority of Ignores Cover weapons (many of which cannot reasonably harm a Wave Serpent).

          • Also night fight or stealth in ruins and it had a 2++ cover save.

          • SeekingOne

            Forgive me for saying this, but your reply sounds like you didn’t really read my comment. It sounds that way because all your statements are not relevant to the point I was trying to make.

            Did I argue that WS is not durable? No, I did not. I (as well as most people here) do know its stats and rules, so you don’t need to reiterate them to me.

            What I did say however, is that durability of a transport DOESN’T matter IF it makes the transport too expensive

            What a “transport” actually is, in game terms? A transport is a “box” which a) makes a unit of infantry unreachable to the enemy fire, and b) enables the unit to move faster than it would be able to move on foot. Of course, being a physical vehicle unit on the table, it also has other tactical uses like blocking LoS and movement paths, controlling/contesting objectives, etc. – but those functions are not related to it being a “transport” and can be performed by any vehicle.

            Now, if you look closer at this definition, you might notice one important thing: that the value of added protection and added speed provided by a transport is related to the value of the unit that is being transported. Simply put, if the cost of transportation doubles the total cost of a unit, then it likely would be more efficient to forgo the transport and just take a second identical unit. It won’t add you speed, but it will double durability (because you’ll have 2 times more wounds for your opponent to chew through) AND it will double combat power (because you’ll have twice as many guns).

            That is why a WS is definitely a good transport for some super-powerful deathstar-level unit like a tooled-up Seer Council with the total cost of some ~450+ pts. However, for foot Aspects, let alone Guardians, it’s just way too expensive. For instance, if I want an aspect-based force with full-sized 10-strong Aspect squads forming my primary fighting force, then I’ll be better off fielding 10 squads on foot rather than 5 squads in 5 serpents.

          • The serpent WAS the best transport in the game hands down. If you can’t see that … Oh well.

          • SeekingOne

            This statement is just plain wrong, no matter how you look at it. The most obvious counter-argument would be that if durability and firepower are that important, then the best transport in the game would be Land Raider.

            Anyway, as I already wrote above, at its current cost of ~130 pts a WS is definitely a great transport for some super-powerful
            deathstar-level unit like a tooled-up Seer Council with the total cost
            of some ~450+ pts. But for a ~150 pts Aspect unit paying extra ~130 just to carry it around is just too much.

          • Five or more serpents is the norm… And for good reason.

    • Not when they are hiding in serpents …

      • Steven Miller

        the wave serpent charges forward cause they are now out of range.

    • pskontz

      I hate theses arguments. we know they get D weapons. but what if wraith dscyths are 75 points a model what if wraithknight is 800 points a model what if what if….

      • ryan40k

        if its 800 points ill bring my revenant for 900 instead, it has to be around 400 or the Lynx would be the better choice for around 420 points.

        and what did the OP mean when he said seer council is back? just because there are models for it now? I havnt warlocks or farseers improved in these new rules.

        • pskontz

          yeah thats my point. we dont know anything I have a feeling they will be imperial knight pointwise 350-400ish (just a guess)

          but all this hate is like going to a street race. seeing a covered car noticing it has spinners and giving up cause the car is to fast.

        • lorieth

          I think it’s because of the 3+ Warp Charge generation and boost to some of the powers.

        • Mebbe you’ll figure it out .

      • Wud ya talking boud Willis… The new WK will weigh in at 300 points .

        • pskontz

          we know that now but 9 hours ago we didnt

      • Malthrak

        Well, it turns out the Wraithguard remain the same price, and Wraithknights are 80pts cheaper than Imperial Knights.

        So it looks like we’re going to be seeing Eldar doubling-down on the top tier list.

    • BrianDavion

      eldar would quit if their faction was balanced?

    • khegrow


      One has to love the 40k community somehow.
      On the one side lots of people will flame you for comparing 40k to other games due to balancing-issues or pricing.

      On the other side the same community is now flaming the same company for “updating” and releasing new stuff because it’s so obviously broken (at least for them.).

      Worse still is that although all the implications of “OP”-ness of this codex may be right but only be used by a small proportion of ppl in the so called competitive-scene this will now put a stain on every eldar player out there.
      These so called articles and opinions are read by lots of players and will pull their opinion to one side. The next time you play a game and, god forbid, happen to have eldar you’ll be branded “EZ”-win-player although your army list may NOT be the latest tournament build..

