New 40k Supplement Unveiled


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, a new Supplement has stepped forward. Come see ‘Blood Oath’!

Looks like it’s the forces of Chaos versus the Emperor’s finest in yet another chapter of the Long War. Rumored to be ‘show only’ at this point.

No salt required for this one folks, dive in.

Via Blog for the Blood God!

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That’s not all folks, checkout a ton more from the new supplement below!

Warhammer World / Horus Heresy 5 Roundup

  • dubhgilla

    Now FW are jumping on the ‘buy yourself good rules’ bandwagon.

    • daboarder

      yeah f*ck this is going to get stupid

      • Whines for the whine god.

        • daboarder

          Alaric, do you really think that limited run promotion exclusive rules, location specific rules and books, and significant non collectors piece location specific models are a good thing.


          • Do you think complaining is going to change any of that? Honestly?

            As for all of that, I just dont care, I buy what I need and ignore what I dont need. You dont need to buy any of that stuff really. If yer a tournament then You have got to make yer peace with multiple purchases and a hobbyist really just buys what they want. Yer blowing this outta proportion.

          • daboarder

            in my optimistic moments I guess I do hope that GW listens (not to me specifically but to the community) but then the realist in me crushes that idea, because if GW haven’t learnt that the internet is not a fad by now, they probably never will.

            In part I complain because its the principle of the thing, and in part its frustration, I would likely have bought this supplement had I been given he opportunity but I am not.

            Furthermore the development of exclusive rules is a major detrimental step in the development of this game. I mean trying to get someone into it is going to be even harder when you mention that they can only get the “good” rules if they live it the right country.

            So I guess no I dont expect my complaining to do much more than make me feel a little bit better by allowing me to release some of my frustration

          • Holy crap dude. I like u more now than before (Cuz yknow, I matter lmao) and I respect your opinion on the matteR. Im of course of a different mind lol as ive never been much of a complainer (getting smacked as a kid for it is mainly why) and I know yer hoping but gw just doesn’t care 🙁 they, like governments, are just gonna do what they want.

            And fyi, what Mr mystery posted in hamsterdam was bs, u said nothing wrong.

    • Skimask Mohawk

      How does this have to do with forgeworld? This is pure GW

      • dubhgilla

        According to his blog this is a Forge World book. All the Formations have FW models with the usual OTT rules.

        • Malthrak

          It’s a Warhammer World exclusive book.

          Just because it’s got models made by FW doesn’t mean it’s got rules written by FW. Particularly with things like the Reaver Titan pictured above, FW just casts the resin, GW’s core studio are the guys that wrote their current rules.

          The page layout and everything else is identical to mainline GW’s stuff, and bears no resemblance to anything FW has put out (I don’t even think they’ve done formations at all yet), so either this is brand new for them, or this isn’t an FW product.

        • Benjamin Sutton

          Blood of kitten have a few more images posted some with few stuff. If any thing these formation aren’t that great. Noting seem over powered if any thing they lacking since there all pretty big chunks of points and models with out having the formations inside formation Russian doll style the new codex have. Nothing that I’ve seen will brake anything.

        • Skimask Mohawk

          as Malthrak says: it doesn’t look anything like FW layout. their books actually have effort put into them in terms of quality as well as never using the datasheet method

          This is definitely a GW move

    • julien del rosario

      ..but this isn’t forgeworld? Its only available at Warhammer World from GW proper.

      • Orodruin

        And we don’t have to buy anything, the rules are in those pictures…

    • Nathaniel Wright

      Next thing you know, they’ll ask you to make your own formations. The Horror!

      • dubhgilla

        May as well, it would probably be less of an insult to my opponent. ‘Hey friend, nice army, look what I just brought to utterly crush it.’

        • Spacefrisian

          5 Wraithknights with a 3+ FNP (cause 2+ with a re-roll is to easy) and all have objectiv secured, totally balanced formation i think

      • Tesq

        Woa that would be awsome finaly csm player could ave some sense formation xD

        • Nathaniel Wright

          It wouldn’t be untested waters. Early editions had instructions on creating your own vehicles and such.

    • Tynskel

      it’s apocalypse stuff.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        Apocalypse means less now. Before apoc formations were limited to apoc games, now they’re in the same position as LoWs. If you have the dosh to bring it, and your partner has the will to play against it, have at it.

