New Imperial Knight Rules !


2 new Imperial Knights are headed our way.  Here’s the latest word on their rules:

The two new Knights are the:




Both of these product pages were spotted on the GW site via the redirect method by Atia on B&C.

These two types of Knights from way back in the EPIC days are the opposite end of the scale from the light and nimble Knight Lancers.  These are the bruisers of the Knight Family, and is shows:

Onto the rumors:

via Bird in the Trees

  • Crusader is armed with: Quake Cannon, TL Las-cannons
  • Warden is armed with: Volcano Cannon, Multi-barreled Autocannon
  • Both models have an optional top carapace missile launcher weapon mount, with multishot S8, AP3 anti-flyer capability
  • Both models are protected by a single energy field based heavily on the rules for the Stronghold Assault book’s Void Shield Generator.
  • Armor Values: Front:14 Side:13 Rear:13
  • Hull Points: 8
  • Both models clock in well above the cost of the Knight Paladin/Errant

Full Knight Roundup

More soon!


  • Inquisitor_Lord_Karamazov

    lawls well above 375 pts ? so it will square off vs 2 wraith knights some how and be equal ….

    • davepak

      Or have one square off against a 500 points Nid Garg, and still be more than equal…..

    • Matthew

      Don’t bring a titan to fight Eldar unless you like short games.

  • Dr Bored

    The key, obviously, is how easily they’ll be tied up in combat. With no D strength melee, they’ll rely on simple walker stuff, so a big fat unit could be tied up by some Cultists if it’s not careful.

    • Joshua Pruitt

      It still has stomps

      • A.P.

        Fear the scarabs

    • Matt Halkos

      Won’t they still have the titan weapon? One of the rumors was that the second gun option is carapace mounted. So volcano cannon, titan close combat weapon, and the lascannon on top.

      • Dr Bored

        They made it sound like both arms would be ranged weapons, which wouldn’t surprise me.

  • CMAngelos

    A knight with a Volcano canon… somehow I highly doubt that. It takes every bit of a Baneblade chassis to throw the weight of one, and a the volcano canon is the largest supportable weapon system of a Reaver battle titan. I’d sooner believe a turbo laser over a volcano canon. And I can’t remember seeing a quake canon on anything smaller than a Warlord, but that’s just me, could be wrong on that.

    • BrianDavion

      baneblade varient has a quake canon. as for the volcano canon, it could be a smaller one that just fires a shot, not a blast. (I’d klike that more honestly)

      • 6Cobra

        If by “baneblade variant” you mean a Shadowsword, it has a volcano cannon. And there aren’t different kinds of volcano cannons.. it does what it does.

        • cuda1179

          No, there definitely ARE different kinds of Volcano cannons. The Shadowsword has a 5″ blast, the Reaver titan a 7 ” blast, and the Warlord had a 10″ blast.
          This one may only have a 3″ blast or no blast at all.

    • PrimoFederalist

      They’ve had them since Epic. Just search engine “knight warden” or “knight crusader”.

      • Knight Wardens and Knight Crusaders never carried a Volcano Cannon to my knowledge. Crusaders and Castellans used to both have Quake Cannons (Crusader had twin-las, Castellan had gatling auto). The Wardens usually carried a demolisher cannon and heavy bolters, or anti-air rockets and multi-lasers. There was a third tracked variant with a single battle cannon if memory serves.

    • majorwesjanson

      Well, the massive titan killing Volcano cannon has been constantly downscaled and depowered in 40K compared to epic. Destroyer homogenized the heavy weapons so the only difference between a volcano cannon and a turbolaser was size of the blast template (and the shadowsword mounted gun was identical to a single turbolaser). Now it is even more of a joke since a single wraithguard can possibly do as much damage to an enemy titan as a volcano cannon on an Warlord.

      It would be annoying to see it put on a knight chassis, but the superheavy end of 40K is a bland muddle as is so no real harm done at this point.

  • Malthrak

    These are practically just short of a full Warhound Titan by the looks of it O_o

    • BrianDavion

      yeah these could make titans obselete..

      • Jacob

        I expect the Forgeworld rebuttal to be even stronger titans. I’d actually be ok with titans getting a huge defensive boost if 40k moves towards more prevalent D weapons.

        • majorwesjanson

          GW makes the rules for the Warhound and Reaver.

        • Dr Bored

          Or perhaps they go beyond D.
          to E. E for Explosion or something.

          On a 2+, does d6 wounds or causes d6 penetrating hits, no armor, invul, cover, or any other kinds of saves or shenanigans (no FNP or res) allowed.

      • A supposed warden with a volcano cannon is a far cry from a turbo laser toting warhound.

  • aka_mythos

    I’m excited!

  • John Walker

    Holy frack. Geez seems that the imperium is getting most of the love. When are the other races except the eldar going to get a decent knight titan. no the Gork and Morkanaught sucks.

    • Malthrak

      Have you been paying attention to the Eldar leaks at all? The Wraithknight is both clearly superior to the Imperial Knight and *way* cheaper.

      • davepak

        He means a xenos race that phill kelly does not play…

        • BT


        • Bethayne

          Phil Kelly Plays Dark Eldar and Tyranids as well.

          • John Bower

            Maybe he does, but the new Eldar codex makes it obvious which is his favourite army.

          • Bethayne

            Phil Kelly isn’t involved in writing rules anymore.

          • John Bower

            So why the consensus around that he wrote this one?

          • Bethayne

            Because they assume he did because of his affinity with them previously.

          • davepak

            He wrote the old codex. So, while true we do not know 100% he did not have input on the new one – it surely isn’t anyone with any sense of balance or objectivity.

      • An_Enemy

        You heard it here folks! One of these configs is loaded with fantastic weaponry on top of a Knights stats, but its DOA at the rumor stage because the super scary Wraithknights exist.