      You may have outplayed your opponent or just had a funny army including (*gasp*) jetbikes or (*shriek*) wraithguard but “no!”, since the so called community decided it’s all badly OP (before having played a game actually..) you’re branded “bad-a**” from the start..

      It’s not a new statement that GW
      a) has no interest in balancing stuff for the sake of “balancing a game” but for the sake of their “financial balance”..
      (have played 40k since 1995)
      b) has always claimed they sell minis and consider their game not really suitable for tournaments (hence the lack of support..)

      yet the community wont learn and creates a “drama” out of it..

      I’m curious how many die-hard eldar players are now motivated to still invest into the hobby and dust-off their eldar..

    • Wave Serpent

  • sleeplessknight

    What Da F’que is that hideous abomination at the end of this article?

    • Matt Craufurd

      Thats a third party Farseer on Jetbike made by some russian guy. I’ve got one and its awesome.

      • Arthfael

        I got one as well and it is pure win!

      • pad_uk

        I’ve been trying to get some myself. Guess I don’t need to worry now though. Although his Warp Spiders are truly awesome…..

      • euansmith

        Links please 😉

    • Arthfael

      Abomination? It is beautiful. The guy also has great warlocks. Yeah, not just one, all models are unique. The whole squad also can be equipped with witchblades or singing spears. Truly beautiful work.

  • Schweinboy

    Really useless article. Everyone is crying like a little girl before codex is officially out.

    • Malthrak

      Ah, the inevitable “chicken little” comment.

      Lets ignore that fact that quite often, such fears bear out to be fully justified. They certainly were for the last Eldar codex.

      • confoo22

        Yeah, those fears were so accurate that Dark Eldar would only ever be played with Homonculus supplement, that TWC would wreck face at major tournaments, that Admantium Lance would win every major tournament, that White Scars with grav guns would be the end of everyone else, that the Tyranid skyblight formation was going to be the best thing ever, that the dakka banner for Dark Angels was the hugest unfair advantage ever. All those came to pass and more, and yet the game has not been ruined several times over with every new codex release.

        The fact is, the player base tends to evaluate everything in a vacuum and freaks out about potential while ignoring nuance. Not only that, I think what most people are upset about is that everyone just assumed that Eldar would be nerfed into the ground and are just super pissed that any unit would get a buff. But by all means, let’s all smash our toys and go home.

        • sunhero

          don’t forget demon summoning and lords of war that were going to win every tournament.

          • ChubToad

            Ugh. the miriad videos on you tube saying that summoning was as evil as Osama Bin Laden eating babies for breakfast and that GW had actually shot itself in the foot for good.

          • nurglitch

            People with the time to make videos and podcasts to broadcast their opinions rarely have the time to develop opinions worth broadcasting.

        • SeekingOne

          This is so true.
          One might expect that at least some experience would teach people that most things don’t turn out the way they are initially percieved… But no, it’s all the same, time after time. Or there are no people with experience on the internet… 😀

          I still remember myself shuffling for the first time through the freshly released 5th ed Grey Knights codex with increasing sense of disappointment and finally concluding “Hell, this army suxx – there’s practically nothing to build a good list on!”

          Seriously though, psyrifle dreads immediately caught my attention as a superb unit – but apart from those, on paper the army looked totally underpowered. Until people started playing it… 🙂

      • Matt

        You need to revisit that, the last Eldar codex was widely panned by players and considered to be subpar by most. Until people started playing it.

        • An_Enemy

          Not really. People were pissed about Banshees. Everything else was pure party. Remember how Scorpions were going to rule the battlefield?

      • Crablezworth

        Stop bringing facts into this Malthrak (sarcasm)

    • Erik Setzer

      Since most of the people complaining are men, I’d say they’re crying like little *boys.*

      • Schweinboy

        But boys dont cry. As the cure sings. .-)

      • Or another five letter word starting with B

        • Knowing the wargaming fanbase . . . “Blimp”?

    • Mad Leprechaun

      If you can’t see that Jetbikes having unlimited special weapons and Wraithknights becoming Gargantuan Creatures with long range D weapons is OP then you need your head checking.

      • Schweinboy

        well jetbikes ahe the same pointcost so thats sure buff, but did you see somewhere point cost for those D weapons or WK? A really doubt his cost will stay the same. I just laugh at you people. Its not out yet.

    • Rotten Deadite

      Still, it’s a different tone than some releases. Dark Eldar players were convinced that the world was ending when their rumors started. Eldar players are jumping for joy.

