HOBBY: Painting Age of Sigmar Khornate Followers



GW MovieStar Duncan Rhodes shows the right proper GW way to paint up that your new Age of Sigmar Minis!
There are some pretty neat tricks and techniques going in in these.


Bloodreavers & Bloodstoker

Blood Warriors & Blood Secrator


Korghos Khu – Lord of Khorne

I have to say that GW is really doing a good job with these painting tutorial videos. Its a great introduction for beginners and hits technical skills such as drybrushing, decals and masking as they go through them.  BRAVO GW!

~Have at it.

  • AKOF

    Love these tutorials and really like these models. I’m going to be converting all this stuff to 40K for sure.

  • Talos2

    Being that there seems to be no balance, or even an attempt to, and stupid comedy rules for old models that will scare most new customers back out the door, I’m wondering if the balance and playability is simply and uniquely in the box. Will this become just a box game? I’m possibly thinking it might be worth a try as I like the models, but I can’t ever see me expanding my collection substantially as I don’t think the the game is there to support my long term interest or give you any reward for adding variety. Ultimately I guess they could have just given us new khorne berserkers and custodes and killed fantasy. If that is true, as fantasy is my favourite of the games, that will be the time I dump gw entirely as a concern to my wallet

    • Gunsheeplol

      Cool story bro.

      If you want to have a big cry about the game, there are plenty of other places you can go. This article is about the painting tutorials and your comment adds nothing of value to the discussion.

      • Talos2

        It was late, I posted on the wrong page, oops. At least no one was a dick about it

  • Christopher Davis

    Love his shirt from Warhammer World or bugmans tavern! But wait?! They only sell that stuff in the UK!

    And you wonder why their sales have been sliding consistently for the past couple years. Hmm…

    Maybe if they actually did events in the U.S.?

    • kaptinscuzgob

      yes, GW’s finances are failing because you cannot buy a t-shirt.

  • Seb

    Solid tutorials. More hobby content like this please.

  • Gary Findlay

    Duncan “suffering smile” Rhodes or perhaps its Duncan “Several thin layers are better than one thick layer” Rhodes. This man is a champion of painting catchphrases/memes and games workshop video drinking games, everytime he “gets a nice point” on his brush you take a shot of vodka.

  • Sammy Busby

    Before I started in this hobby I watched Duncan’s tutorial on how to paint Blood Angel Tac Marines (6 months ago) and he sold me on it. I bought all the paints he had listed at the beginning of the video and everything. I love his videos and hope to paint as good as him one day. I can see why they use him for these because he does make sure you use a lot of paint. LOL