        • majorwesjanson

          More because the Wraithknight will have 2 destroyer shots vs a likely 1 blast, while the Wraithknight will be 100 points cheaper minimum. Possibly as much as half the cost of the theoretical Warden.

          • An_Enemy

            So…the rest of the Knight army will be what?

            Forming a dance off circle?

          • majorwesjanson

            4 models max at 1500, 5 at 2000. There are wraithknights, fire dragons, wraithguard with D weapons, swooping hawks with haywire, And all far cheaper than those knights. An Aspect formation with 2 units of Fire dragons and a squadron of 3 falcons may be expensive, but could cover enough area with range to pop 2 knights in a single turn and the falcons could potentially shoot up a third.

          • An_Enemy

            That’s a lot of list tailoring. Personally, I think anyone that brings a pure Knight army deserves what they get. Against other armies that Eldar list looks like a great way to lose on objectives.

            That said, I realize you’re just responding to my comment and not trying to design the ultimate list™.

      • Lutharr

        he does mention the eldar in his post so ya reply is a tad confusing

    • BT

      There is the Stompa…

      • John Bower

        haha, hahahahahaha; aaaahahahahahahaaaa; yeah, okay.

      • Sash Faderhead Madhatter

        stompa far to under powered, so is the tesseract vault with the stupid “pick an enemy then roll for power” rule, so is the chaos LOS. the tanks of the imperial guard are probable the only things that’ll stand up a wraithknight but there still need 1st, a bit of luck and are mega points wise!

  • TweetleBeetle

    Sounds delicious!

  • Admiral Adama

    Doesn’t have 2 ranged D Weapons??….Move along, nothing to see here.

    • BrianDavion

      yeah a volcano canon and 2 twin linked autocanons isn’t gonna allow it to out shoot a wraithknight

  • Erik Setzer

    Well, that fixes the anti-air situation with a Knight army. It was the army’s one weakness, especially as Errants and Paladins had Blast weapons as their main weapons.

    It’s going to be odd to have two Knights with void shields and two Knights with ion shields. Seems a bit clunky, especially for players to remember. But heck, you’ll have maybe four models in an 1850 army, so there can’t be that much to remember.

    With the ability for super-heavies to engage multiple targets, these will be very valuable in a Knight army for laying down supporting fire on ground targets while also engaging air targets at the same time.

    All of this depending on how true the rumors are, of course.

    • Anti-air is one weakness, the army also lacks the number of mobile units to be good at Maelstrom missions, and lacks the volume of firepower required to shed HP off of light transports. There’s nothing sadder than watching a Paladin try to get at a squad of marines in a rhino… Over 10x the cost, takes at least 2 full turns of shooting.

  • JP

    They’re basically midget Reaver Titans.

  • biodon13

    We thinkin’ $160 or $180? I hope this is the “something BIG” for next week…just in time for my birthday…Happy Birthday to me…Just ordered a Questoris Knight Magaera too…

    • Dr Bored

      I really hope they keep it the same price as the current knight at 140 USD. Using this as an excuse to up prices would make me a sad panda.

      • Sash Faderhead Madhatter

        i can see it being more as there different in design and have extra molding for the missile system

  • georgelabour

    If they do in fact have a queak/volcano cannon on these things they’ll likely be scaled down knight world variants with short range than the Baneblade versions.

    Otherwise we’re looking at knights who are 2/3 guns, 1/3 legs, and two stubby T-rex arms clutching guns. Which might work on smaller models but not something as big as a knight suit.

    Conversely it could also be chalked up to superior STC technology inherent in the design of the suit compared to the bulk production versions used for baneblades.

    • D.a. Pizzey

      You’ve not seen the original epic models have you… As otherwise I’d doubt you’d have said that.

      • georgelabour

        I own multiple detachments and households of each type from titan legions and 1 turtle shell warden.

        Care to explain your statement and or provide a credible reply to my own opinions?

  • crevab

    Is this the plastic model GW’s going to hit $200 on?

    • biodon13

      Maybe…definitely just talked me outta the assassin game…

  • Matt Lewis

    Well, let’s not hear any more whine about the Wraithknight…

    • Vlad

      I look forward to see them. Btw If you think the WK are OP wait until you see the the Vaul’s Wrath Support Weapon Battery, and them we will all whine ! I feel lucky that there is only one Eldar player in my community 🙂

      • Shiwan8

        It’s a 24″ move or fire D-weapon. Yep, way too powerful, but compared to WK that shoots 2 targets and assaults the one it did not kill, just to finish it off, per turn, I do not think that it will be an issue in comparison.

        • Vlad

          3 Str D barrage at 90 points and you can have up to 9 in a army… This is more scarry than a WK

          • Shiwan8

            Well, no. It does not move and if bows down to air support. The WK is pretty much immune to non-D weapons, ie. anything that is not itself.

          • captkaruthors

            You can always add Illryth to one battery and the unit can move and shoot them.

          • Shiwan8

            There is that.

          • JP

            Sounds like Valkyrie Vendettas, Storm Eagles, and Stormfangs are the answer.

    • majorwesjanson

      If the new Knight Warden is under 300 points, we’ll call it a draw.

  • Flash Point


  • latro990

    once upon a time, there was this game called Warhammer 40,000 and it had these models in it called Infantry.

    • kevindancey

      I remember them, they were call space marines (before copyright problems!!)

  • Dan Serafimov

    How will it fare in combat?
    If it still has the Smash rule and is str 10 then it will be fine provided it has a few attacks, stomp will help too.

  • Dave

    I don’t understand the practicality of these HUGE models in 40k. Seems to me GW should just switch to 1/72 scale and get it over with.