      • We are absolutely not jumping for joy. We are waiting for the “but” after seeing two . . . TWO buffs.

        • Rotten Deadite

          True, perhaps I should have said that your rumors have buffs in them. Dark Eldar, not so much that I can recall. The best news we got was that we were gonna break even.

          What do you think about the increase in D-weapons? Are there any drawbacks?

    • Crablezworth

      complaining about complaining, irony level 7

    • They will still be crying f00

  • Weidekuh

    Warlocks can have sanctic and runes of battle psychic powers right? So no more telepathy for invis / psychic scream. That’s a nerf! 😀
    As an Eldar player i’m not happy with what we already know about the new codex. But being bitter and hateful before the codex is out is just… stupid and prohibits a contructive discussion once it hits.
    Maybe Wraithknights are now 800 points, Wraithguards 70 ppm. Unlikely but who knows?

    • Morollan

      Warlocks didn’t have Telepathy before anyway. Just Runes of Battle. So that’s a buff. But I agree. Let’s wait for the codex to drop and see what other stuff has changed and what the point values are.

  • ColonelFazackerley

    We have no idea what they have done to the serpent yet. (Apart from remove the laser lock rule from the scatter laser option).

    Relax and see what’s in the book.

    • daboarder

      doesn’t matter squat what they did to the serpent when a single bike squad can put out 40 S6 shots at 36 for 270 pts

    • Lol – so clueless

  • Mossy

    As an admitted anti-Eldar player, I don’t think the single strongest codex in the game needed 3 solid-to-excellent units to receive significant buffs, as they have (pending points values). The Eldar can already move large distances during every phase in the game (ok, psychic access to Sanctic barely counts) in addition to still getting their shooting; can outshoot anyone except tau; can out-psy anyone except Daemons; can MSUspam with the best of them; have the best transport-for-points-cost in the game (which may have changed, if only due to the loss of laser lock and the release of the Necron dex, or something); rending on almost all of their shooting… etc. They don’t also need the most S6 and S-Destroyer shooting in the game TOO.

    The loss of laser lock means we’ll be seeing more jetbikes than wave serpents, perhaps, but… Eldar can still take CADs for ob-sec jetbikes stealing objectives from 4′ away, like they always have, even if greybeard TOs restrict to no modular super-detachments, with whatever additional awesome special rules accompany those.

    Unless, say, Battle Focus is now only granted by the modular super-detachment and Serpent Shields are one use only, or something. And I don’t have high hopes of anything like that happening, especially the way that Wraith and jetbike announcements have been leaning…

    • MrMex05

      you are right. but the sad thing is at the end of the day is that i can write an 32 page essay about how this is wrong and it wont matter. because apparently eldar is meant to be the big cheese no matter what. same thing with forgeworld with their broken titan holofields.

      • Malthrak

        Forgeworld didn’t write the Eldar Titan Holofield rules, the core GW studio did.

  • Krd Da Levitator

    Always the same thing. Crying before the codex has even dropped. I admit, that if the WK cost doesn´t go UP, that can really hurt peoples delicate psychies….Wave Serpent is good (two years and still the whining won´t quit), but you can either be a “tournament” player (4-8 WS´s) or a regular chap with no douche-bag-izm (max 2 WS´s) when you are playing with your friends. Let´s wait for the codex, i myself, would have been fine with the current codex, and hoped some more supplements. This means, that i have spent about 70-90€ in to books, that i can throw away and got to use them less than two years…and by the way, Raider holds 10 dudes inside, WG = Bulky (ATM), so the Archon+WG+D-Scythes+Raider won´t work…but, it´s not like people should check the facts before posting…:)

    • Josh Sands

      The Archon carries the Webway Gate while in a Raider, then pops the gate for perfect Deep Striking Wraithguard.

      • Matthew Prindle

        I don’t think you understand the current rules for the webway portal.

      • Houghten

        You seem to have mashed the rules for the 5th and 7th edition webway portals together.

        With the current one, the portal simply grants the character and their unit Deep Strike. They can’t activate it on the table to bring something else in.

        • Josh Sands

          Aw, foop. You’re completely right. Dangit.

      • Gabor Fazekas

        you dense monkiegh, it cant be done either scatter and inside a raider(max 10 personel WGs are 2 man fat) or wwp and die next turn from LRBT or similar ap1-2-3 largeblasts/templates

    • Houghten

      Why does the unit even need a Raider anyway?

      • Me

        To assault out of, as opposed to exiting and standing around waiting to be shot.

