40K Tactica: – The Slingshot


Want to increase the threat range of your independent characters? This tactic will show you how!


I though, for today’s instalment i thought i would mix it up a bit, i have been discussing specific units and their role on the battlefield alot as well as covering formations and how to get the most out of them but today i wanted to share a more general tactic that can be used by any faction and is particularly usefull to khorne daemonkin… I call it the slingshot.

Now this tactic is quite difficult to describe so i have put together a Youtube video demonstrating how it works, you can find it here:

This video shows ONE of the MILLIONS of ways that this tactic can be used to increase the threat range of your independent characters.

For those who cant watch the video the basic principle is this:

Say you have a Chaos Lord in Termie armour, he is 20″ from a Leman Russ Demolisher. Since his maximum threat range is 18″ (6″move 12″charge) there is no way he can engage that vehicle on his own BUT if we have a fast or better positioned unit that can, we may be able to “slingshot” the Lord into combat.

  • For example you have a unit of Flesh Hounds off to the side.
  • The Lord moves forward his 6″ then the Hounds move so they conga line between the Lord and the vehicle, getting as close to the vehicle as possible while maintaining coherency with the Lord.
  • Now the Lord can declare he is joining the Hounds as one unit.
  • Now that the Lord is part of the Hound unit he can declare a charge!
  • Say you roll an average 7″ you can now move all your Hounds AND the Lord an extra 7″ then when you add the pile in move of 3″ your Lord will be within 2″ of a model in base contact and can therefore engage in combat and chainfist the vehicle!


This is just one example, there are literally millions of applications of this tactic. Use a little imagination and this can be an excellent tool to have in the toolbox 🙂

This tactic is by no means “new” and you may have seen variations on various blogs/forums but i thought it is definitely worth sharing here because it is very effective, particularly for Khorne Daemonkin

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  • LordKrungharr

    I think that might be good for Space Marine bikers and someone like Lysander or an Emperors Champion too. At least Space Wolves get the thunder wolf mounts though😀

  • That is a frightening tactic. I’m surprised it’s taken this long into 7th edition for it to be pointed out.

    • yoash barak

      Its a well-known and damn old tactics, not something that came up in 7th.
      It worked in 6th, I’m pretty sure it worked in 5th and 4th too.

      • ReveredChaplainDrake

        Yeah, I figured that out with the Emperor’s Champion back in 4th. Different mechanic (instead of consolidating up, I Challenged through), but same general effect. Even called it “The Emperor’s Slingshot”.

  • ColonelFazackerley

    Similarly a biker IC can join to the front of a unit of assault terminators in the movement phase and increase the range by around 4″.

  • caldera02

    Credit from original source: Slingshot Engage by Ben Mohlie.

  • Victor Hartmann

    You do have to watch for a few people being kind of “lose” with their distances and order of movement.

  • Bob

    The rules state that the IC and the unit it joins can perform no other actions that turn. This is an illegal charge, and would probably get you wiped during the ensuing players turn!

    • Bent Nürnberg

      ehm… p166? “Note that, after an IC joins a unit, that unit can move no further that Movement phase.”?

  • I’ve used a variation of this idea in regards to orders and moral with IG. If I REALLY need that order to go off, I’ll look for a commissar or a priest to jump units. I use this a lot, as the stubborn and fearless are so critical for them if used well.

    Point being a lot of new players forget you can have ICs join and leave throughout the game. One of the many things I wish I’d known well enough to utilize earlier

  • babelfisk

    I remember seeing this in 5th and 6th, as well as it being used locally in 7th. It is a well known trick, but worth reminding people of.

    You may want to double check your move order. I don’t have books to hand, but from memory, IC’s joining units is keyed off of the IC moving into coherency with the unit. I remember that being a limiting factor in 6th. I’m not sure if it still applies in 7th or if it is one of the things that got simplified out.

    If I’m right, in your example, you would have to move the Hounds, then move the Lord into coherency. Moving the Hounds second would prevent the Lord from being able to join.