GW: Next Week’s Products Prices & Tease – CONFIRMED


Come round gamers to feast your eyes’ on the latest headed your way from Nottingham.  Now you can start to get your wallet ready.

Here ‘s what is coming to a tabletop next week:

White Dwarf 85 cover:

Knights of the Tempest: The Knight-Heraldor and Knight-Vexillor join the fight against Chaos.



New Releases:

Knight-Heraldor $25 (exactly as reported from retailers on Monday)

Knight-Vexillor $30 (exactly as reported from retailers on Monday)

Grimdark fans, you get an audio drama originally released in June of 2014: Iron Devil by C L Werner $15



Tease Time!



Slaughter, Blood, Skulls and …Cogs?

So it’s a no-brainer that there will be a final week of Khorne releases for Age of Sigmar.  I would assume some corresponding kits to the Vexillor and Heraldor.  The reference to Cogs has folks scratching their heads as the teaser appears directly below an image of some Skitarii miniatures.

~ Your guess is as good as mine. Happy Sigmar shopping!

  • Byungwook Kim

    Just what I wanted. An AUDIO DRAMA. I bet it is as good as any 40k novel.

    • Syra

      well, it just is a 40k novel or short story… but read aloud with sound effects? They are pretty well produced generally too.

  • niz-mizzet

    my thoughts on the blood skulls and cogs things is actually chaos dwarves


      • Agent OfBolas

        wtf is Duradin ?

        • Syra

          Tolkeins name for dwarves? Which he pretty much invented in current form. Which are pretty much exactly what fantasy dwarves are??

        • Me

          I am pretty sure it was a typo for Duardin.

        • Duradin – new name for Dwarfs

    • I think it is the AoS Realm of Battle Board and some khorne stuff



      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        yes I think so too.

      • niz-mizzet

        seems pretty likely also

      • Lutharr

        its defo 2 more weeks of khorne stuff. 2 new characters and Skarbrand

  • TimW

    Sigmarines design now way overdone….

    • Still like the Standard Bearer and the winged ones

    • Muninwing


  • Donald Lindsey

    Maybe they have bought the molds and are going to re-brand the COGS from AT-43 as some kind of Skitari?

    • Merca84

      Are they that desperate ?

      • Muninwing

        the slipshod nature of AoS points to a certain degree of panic influencing decisions for the worse…

  • Thedinosaur

    wasnt this posted like a day ago and the cogs are on the tile design?

  • Brendan Ivie

    I own the Age of Sigmar game, I’m really enjoying painting and reading about it. It’s a great system.
    But pleasseeeeee. Make. it. stop.

    • BT

      You have to say ‘staph!’.

      • Muninwing

        like the infection?

        • Fungrim

          Best in the world!

        • Me

          I am for stahping staph. It is neither funny nor a meme.

  • Warhammer: Age of Neverending Release

    • Merca84

      They are litteraly vomiting new (ugly) kits

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        isn’t it crazy when a single plastic sprue of Sisters of Battle would revive an entire army, instead we get this drivel.

        • Muninwing

          i’d buy five. like, right now, or as soon as the money was on hand. i’d buy five immediately.

          i’d let my wife convert them to fit her slaanesh army, but still…

          five. and more later.

          i wonder… as much as i hate petitions… if someone started a kickstarter etc as a drive to create new Sisters models… a “we’ll give you the money in exchange for product later” kind of deal… i’d pitch in for five boxes, and how many do you think we’d sell?

          i know it’s not how things really work, but GW seems to not understand what would sell well, or why things sell poorly.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            every Sisters player I know has shelled out for Raging Heroes models. GW just seems to revel in letting their competition get a march on them. GW ignores what must appear to them to be ‘marginal gains’ but in so doing creates their own competition. Plastic SoB would have derailed Raging Heroes before they had even started. Likewise all those companies who sell Great Unclean One clones. If GW had anticipated the market and created prepainted versions of BFG and Epic then the could have defused FFG.

            Its like a monkey making random decisions could run their company better. I despair!

          • Syra

            Bring on the sisters of silence… FW know where it’s at.

          • Muninwing

            i debated the Raging Heroes… though i was going to use it for IG. i regret letting that one go.

            i’ve been thinking of picking up some Wyches and adding chaos backpacks for some units, make them properly slaaneshi.

            but wow, i’d even include some sisters as allies with some of my Imperium stuff, if they are decent-looking.

            dropped balls on GW’s part prove just how abysmal their upper management are. nobody worth having in that job would miss every opportunity or market option like they’ve done in the last near-decade.

            now imagine a GW that actually performed like a completitive company by:

            – bringing back Inquisitor in a revised manner that could have bridged between the RPGs and skirmish games.

            – BFG prepainted partially undermining FFG, EPIC could have added to that.

            – transition rules between Zone Mortalis and BFG making boarding actions part of the game, incorporated into campaign rules as necessary, and giving interesting variations that fit classical games

            – a book specifically for structuring campaigns — include the “planetary empires” rules, structures for map campaigns, tiered win-lose narrative campaigns, killteam campaigns and subgames, incorporation of other rules (like planetstrike and cities of death) into campaign phases, etc.