        • Houghten

          The naked Wraithguard are tougher than the Raider is, and why would they be assaulting anything anyway? They want to be shooting it, then letting it assault them so they can shoot it some more.

          • generalchaos34

            think of it as an extra layer of armor that has little effect on the passengers when it explodes.

          • Exactly

      • Krd Da Levitator

        Was wondering that too? If me b-cheezing, Archon + 10 WG ALL with Scythes and such fun! And then i would have a bonfire of my models…and no joke…

    • What am I with the magic number of THREE Serpents?

      • Krd Da Levitator

        Sorry, the A-hole was left out…:)

  • Houghten

    “No longer will the grey beard TOs be able to so heavily restrict the game any longer.”

    …ooooooooooooooooor maybe they’ll just ban this new style of Detachment.

    • Marshall

      Surely TO’s can still do whatever the hell they want.

      After all its their event. . .

    • When 40+ percent of peop attending tournies play eldar cheese whiz they won’t ban it

      • Houghten

        Don’t you typically lay down the rules before people attend?

  • The Basement Gamer

    “It’s literally over the top…” No. It isn’t literally over the top.

  • Matthew Manall

    How are jet councils back in a big way exactly? Assuming all the same powers/points we haven’t seen ANYTHING that would imply they were buffed. Maybe the seer council option with the new force org chart may give an added benefit, maybe it won’t other than allowing for more psykers on top of the other core host options.

  • Anggul

    You have no idea of the details of these units. You don’t know the points costs, you don’t know the other rules, you just have fragmented information and you’re writing a sensationalist article about it. ‘Unkillable’ Wraithknight? Since when has being gargantuan made things unkillable? It just means it’s as powerful as it should be, which is fine as long as the points cost is appropriate. We also don’t know that D-scythes are destroyer. Even if they are, they’ll probably be very expensive because of it.

    The only thing we know about is Windriders, which do indeed look pretty crazy if the White Dwarf is correct about there being no heavy weapon limit. Other than that, you’re just view-fishing with rubbish.

  • TweetleBeetle

    I hope all the codices are in this format. It encourages armies to stand within their own codex instead of relying on allies. Sure, you can use old school CAD and ally, and while the units will be strong in isolation, they won’t have the buffs and bonuses from playing detachments and formations.

    This is a good balancing option.

    This article is full of hate and speculative theory hammer. The army still dies to bolter fire. Wraith constructs still die to mass poison.

    Having the book in-hand, I can tell you Necrons and Skitarii deal with new Eldar just fine. Tabled a Wraith-heavy army with Khorne Demonkin in playtesting.

    People ALWAYS cry “nerf!” or “OP” when a new codex hits. Turns out the internet is collectively wrong more than any other result.

    I can’t wait until Orks, Tyranids, Tau, AM, Dark Angels, etc get this same codex treatment.

    • Shiwan8

      You do realize that marines are meh and have been for a while. How is it a good direction to make them even more meh with every release all the while they are THE iconic force of the game universe. I’m not saying that they should be OP, but they are more often than not, just pushovers versus many others, like eldar for example.

      If CSM or nids also get D-weapons for the price of bolters like eldar now do, I’ll just sell my armies to someone who has zero to none understanding of the game and sees all planet destroyer wielding guardsman as “cool”.

      • Me

        How do you know how much they (Eldar D-weapons) cost?

        • Shiwan8

          I do not. Unless GW pulls 180 degree turn in their style, not enough though.

      • An_Enemy

        Marines are, and have always been, one of the best armies in the game. They have an answer for everything that any other army can put on the table. GTFO.

        • Shiwan8

          Most versatile army, sure, but not one of the best.

    • crevab

      Wait a tic, you have the codex before even the White Dwarf is out?
      You really are a GW guy.

    • Malthrak

      Yeah, Orks and IG just got new books, they get to wait another couple years of being junk.

      We have most of the points costs now, and they’re all pretty much the same, just massively better. Wave Serpent got *slightly* nerfed, WK is now both better and *way* cheaper than an IK, Wraithguard remain 45pts with Destroyer weapons, etc.

      And, usually the collective moaning turns out to be largely right. They certainly were with the last Eldar codex.

  • Geoffrey Wing

    A few thoughts.

    Who cares about tournament players if you’re not one. Stop complaining about Tournament Players. Eldar didn’t win the last two (or more) Big ones.