        • Tynskel

          derp. apocalypse is still ~3000 points. aka like the value of a full drop pod company…

          • Houghten

            Apocalypse is still >3000 points, but >3000 points is no longer the sole preserve of Apocalypse.

  • crevab

    Limited release rules are disgusting. This or the other summer campaigns too

    • Local Ork

      If You limit availability of goods You already perceive as not very good seller, maybe You should rethink Your business strategy?

      There is tiny bit of reason why GW may want to do that (expecting poor sales), but this is NOT how You make a money out of it.
      In fact, it is exactly how You NOT make money.

      GW should just suck it up and put those ruled in PDFs, so they can reach more people and not waste GW money put in printing those books.

  • Orodruin

    Take a picture of the chaos stuff, you buttholes.

    • daboarder

      maybe check the link?

      • Orodruin

        Ah, didn’t catch that. Thanky.

        • Bran D


      • or instead of baiting for clicks to the forums, they could actually put then in the article to make it more substantial?

        • daboarder

          links not to the forums.

  • Bran D


  • Erik Setzer

    More “you only get these rules if you live in the right place or buy second-hand” stuff. Because yeah, that’s what we need. Seriously getting annoying with all these limited number or limited location releases recently.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      Give it a couple weeks and it’ll be on the internet. Exclusives are rarely exclusive for long.

      • Marky

        And it’s not against the law if the company don’t make it any more… In some countries anyway.

        • Chris. K Cook

          See: Abandonware.

      • An_Enemy

        Its easy to say that. Unfortunately, GW rarely releases exclusives and codex piracy seems to have slowed down as of late.

        Maybe it’ll pick back up.

        • Nathaniel Wright

          Not terribly slow, just have a limited group that are willing to do it.

  • generalchaos34

    sooo, apoc i assume?

    • dubhgilla

      Nope, I think apoc is an outdated way of thinking now.

      • Chris. K Cook

        You can use these with Apoc, or you can use them in regular big games of 40K

    • Solos Shot First

      Everything is Apoc,
      Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
      Everything is Apoc when you’re living out a dreams
      Everything is better when we stick together,
      Side by side you and I gonna win forever?
      Let’s play 7th forever
      We’re the same unlike you, you & me we are a working in harmony
      Everything is Apoc,
      Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
      Everything is Apoc when you’re living out a dreams

  • benn grimm

    How exciting, a new reason for me to buy lots of Bloodthirsters and Knights!

    • DoctorBored

      Just what the hobby needed. More reasons to buy lots of D.

  • Anggul

    I think that drop pod formation is a prime example of the silliness of formation rules. Why does having this exact combination of units cause drop pods to blast things as they drop and the guns of the occupents to fire faster? If you had all of those units minus a single tactical squad, suddenly the flames get smaller and the guns shoot slower.

    • Μάριος Καλογερόπουλος

      or Plus one squad.

  • Deathmage

    More Khorne, yay…

  • RexScarlet

    Look more scheduled Apocalypse releases relabeled regular 40K.

    • georgelabour

      Going to ask this again just like I’ve done every other time you’ve claimed special insight into the release schedules and production of game products.

      Do you have any proof to back up your consistently negative, and nigh hysterical claims that this was a product meant for apocalypse that was shelved and then repurposed?

      • RexScarlet

        nice ad hominem.
        how about just comparing Apoc 1e release schedule timeline with the failed Apoc 2e timeline (which then became part of the 7e everything and the kitchen sink to boost sales and save the company edition)
        Seriously, there were enough Apoc 1e free “dataslates” from WD, GW online, FW and etc. to completely fill a large three ring binder, now compare that to current 7e “formations” and “e-rules” releases that customers are paying for, oh snap, they line up perfectly, voila!
        If you do not see the glaring similarities, that is cool, keep drinking the Slurm Kool-Aide (ad hominem back at ya ;))

        • georgelabour

          Abbreviated and polite version of your reply: NO I have no facts to back up my claims.

          • Chris. K Cook

            rarrg things have changed! I don;t like change! Rarrgrg!

            Badwrongfun!!! BADWRONGFUN!!!!!!!

  • Rod DeMore

    Exclusively being Excluded out more and more…

    • Samuel Sanchez

      There are no exclusives released that have not been available for download or haven’t been released later.

      This is an early release exclusive the same that gw has done for years at gamesday. This is not an event exclusive.

