GEEKERY: When Movie Effects Go Bad

scorpion king

For all of the mind blowing effects in movies there are multitudes of hilariously bad ones…

Be it a practical effect or CG these are… special. Some of them don’t deserve a lowly participation award.

Submarines don’t do this outside of James Bond movies… hopefully…

The explosion is totally awesome… uh-huh…

Speaking of dinosaurs, never let Ed Wood near them. (Note: contains censored cave lady chest.)

Troll 3 + Helicopter Crash =

These monsters are scary… in how horribly rendered they are.

What are some of the worst special effects you’ve seen?

  • Gotta love the Halo Shotgun-sound from the last clip.

  • Some these weren’t great but were okay for them time and only really suck now.


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    • davepak

      No, some of them were VERY bad for the time….

      • Well yeah, but not all of them is my point

  • Aezeal

    I didn’t think the Die another day things was that bad.

  • LordKrungharr

    I disagree that things suck because they don’t look 100% real.

  • petrow84

    Glad there was the Die another day inthe first, it was sooooo bad…

  • fabiobile

    Please don’t ever mention anything from The Asylum or SyFy from now on. Their poor special effects are usually done on purpose or for exploitive reasons.

  • davepak

    The really sad part about the star wars one – is it was a creative failure. There could have been a bazillion other ways to handle the shot (where han walked behind jabba). They could have used a tight shot of someone else’s face, a pic of the docking bay, a pick of chewie, a pick of boba etc. I am stunned no one in the room had a better idea.

    • Orblivion

      The better idea would have been to not reintroduce that scene. Not only did it deliver a terrible special effects performance in a series renowned for its special effects, but it also no longer fit the character of Jabba that had been established in Return of the Jedi.