    Did anyone ever consider that ALL codices are going the way the Eldar and Necrons are in hopes of balance? I’ve fought Wraith Stars since new Necrons came out and once they get that Reanimation they are impossible to kill (w/o D-Weapons).

    so lets all take a step back and quit flaming on the fourums until next saturday when we have the actual codex. If you see 160pt Wraith S D flamers then… ok let the flood gates go.

    • DayVision

      Clearly not all codicies are going the way of necron and eldar. Look at khorne daemonkin kin, tell me that is on the level of necrons or eldar.

      • Samuel Sanchez

        I don’t play necron but don’t even try to lump the bs eldar overpowered crap with necrons. Absolutely no where near the same overpoerred bs. Necrons only got in the top 30 at LVO or 10 in adepticon recieved nerfs to every good unit from the prior edition. The only op Unit people complain about is wraiths and that’s simply thier survivability when stacked in a decorian detschment with a slew of unit tax. And weaiths are a small unit model count with relatively weak offense. Necrons havent done anything of note to be called overpowrred. Eldar is the only army that will ruin balance that has been obtained the last year+ of the game.

        • JJ

          Lol…single tar pit unit….Like anyone is only going to bring one….Keep preaching that Necrons aren’t OTT, maybe someone will believe you!

          • Samuel Sanchez

            I think their placing in every major tournament since they came out is pretty much all the facts and proof you need they weren’t ott. Even the old elder codex out ranked them several times over.

          • An_Enemy

            “MY codex isn’t OP! YOUR codex is OP!”

            Grow up.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            Grow up is right at least have a clue what I said before you respond and make a fool of yourself. I play neither necrons or eldar as I said initially nor did i bring necrons up. Instead the person I repsonded too decided to defend his broken codex by stating necrons wee just as overpowered. Considering I play Orks and guard I have no illusions my dex is broken.

        • DayVision

          You are correct, Eldar BS is much worse. However, if you think necrons got nerfed you very much mistaken.

          A 13pt warrior has nearly the same survivability as a terminator against anything but ap 3 and 4. 4+ Reanimation is just insane. There is no unit tax, every unit in the necron codex is field-able, clearly not all tournament worthy, but entirely playable. Compare the 30pt each possessed and 2 squads of 8 cultists/CSM/Berzerkers/Bloodletters to any “tax” unit in the decurion.

          Honestly, I think the new necron codex was really well designed. I would love to see every other codex modeled after it. The troops are good, it doesn’t rely on 1 or 2 super op models, and there are a lot of effective and fun ways to play it.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            norhing you mentioned changed warriors didn’t get more durable and your either taking a reclamation legion or decorian detshcment not both at the same time. most of the old necron staples however were nerfed. Crescents spam is worse, Rez orbs are worse, everything from the last codex that was considered op was nerfed. im not claiming they are broken. It’s relatively a well balanced book with wraiths being overpowered defensively however the fact that single unit is annoying tarpit defensive unit doesn’t make their entire codex broken. At least not until they actually accomplish something of note. Getting top 30 at LVO isn’t even close.

          • DayVision

            The reclamation legion is part of the decurion detachment, you can’t take a decurion without a reclamation legion.

            Before if you killed a whole squad of warriors they didn’t get reanimation, now that they roll immediately that doesn’t happen. If before you did 10 unsaved wounds to 10 warriors you destroyed the squad, now if you do 10 unsaved woulds you kill 5.

            Yes, a few things that were are worse but the codex as a whole is better.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            I agreed I think the codex as a whole is better and more balanced a lot of the old shenanigans however were nerfed. I don’t think the codex is overpwered at all which was the point I was making. Wraiths sux however they suck because they are annoying to kill not because they win games, but then again being annoying to kill are the necrons Thing. Luckily eldar str d doesn’t care about reanimation, fnp, or t5 units. So the necrons main way they are hard to kill doesn’t matter.

      • Dennis Harrison

        Khorne can field 8 battle cannons…

        • DayVision

          Are you trying to make an argument for defilers?

    • Shiwan8

      Not being a tournament player and having a choice of not playing against one 100% of the time is not the same thing. Power gamers tend not to announce that they are one. Either you never do a pick up game OR you can not realistically avoid playing against one.

      Eldar lost the last tournaments because there is 1 list than can challenge them and that is only because a specific formation. If you put codex vs. codex, the eldar win almost every game, certainly more than 9/10.

      For a fact not all codices are going that way. Prood exhibit 1: Khorne Daemonkin that has no chance against the present eldar, much less against the ones that are coming.