      • TweetleBeetle

        Hey now, Samuel. No logic allowed here. You must ignorantly rant and whine about something that is unfounded, unnecessary, or just plain untrue. That is the only acceptable behavior towards anything GW anymore.


        Seriously, even if it were exclusive (which it’s not), this is no different than anything else where there’s a limited release. Video games do it. Computer parts for enthusiasts do it. Even movies put special trailers on for the people who pay a bit extra to get to a midnight 3D release.

        The funny part is the hindsight complaining – proof of complaining about GW at any cost. It reveals itself in stages.

        1. Rumor hits internet. Discussions include questions that can’t be answered, but the people asking questions act like they’re owed answers that don’t exist yet.

        2. Pictures and rumored rules make the rounds. The internet claims it’s terrible and they wouldn’t want it; or they cite some third party knockoff that looks terrible, but need to justify their bad decision.

        3. Announcement that it’s available for a short time, or that people spending hard-earned money to travel to an event may get access to it first. Suddenly it’s not fair that they can’t buy it now, even though they scoffed at the idea of buying it to begin with. Screams of “pay to win” and “I’m not allowing that at my store” run wild.

        Furthermore, it’s a terrible idea that’s ruining the game, but also somehow a cash grab. Then the declaration of finally being pushed to walk away from the game, yet they’ll still be here in three years talking about it (and playing it, and buying it…)

        • Samuel Sanchez

          To be fair gamesday has always had event exclusives models. I’ve picked up the ones I wanted like the dkok quartermaster. However none of these are event exclusives they are exclusive early releases. The command squad, chaos book, warlord Titan, Etc ate early release exclusives. Heck they didn’t even make enough of the exclusives to sell at the opening. That’s how few they had on hand. Even xwing had exclusive early release at gamescon and where people got shops 2-3 months before other people. 40k players Are the whinest self entitled gamers in any genre.

      • An_Enemy

        “There are no exclusives released that have not been available for download or haven’t been released later.”

        Name some.

        • Samuel Sanchez

          The teryn house and aquila plasma obliterator are Both exclusive PDFs I have that I did not buy that require no proof of purchase and are available for free to use.

          The command rhino warlord Titan and new demon campaign book are all exclusive war hammer world new releases that are going to be released later. Both the command and warlord have this stated online. The only true exclusive models are the gamesday event only models. Nothing being sold at warhammer world is event or store exclusive. So stop acting like a whining child

          • Houghten

            If by “available for free to use” you mean “scanned by pirates” then yes.

            I can’t find where the command rhino says it’s going to be released later.

      • daboarder

        Man, you really need to learn to read mate. But then thats probably the start of your issues

        • Samuel Sanchez

          And where pray tell am I wrong because I can quite clearly back up every statement I said? It’s ok to admit your wrong instead of crying about not being right.

          • Chris. K Cook

            Daboarder is never wrong and when he is he’ll just scream at you till you give up and he declares victory.

      • Chris. K Cook

        Yeah I’ll wager that they will all get added to later supplements possibly with some tweaks based on ‘live testing’

  • Ry

    So that space marine formation is going to be a nightmare, not only can the units fire twice and up to 2 different targets, but they can charge out of there drop pods as soon as they disembark.

    • Samuel Sanchez

      Not “and”its “or”

    • TweetleBeetle

      It’s 2500+ points, so it isn’t going to see any regular game play.

      • Ry

        Meaning its a apocalypse formation, like the Company of the great wolf

  • JP

    WOW. The entire Ultramarines second company dropping in on turn 1? Plus any combination of double tapping and/or instant assault? That formation might just be the final word on dealing with… well, EVERYTHING. Luckily it’s 2420 points before upgrades, so it won’t be seen very often.

    • Will Frank

      What I like about it, though, is that it’s the best example of how a Drop Pod assault actually happens in the fluff. An overwhelming force, surgically placed, deployed so fast, the enemy doesn’t have time to respond.

      In game, it’s a bit imbalanced for smaller games, so that the minimum point tax bringing it to, at least, a significant sized game, makes this very reasonable.

  • Jake Nolan

    More Khorne…

  • Blood Oath? Sounds like it was named by an Aussie. 😉 Thats pure ocker talk if ever I heard it.

  • amaximus167

    Stupid limited edition rules.