Age of Sigmar Battle Report – Man the Gates


Aelfs mount an assault on the Chaos Malefic Gate in this battleplan “Man the Gates” from the Dreadhold Battletome.

Can the Aelfs close the gate and seize the source of the magical energy fuelling the Chaos invasion? Join us and find out.


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Do you think we will see more Fortifications from GW for the other alliances?

  • Beautiful terrain, models and mat guys. Lovely battle report. That being said it seemed like that game was over before it even began due to the lopsided nature of the forces. Do you guys use any system for trying to balance that or no?

    • Paramitas

      Yeah I’m a Patreon supporter of theirs and a huge fan of what they’re doing, but I’ve been raising this issue constantly, because almost every game has had lopsided forces. I’ve been recommending AoS SDK, Clash Comp, or Azyr Comp, with AoS SDK as the simplest in my opinion.

      • Was just weird seeing so many uber heroes vs. 1 vermin lord essentially. Even with lucky dice taking out Teclic it still wasn’t even a challenge. If these guys found a way to semi balance the forces they’d rocket the quality of their battle reports up.

  • Aaditya Rangan

    Good lord this is awesome!
    Beautiful armies, well narrated, lots of great moments!
    Keep up the great work!
    – Adi.


    I wish these guys would try Azyr comp. Having said that, love these guys and their reports. Lovely job on the fort – painting that would make me worried!

  • Agent OfBolas

    how can you create report from a game without any balance system? O_O