Battle for Westeros: FFG Reboots A Game of Thrones


FFG updates their beloved LCG – “When you play the Game of Thrones, you win, or you die” ~ Cersei Lannister

After 13 years, FFG is relaunching thier venerable Game of Thrones LCG in a an all new 2nrd edition.  The game primies to revamp and clean up a ruleset that was getting a little long in the teeth, as well as bring in a lot of new content from George R. R. Martin’s more recent novels.  Here’s FFG’s video on the new edition:

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition $39.95

The world of Westeros is wracked with war, intrigue, and strife. The Great Houses muster armies and meet in titanic battles, while their assassins and spies struggle in the shadows. Across the Narrow Sea, the first dragons in years have awoken, while in the barren lands beyond the Wall, a nameless threat is stirring, eager to crush the world with freezing cold and endless night. Westeros is unforgiving of mistakes, and in the end, only one game truly matters: the game of thrones!

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition is the second edition of a beloved Living Card Game®, featuring cunning plots, iconic characters, and deadly encounters for two to six players. Set in the world of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, every game invites you to take command of iconic factions and battle for power. You must best your opponents to claim the Iron Throne, defeating them on the field of battle, outwitting them in the intrigues of court, or stealing their power in the political arena. Whether you play a two-player joust or a multiplayer melee, this LCG invites you to battle for control of Westeros.



~ More LCG card game coverage coming soon from the GENCON floor.

  • SonoftheMountain

    Is this compatible with all the 1st Ed expansion packs or is it a total restart?

    • Vomkrieg

      Restart i believe. They use the same rules essentially with a few tweaks, but someone with 1st ed cards will have access to things that have been nerfed or balenced out in the 2nd edition, so it wouldn’t necessarily be a fair fight

    • Grimbuddha

      Complete reboot. 1st edition cards won’t be useable in 2nd edition as some mechanics (like Influence) have been removed entirely. I’ve been playing for about 5 years and honestly couldn’t be more excited about this, despite already having a large card collection. It’s looking to become a much better version of an already great game.

  • Socrates Kentaro Matsuura

    I own every expansion (except the last) of the first edition. Wow, all my investment not usable anymore?
    screw you, i’ll stick to what i got. Didn’t expect a dick move like that from ffg

    • Haemonculus

      FFGs have a tendency to do that, and even rule out sets of cards to refresh the competitive scene. I’m currently collecting all the Warhammer Conquest cards, and hope that they don’t do a 2nd edition for some time.

    • Grimbuddha

      To be fair, this game has been running for over a decade and is showing its age. Sometimes you gotta burn the field down for a fresh start.

      • Socrates Kentaro Matsuura

        well, when the so called field represents years of investment from me and my gaming buddies… we decided not to sow again.
        Like really, we actually can make almost any deck we want (except when we play same houses) so we will really just stick to the LCG 1st edition among ourselves.

    • USS Daedalus

      On the other hand, while you are angry that you can’t use your cards, they are gaining a customer (me!) to replace you. Precisely because the 1st edition was SOOO massive and the meta required so many card packs, I didn’t get into it at all. So while yes, it sucks that the game is being rebooted, it’s no different than CoD III coming out and the competitive scene changing to that from CoD II. Feel free to keep playing 1st edition with friends! Especially since the 2nd edition will be slow to roll out new cards, 1st edition will stick around for a while.

      I don’t mean to sound antagonistic, I do agree it must hurt to have that investment be worth less now than it was.

    • EndreFodstad

      That’s what FFG does, more regularily with other games as well.

  • Ira Clements

    OMG kid this has been “news” for months and months.

    • Haemonculus

      The main game has only just been released. All the news before were previews.