To War! – New Fantasy 9th Rumors!


Prepare for what may be the return of Warhammer Fantasy -Come see!

Don’t call it a come back, Fantasy’s been here for years. One of the GW stores dropped what looks to be a teaser about something big coming to their store soon.

Will it be Fantasy 9th, or just another ‘big event’? You decide.




via Games Workshop Lille on Facebook

The sun goes down, teintant the sky of rubis and blood…

The elected will get together in the heart of the sanctuary, bringing with them the hopes of their people…

They will fight for the glory, for the honor, at the edge of the abyss…

Will the lowest in the abyss while the strongest will be brought to the naked…

Then they will fall in turn, victims of their pride until it is more than a glorified, glory, lying in the blood of his own nation, deaf to the supplications dying while he will recover this rightful Right, Sacred Eternal Champion in the heart of the Night, Supreme Lord in the land Devastated, King Nocturne acclaimed by the ghosts of his enemies… Until dawn…

That the forges revolve nights and days, that the prophets look through the future, that your armies are amassing around your banner. Prepare yourself mortals!

Because I am khorne! The Lord of the blood! The archi-commander! The forge-war!

You are my guests… Enter in my arena. The rules have changed, prepare yourself!!

Information directly in store!! You do not want to miss this, believe me on floor

via Darkpignouf on Warseer

Just coming back from my local store following some strange message on facebook and inviting us to pass by . 

9th edition will be released on saturday the 13th of june . 

My local store is organising on friday the 12th a warhammer tournament beginning at 8.00pm for thoses who will have reserved their 9th edition rule book ( If I correctly understand there will be 2 weeks of preorder ) 

At 0.00 , He will give to players their books . 

Il will be a 8th edition tournament but the local manager will release a summary of the changes if they are not to numerous in order to play in 9th edition . If it changes too much , he says that it will be a 8th edition one 

The Original…..Games Workshop Lille on Facebook (en Francais)

Games Workshop: Lille added 15 new photos.
May 1 at 1:41am · Edited ·
Le soleil se couchera, teintant le ciel de rubis et de sang…
Les élus se regrouperont au cœur du sanctuaire, amenant avec eux les espoirs de leur peuple…
Ils combattront pour la gloire, pour l’honneur, au bord de l’abîme…
Les plus faibles sombreront dans les abysses pendant que les plus forts seront portés aux nues…
Puis ils tomberont à leur tour, victimes de leur orgueil jusqu’à ce qu’il n’en reste plus qu’un, auréolé de gloire, baignant dans le sang de sa propre nation, sourd aux supplications des mourants tandis qu’il récupérera ce qui lui revient de droit, champion éternel sacré au cœur de la nuit, seigneur suprême en ces terres dévastées, roi nocturne acclamé par les fantômes de ses ennemis… jusqu’à l’aube…
Que les forges tournent nuits et jours, que les prophètes scrutent l’avenir, que vos armées se rassemblent autour de votre bannière. Préparez vous mortels!
Car je suis Khorne! Le Seigneur du sang! L’Archi-commandeur! Le Forge-guerre!
Vous êtes mes invités… entrez dans mon Arène. LES RÈGLES ONT CHANGÉES, PRÉPAREZ VOUS!!
Renseignements directement en magasin!! Vous ne voulez pas louper ça, croyez moi sur parole

So where do we stand? this is the first solid mention of Fantasy we’ve had in weeks. Seems like between Space Marine rumors, and now Fantasy 9th, things will be heating up next month for sure!

Fantasy 9th Rumor Roundup

To War!

  • Lewis Everitt

    Whatever happens I’m sure it will all be fantastic, can’t wait! Thanks for the excellent original and informative article my friend.

    • Michael R.


      • Lewis Everitt

        I don’t even know any more!

        • Michael R.

          me too….

  • latro990

    wow a well written LL cool J reference, its getting better bols welldone

  • standardleft

    ‘the rules have changed’ was used in the Warhammer total war trailer, might have something to do with that.

  • Aezeal

    It’s SO mean to put a lizzies drawing with this article 😀

  • Brae

    ” …lying in the blood of his own nation, deaf to the supplications dying while he will recover this rightful Right, Sacred Eternal Champion in the heart of the Night, Supreme Lord in the land Devastated, King Nocturne acclaimed by the ghosts of his enemies… Until dawn…”

    Stay off LSD kids!