            – giving WHF the 40k treatment and bothering to catch up all armies with the edition… learning from past mistakes instead of cashgrab “play with more models” moves… balancing rules instead of seeing preeminent “win-button” armies take it every time with the same tricks… doing a reboot of the world instead of the vague silliness of AoS… using AoS as an intro game to a functional WHF 9th instead of a bad replacement for LotR crammed into the replacement slot for WHF…

            – daemonkin books for all chaos instead of the mediocre-to-terrible books we’ve seen for them since the 3.5 customizable codex… and new plastic models that aren’t terrible (here’s looking at you daemonette-bird-ladies) for all levels of daemons, with customization options etc.

            – optional rules to mitigate over-formationing… from a “build-points” kind of system that allows you to take a certain number of options but forces choice between important factors (psykers, superheavies, LoW, formations, detachments, etc)… to a system that gives each detachment/formation used an objective they must achieve or they lose a vp… to a modified allies matrix with more penalties…

            … and that’s just spitballing. and not my field. i’m betting all the time and effort they put into the chapterhouse lawsuit, channeled into new product development or into faq/balancing would have upped their sales enough to compensate.

        • Agent OfBolas

          But SoB were not selling good so GW doesn’t want to invest in their miniatures. Unfortunately the only thing GW care – is their income.

          Rhino alone generated more income for GW than whole Wood Elves relese, Space Marines alone generated more income than whole WFB… Black Library, Forge World and basically anything else combined…. so GW had an idea…

          “Let’s make Space Mehreens for WFB so we can sell them as Space Mehreens for 40K”

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            its not surprising they weren’t selling, they were made of lead, monopose models and incredibly expensive. Also poor rules.

            Your Space Marine idea sounds fine until you think that Space Marines don’t sell in isolation, they sell because they are part of a range, and part of an IP that depends on other factions for its diversity. The Dark Eldar release showed that with some good quality models and rules an ailing line that hardly sold at all could be revived and made into a big money spinner. GW just lack the imagination.

            You know how the British cycle team dominate the world of cycling? They have a department of marginal gains, whose job it is to think of and implement ways to improve on efficiency and speed, even if the theoretical gain is below 1/10th of a percent. Those little improvements add up. GW needs a similar department, producing and marketing niche products, new games, bases, gaming aids, reviving old factions etc etc. It would make a small profit, and any profit is better than none. It would also keep veterans happy, attract new players to the new games bringing people into the hobby, and most importantly it would leverage GW’s advantage of size and market position to reduce the growing numbers of firms competing with them and prevent new competitors setting up by not leaving any niches unfilled.

            A few years ago the wargaming hobby could well have been called the GW hobby, now it couldn’t by any means as GW rapidly become a small fish in the pond they largely created. This was totally avoidable, but GW is poorly managed.

          • davepak

            ^ This.

            The part they don’t get, is that a model does not exist in a vacuum (unless you are the franklin mint…or revell, etc>) – and if its a poor model line (limited poses, etc.) its even worse.

            A bean counter in GW might think the nids are “not popular” if they looked at the sales of the maleceptor. The kit was terrible, and the rules were absolutely terrible. It is bad business decisions like this that many companies make, and that is really holding GW back – with the right leadership, they could be a billion dollar company in time.

    • Agent OfBolas

      Warhammer: Age of Neverending Release or The Same Stuff.

      Sounds like hell for me ! 😀
      “and for eternity you are going to see the same release each month! Buehehehehehehe “

  • An_Enemy

    Has there ever been a period where GW was more boring?

    • Shandwen

      Yes. When they released stuff once a month.

      • At least it was something different each month. And more than 1 kit at a time…

      • benn grimm

        Boredom comes from overload, if you make people wait, you make them anticipate, you create tension, and suspense and when it finally comes out; you buy it (see the southpark episode where cartman waits for the wii, or the coverage leading up to GTA5 for a wonderful illustration of this)When they machine gun release people get jaded and even the most erstwhile ‘collectors’ run out of fun(ds).

        • Syra

          so true. The 40k fatigue was real, and now so is sigmar. They won’t win any fans boring each turn by turn…

    • benn grimm

      Not that I can think of…

  • pad_uk

    I used to like GW. Back in the days when they made a game called 40K….

    • Syra

      40k is dead, long live 30k.

  • Spacefrisian

    Get your wallets rea…oh that AoS, and so the wallet closes again.

  • I’m so confused. I thought Age of Sigmar was just a revamping of Warhammer. Why is every product they produce for it now just a new Stormcast Eternal unit?

    • georgelabour

      Because they’re the new faction and don’t have years upon years of releases already stocked up on store shelves. Nor do players already have decades worth of collections of them already.

      Really it’s like any other new faction release theyv’e done recently. Only slightly longer.

      • StingrayP226

        Slightly is an understatement here…

      • davepak

        I think you have a point here – but this is turning off a lot of the warhammer players I know. They could sprinkle in a new model or something for the old armies – to get those players more interested in the new game.

    • Agent OfBolas

      Because Fantasy Space Marines – GW thought it’s going to be great way to fix their budget…..yyyy … I mean … to fix our beloved game.

  • Talos2

    Ok I’m really bored of AoS being the release now, especially if it’s going to be the same model every week just holding a banner or a horn. Release them all, so we can move on already gw