      The Decurion is a brain fart, much like giving almost every one a D weapon for practically free and the rest getting “gazillion” shots for less than a sternguard marine.

    • Samuel Sanchez

      Oh no elder sucks they only got top 3 at the two largest tournaments a month ago. Clearly they needed a massive buff eldar players can’t handle ever losing a game.

    • Malthrak

      So Eldar didn’t take the *top* place….they still all placed *very* well (and *top* place is often won only very slightly) and have consistently performed extremely well at every major tournament.

      Even if all codices go this way, it’ll be years before GW gets through them all, and this is right after they just spent a year downgrading a whole bunch of codex books.

      And as it turns out, yeah, the points costs on Wraithguard are unchanged, 35ppm for D weapons.

  • How many points is heavily invested?

  • ChubToad

    “Keep Calm and Whine After the Codex is released”

    • MikeHollstrom


  • ShCpt Shrike

    I will freely admit I’ve never been a huge Eldar fan, but from my personal experience no army is unbeatable. Adapt and overcome!

  • Me

    I love the rage every single time a new codex comes out. And the closer it gets, the higher that rage crescendos. Makes for some very interesting reading… Speaking of which it getting closer, does anyone know what time they update the U.S. site?

    • Pascalnz

      As a musician it hurts me when crescendo is used incorrectly. It just means getting louder , it doesn’t mean really loud. You could crescendo from really soft to not quite that soft. Heaps of good words to use instead.:)

      • Me

        I am a former musician. As you said, it means getting louder, hence the term higher to indicate that it gets louder with closer proximity to the codex release. I’m not sure what the problem is with that phraseology.

        • Pascalnz

          I , was very tired lol

  • SeekingOne

    And by the way, in addition to removal of Laser Lock, one other near-guaranteed nerf of a Wave Serpent is likely to be change of holofields from “+1 to cover” to 5++

  • Dennis Harrison

    A year from now we will see that Eldar have raised the bar once again. You are comparing the current meta with the current release. Of course it is better. Didn’t we just see some crazy Khorne Daemonkin book where you could field eight battle cannons? Don’t the Tyranids have S8 AP3 bombs for 15pts? A unit of T6 Wraithguard with their armor saves will die in droves to stuff like that.

    The power creep and the release schedule has me shocked that every time a book comes out the board light up with stuff like this. You keep talking about balancing the game from a tournament perspective- but it is has been the tournament organizers who have refused to adopt RAW in terms of force selection. Allow multiple detachments, allow unbound lists, and you will realize it was balanced from the beginning.

    • Shiwan8

      Hmm. Why would you ever field 8 battle cannons when you can get 40 D-weapons for the same cost?

      You assume that the guard walk. They will not and the serpent behind that los block does not care about the things that can not hit it.

      • Dennis Harrison

        The eldar community will welcome you with open arms. You knew we were better when we had serpent spam. Don’t be a hater, join us.

        • Shiwan8

          Thanks, but I want to win the average game with skill, not exclusively with real life money.

          Honestly, I have 1 wraith seer short of an eldar army. I just do not use it because even when it’s pure CC it’s still too good for a proper game.

          • Dennis Harrison

            I was just kidding man. I’ve been collecting Eldar since the Rogue Trader days (pre-aspect warrior). I don’t own a Wraithknight because I already had too many points to field. I just might grab one for the ability to field my Wraithguard units in this new formation. One support battery, one war walker, and I have the core.

          • Shiwan8

            I can respect that. I have a metal Avatar and might have the original one somewhere. I gears grind only because of all these power gamers who lack skill and see netlisting as that.

          • Dennis Harrison

            I have the little metal Avatar, lol.

          • Shiwan8

            Exellent! 😀

    • JJ

      Yes..the answer to broken things..is to allow people to bring more broken things of their own….

      • Dennis Harrison

        When everyone is special no one is.

  • JJ

    Waa Waa Waa…is all I hear. I want Multiple formations, knight titans, every imperial army ever to be best buds…But I don’t want anyone else to break the game the way we can. Get over it. All the competitive players asked for this “Multiple formations…play with ALL THE RULES…now you got it! It’s almost like GW has been trolling us for the longest time. …Oh sorry no we don’t play with the escalation (super heavy) rules or multiple formations…..whoops GW changed the core of the game so that you can’t ignore those things without ignoring a core mechanic..now this with the ranged D weapons…”they are listening”…and they don’t care what anyone else thinks!

