40K: Assassins & More Tau Are Coming!


You heard that right! Those long promised plastic Assassins are heading for a tabletop near you.  Here’s the latest:


Ever since Execution Force came out last April, there has been talk of the 4 plastic Assassins making thier way to the tabletop in individual clampack form.  Here’s the latest doing the rounds on that:

via DakkaDakka’s Sad Panda 11-5-2015

The Friday/Saturday notwithstanding, that pre-order weekend (November 20th) is correct. 

No Tau models, but a mix of Imperial things, notably repackaged black-clad operatives hunting O’Shova.


And of course you can’t have assassins without a worthy target – like say… Commander Farsight!  A second Warzone book for Damocles is coming titled: Mont’ka – looking like it’s focussed on the Imperium’s hunt for Commander Farsight.


via K’Vor on Advanced Tau Tactica 11-5-2015

Mont’ka will be out Nov 20th, and that FSE 7E is on schedule for Q1 2016.

Data Cards for Farsight are also due out.

via DakkaDakka’s Sad Panda 11-5-2015

The Friday/Saturday notwithstanding, that pre-order weekend (November 20th) is correct. 

No Tau models, but a mix of Imperial things, notably repackaged black-clad operatives hunting O’Shova.

Eidtor’s note: Imperial forces discussed are are: Assassins, Astartes, Astra Militarum

via DakkaDakka’s Gamgee 11-5-2015

K’vor’s source had nothing to say other than Q1 and that FSE (Farsight Envclave) was coming.

CallidusAssassin360 farsight-010


So we will get the Heresy Game, then MORE Tau, and the Assassins, before plunging into December.

~ Horus Heresy is only the beginning!


  • Crevab

    I wonder what other Imperial things. Another marine boxed set?

  • JBS

    When Sad Panda speaks, people should listen. To the best of my knowledge the guy has a 100% track record for accuracy.

    • Jonathan B.

      Of course they quoted him twice (the same quote), so it makes it double accurate.

  • ShasOFish

    Hmm, named Character, with a name on one of the supplements, a novella, and resin bits with his name in the title. Plot armor might be a bit thick for Assassins #239279347892734 to #239279347892738 to get through.

    • PrimoFederalist

      Indeed, after reading the Kauyon book (aka ~200 pages of Tau ambushing and slaughtering Space Marines), my immediate reaction to this news was “how many assassins are the Tau going to kill and won’t that hurt the prestige of the Officio Assassinorum?”

      • Spacefrisian

        The sniper dude lost all credibility when Ragnar headbutted his bullet, it also demonstrated why spacemarines do not need helmets. (something many dont seem to have figured out by now)

        • Me

          Ragnar “headbutted” a bullet??

          • euansmith

            Only because his mouth was full of all one ones he’s caught in his teeth and he didn’t want to swallow them and spoil his appetite.

          • Me

            LOL! Not that they are “tougher” or anything, but this is just something I picture the Greenskins doing more than anybody else. It just seems so cartoonish. Back in second edition, the Orks were one of my favorite opponents, just for that reason.

          • Spacefrisian

            Dont worry, the same book series sees Ragnar racing against some greenskins.

          • Spacefrisian

            Its in one of those Space wolf novels, not sure which one cause i have the omnibus version. He was with them 20 Spacewolf that are on Terra doing guard duty for some psykers.

    • Keaton

      You never know. Maybe he’ll get the black knight treatment that the king of the ultrasmurfs got when he met a swarmlord. Just because he can’t die doesn’t mean he can’t get messed up.

  • PrimoFederalist

    I’ll have to reread it, but for some reason I thought the hint at the end of Kauyon was that Farsight was going to move on the Tau Empire (i.e. stage a coup), not continue pushing into Imperial space. My version would be much more interesting 🙂 I’ll have to check on that blurb…

    • David Leimbach

      They’re already a speck in the big scheme of the 40k universe. It would be a shame to have civil war… it would make 0 chance of Tau survival.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        0-chance, is that one of their commanders?

        • euansmith


          • TumbleWeed

            *Ahem* “Shas’O T’au Xero Chansui Aruuuuuu…

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I miss characters with silly names. I try to keep the tradition going. My Nurgle Lord is called Haroldite the Poxy. My Slaanesh commander is Lord Bicurious, and my Iron Hands Master of the Forge is called Lynux u-Buntu.

          • euansmith

            Excellent… and each one better than Lion El Johnson.

            My Ion Pyrites Privateer Space Marine Chapter contained a rogue Mechanicus, with a penchant for making Dreadnoughts, he was called the Dread’ Pyrite Robots.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation


    • Spacefrisian

      yeah he is going to attempt to drop an asteroid filled with nukes on T’au in what will be called “Farsights counterattack”. He will be stopped by Shadowsun in her new Nu Crisis stealth suit. After that the Tau gain an increase psychic powers and unlock warp travel.

  • Fenriryan

    Did anyone else, for the most split of seconds, think Deathwatch when they read No Tau models, but a mix of Imperial things, notably repackaged black-clad operatives hunting O’Shova.

    • D. B.

      While I’d love the idea, I tend towards believing it’s the Assassins.

      • Chris. K Cook

        Why not both?

  • Pointed Stick

    Oooooh, new farsight book is exciting

  • Ragnulf

    Please let there be a Shrike update to reflect Kauyon.

  • georgelabour

    Considering all the little hints and foreshadowings we saw in Kauyon I’d say it’s a good bet we’re going to see a bit of the following in the next book.

    1) The Imperium wrecks the Tau Empire’s face with a massed Mechanicus, Guard offensive and an exterminatus or two.

    2) Shrike continues to do that new thing with the raven guard and we get the typical space marine infighting amongst the chapter.

    3) Farsight comes to rescue the Tau empire possibly with an unexpected ally. He then either starts a civil war or gets ‘promoted’ to ethereal status.

    4) We find out who took out that Tau scout ship. My bet is Necrons.

    • Chris. K Cook

      “gets ‘promoted’ to ethereal status.”

      That can’t happen. He can be forgiven, for the Greater Good though

      But we already had the Redeemed Outcast arriving as the Cavalry to save the day trope with Prince Y’riel. Something knew please!

      • georgelabour

        OOo how about we find out there’s a secret ‘evil’ ethereal cast that’s had a clone army of farsight’s made that the others never knew about.

        They then wage war against the massed ranks of the Imperium as the ethereal numbers get whittled down.

        Then..the evil ethereal activates a special code causing the clone fire caste to gun down the ethereal thus allowing him, and his angsty emo apprentice, to take over the empire.

        They then build a super huge kroot warsphere armed with a planet shattering ion cannon.

        Original enough?

  • Barnabus

    I was able to avoid jumping into Tau through sheer willpower and the welcome distraction of the upcoming Skit/Cybernetica bundles. A big suit bundle around Farsight may yet break me.