    • durkheim

      And there shall in that time be rumours of things going astray, and there will be a great confusion
      as to where things really are, and nobody will really know where lieth
      those little things with the sort of raffia work base, that has an
      attachment…at this time, a friend shall lose his friends’s hammer and
      the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their
      fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before around
      eight o’clock…

      • life of adept brian

        Yay! I’m not the only one!

  • Arthur Hartman

    hard for me to think they will actually make changes to the rules that make the game balanced. but non the less I’m sure I will buy stuff… 🙁

    • Dustin Bainbridge

      The rules changes rarely are to balance the game but to sell models. 8th made you buy more infantry to get those blocks in. 9th will probably make a different aspect of list building more desirable to get us all to buy something else.

      If 9th ends up being 8th will some tweaks, corrections and clarifications, I’ll be elated, but also very surprised.

      • I suspect that 9th will be a lot like 5th. It will feature big models and high powered characters with ancillary other models to serve as cheer leaders. It will look an awful lot like warmachine I suspect.

        Thats my suspicion based on the end times books. If it is like this I will be sitting the edition out as there is a reason I did not like 5th and why I don’t play warmachine today.

        If its not, then awesome.

        • Bobsyouruncle

          From all that Yay and thou and hey nonny nonny guff it’s hard to tell what the blue buggery is going on . Has Khorne resurrected everyone to fight forever in his arena and if so does that make it the skirmish game everyone has been going on about ? If I wasn’t confused before I certainly am now !

        • Aezeal

          While I hope ranked troops get toned down a bit I do hope it;s not gonna be herohammer.

          I’m not SURE end times (which was a bit herohammery) can be extrapolated to 9th though.. I mean end times had incarnates etc and the super powered hero’s fit in that fluff.. and it could be fun for a campaign.. I myself think it’s not so good a choice for a whole edition.. I think GW will see the same.

        • Mordrot

          If this is true why do I always hear people leasing warmachine as being sooo much better than WHFB. It’s refreshing to hear someone awknowlege how awesome WH is or was in 8th.

          • Muninwing

            WHF was such a great game before they started tinkering with it… and before the massive spike in relative power that threw game balance off.

            i’d still play, but too many sour experiences make it just not an option.

            plus, given that the new world is likely to have cut my Beastmen from its playable ranks, i’m probably done with it.

          • They usually like warmachine because PP caters to the tournament crowd, whereas GW used to and now does not starting with 8th ed.

            9 times out of 10 if you hear someone slagging warhammer and praising Warmachine, they are into competitive games and tournaments.

            Then there’s the cost ratio between the two. They have similar costs at the model level but Warmachine’s scale is a lot smaller so you don’t need many models and cost is a huge driver in those posts as well.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    i really doubt that a single facebook post is anything to go on. why would this random store be privy to this info?

    • Dustin Bainbridge

      An Independent store owner friend of mine (Chroncade in Richland, MI) also told me late yesterday that his GW rep confirmed a June release for Warhammer. Could be legit.

  • WestFargo Dave

    “Don’t do teeth, stay in drugs and brush your school.”

  • I’d be VERY surprised if that Operator actually knew anything. Usually, the Internet knows about impending releases about a week before the actual employees are told anything. Their lead time for upcoming releases is 3-5 days before preorders go up, as that’s when corporate emails go out and they get their copies of the upcoming White Dwarf.

  • PsychosisPC

    Looking for something, where there is not anything……

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    There will have to be a whole lot more to go on for me to care about fantasy in the 9th edition.

  • Boondox

    I’m struggling to find a connection between this article and the picture of the Lizardman. Might need to use a lifeline to figure this one out…

    • Aezeal

      It’s evil and mean and intended to give the deleted lizzie players an additional kick in the nuts with the regards of BoLS 😀

  • Kim Boisen

    Sounds more like a gladiator arena/skirmish kind of setup, not a mass army combat setting

  • Muninwing

    i’m kind of hoping that they decide to build slowly, starting out with the broad generic idea and expanding with a regularly advancing plotline and few SCs, creating an evolved game that both has the pre-apocalypse rivalries in the minds of the people and new political structures ready to adapt.

    i’m also hoping that a variant (perhaps a revival in-game) of older themed lists get dropped in if it is successful. Beasts, after all, are just mutated humans. Skaven are just mutated rats. those both could evolve from comparable conditions (warpstone, warptaint). chaos may still be a primeval force. the elves may cooperate, but old rivalries may later split them again. and what’s to say that the humans won’t go tribal again, and some may resurrect brettonian ideals while others throw in with the empire’s universality.

    really as long at they don’t bind it to static SCs, they won’t have a problem releasing missions, campaigns, and regular plot movement.