    • Shiwan8

      Yeah, listening and actively destroying the game for majority of their customers. In stead of making the units playable and not game breaking they try to force people to use them. Not a good tactic, or would not be if enough gamers would not be such lambs accepting every bad idea GW comes up with and instead would actually stand their ground like men/women.

      • JJ

        I agree with you I think they did a good job with (Orks/IG/DE/GK) then they went back to OTT with Necrons and now Eldar…. My statement is more about how the competitive crowd has jumped on the bandwagon of broken stuff and asked for more and more…and only now has GW crossed the line… IMHO GW passed the line a long time ago!

        • Shiwan8

          Sounds about right.

        • An_Enemy

          They did a good job with DE?!?


          There’re two viable builds out the two books they sold us.

          • Shiwan8

            That is 2 more than from the 6th edition codices.

    • Bingo. When these things were options they were shunned. So GW made them a part of the core game so they couldn’t be ignored anymore.

  • Koszka

    If this becomes the new elder meta then adjust accordingly.
    If you are an imperial player really invest in that celuxsis assassin. Invisible elder stuff? Just pop his buffs and you’re good to go.

    It’s a bit too early to start freaking out. For all we know maybe these weapons only cause a D hit on rolls of 6’s to hit/wound.
    Who knows.

  • Commissar Molotov

    Wait, they’ve got rules for an Aspect Host? My old 2nd edition Biel-Tan Swordwind can come down from the display shelf? Huzzah!!!

  • Robert Scott Small

    I can see why some might say “WHERE ARE THE SISTERS” but other than them I do not see a better choice. That is not saying Eldar are the right choice, just no one is better. Nids got a huge update with there new monsters, smurfs well they would still be the same, chaos…. I have yet to see a chaos that I like sense Night Lords stopped being a thing.

  • Samuel Sanchez

    Are guardian str d weapons flamers? If so promethium pipes equal torrent d weapons.

    • Houghten

      No. Not all template weapons are Flamer weapons.

  • thebouv

    Greybeard TOs will just stick to CAD + 1 Detachment. Solved. No worries about Decurion or Eldar Hosts.

    • Samuel Sanchez

      Tournament organizers probably won’t do that since it’s obvious at this point most Codexs are following this design. Instead they have two real options until the rest of the books are changed to deal with the new elder shenanigans. Ban all ranged d models (unlikely to happen), change range d rules (somewhat likely), or change individual range d units rules ( likely the current idea). I expect things like wraiths the ITC will just revert back to str 10 ap2 distort rules. Instead of outright banning them.

      • thebouv

        Two books follow that design.

        AND, Eldar/Necrons can still play CAD. Nothing denies that.

        So, I still see TOs sticking to the CAD + Detachment setup. Simplest, doesn’t require rules rewriting at all.

        That doesn’t fix the Str-D issue though. Even in CAD there’s plenty of room to abuse.

        • It is stoopid to play oldhammer .

          • thebouv

            It’s stupid to play “we’re changing the rules of some units”-hammer.

            Actually, I think the game is just getting stupid. Heh.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            Sadly until this dex there was a lot of positive hype around 40k again. New cool fluffy armies, a lot of talk about how this is one of the most balanced editions ever. A general consensus on tournament rules with a somewhat positive outlook for the future. People were hoping for minor nerfs to a few rules and some improvements to other elder units not a drastic push for range str d weapons into the game for one of the best codexs in the game. The removal of laser lock would of been fine for serpents, giving Falcons the assault transport rule, removing malefic demonlogy, buffing banshees, even adding appropriately priced scatterlasers to new elder jetbike models and making the wraothknight a gargantuan lord of war with a str d int1-3 melee weapon would of been balanced In the current edition. Instead we got major shifts in power creep for elder which already was a good codex.

          • Me

            How did you get a hold of a codex before everyone else?

          • Shiwan8

            There are pictures floating around and the WD is released to morrow if it’s not out already. The information is out there already.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            It’s called a white dwarf and has plenty of reasons why it’s broken in it hence all the articles commenting on it.

          • Me

            OK. I know about the WD snippets, but your statement up above sounded pretty final, making me think you have the actual codex in hand.

          • thebouv

            Completely and totally agree with you. I had hope. Locally we started talking about it feeling more balanced.

            Then …. they pooped on it.

            Note: I play Eldar! I wanted balance, not zomgpwn.

          • Ben

            +1 very well said. the rumors idicate a lot of positive change there are just 3 terrible decisions that will overshadow the positive and ruin the book (and game) for many. SMH

          • Michael Gerardi

            It is stoopid NOT to play oldhammer.

  • Sugarlessllama

    Jeez. It seems like every other article on this site is about competitive player weeping into their beer over the new hotness. GW doesn’t give a damn about the competitive scene. Put on the big boy/girl pants and get over it. Either move on to one of the many, many, miniatures games that aggressively balances their game for the tournament scene, or accept that this is the GW and stop complaining.

    • Spoken like a true GW apologist fanboi eldar horder .

      • ChubToad

        That’s a lot of adjectives for one person…

      • Sugarlessllama

        Actually, I play Space Marines. Eldar are neat, but not visually striking enough (IMO) for me to want to play them. For tournament play, my go to is Warmachine. I just choose to take control of my hobby time and find solutions to my conundrums, rather than rant of forums. But you know, that’s just how I decided to handle the codex creep. How you choose to handle to situation is up to you. 😀

    • Shiwan8

      I do not care about the competitive scene since I do not play the game that way. It’s just impossible to play a fluffy game against eldar, have fun and not be a masochistic pervert at the same time. There is no point to even try.

      The eldar are like macro mages were in WoW when they were good (I have no idea of the present meta of that game). No skill needed. I know, I played one.

      Now they aim to make them even better.

  • Jacob

    Lets be honest about wraithguard people. They will likely be stuck as an elite choice now (not sure what the eldar decurion offers) so less of them. Previously people used 6-10 to kill a threat in one turn, it they are str D then they’ll just use 5-7. If they get a point increase, and we know they will, then it will pan out to the exact same strategy as before. The only things that are gonna get hurt by this are super-heavies/gargantuan creatures, so people who try and adamantium lance will definitely lose some teeth from the beating (womp womp). Lets hear some actual well thought out and reasonable discourse over this for once!

    • From the guy on warseer with the codex:

      * they are still troops
      * they did not get a points increase

      • Jacob

        I read that thread after posting, as I saw he said that they are still elites even if you do choose a spirit seer. Did he later correct that statement? If they are troops then my wifes eldar ally is safe.

        • quaade

          It would still be safe, you can take the Spirithost formation as an ally.

          • Jacob

            What formation is that and where do you find it? Can’t find any such thing online or listed as being in the new codex.

          • quaade

            Sorry, I meant Wraithhost

  • ApocaLeepse

    When nerfs were handed out in the Grey Knights and Necrons codices, people complained about it and threatened to stop playing. Now the opposite is happening, Eldar are getting a couple buffs and people are yet again complaining and threatening to stop playing because of it. I dunno guys, it just seems like GW’s efforts end badly either way and while I can relate to some of the complaints people make, such as the pricing and the fact that we have to rely on leaks to get information on upcoming releases, it’s times like these when it honestly doesn’t surprise me one bit that they aren’t listening to their fanbase. If I had raging nerds on my case 24/7 over trivial issues that hardly ever affect the enjoyment of the game, I think I’d tune out and stop listening too.

    I for one have had no problems with Eldar, mainly because I play with decent people who don’t take cheesy lists. Same goes for any faction I’ve played against really. Instead of nerfing stuff to the point of uselessness, maybe people should just stop playing games with people who are going to pull cheap stunts with their armies instead? Just a thought.

    • Shiwan8

      The difference is that power gamers were threatening to leave when their power armies were nerfed. Now the “not motivated by their ego”-gamers are doing it because the opposite is happening.

      Honestly, can you blame them? As it is the fluffy eldar list hast to be countered with tailored power list to make the game balanced. After a couple of weeks from now the situation is worse. There simply is no point on playing against eldar anymore.

      Not that I do not agree with you. Let the cheesers be with their own and the rest should be another group. The problem is that with this new codex, if this is not just a too late april fool thing from GW, any and all eldar lists belong to the cheeser groups. There simply is no way to play the army without cheesing it. Either it’s full of D-weapons or it moves fast and shoots more than Tau. These are the 2 options GW has now presented to everyone playing Eldar.

  • An_Enemy

    I’m more interested in how the bad units changed than how the good units did. You know, the other 80% of my army.

  • JP

    You could always just give your Eldar opponent a GG handshake and find someone else to play.

    • Shiwan8

      That is the smart move. Honestly, I think it sucks for the eldar players, but the right thing at this point IMO is a blatant refusal to play against eldar, at all.