Fenris Bombarded! – New Dark Angels Art


You’ve read all about The Rock, but you’ve never seen it like this!  Come see the fury the Dark Angels have unleashed on the Space Wolves homeworld.


Do Not Proceed if You Want to Avoid Curse of the Wulfen Spoilers!




Images via Captain Citadel 2-10-2016


On Titan, the Grey Knights scry the portents of Tzeentch. 


What looks like the entire Dark Angels fleet emerges! Move over Craftworlds , welcome to The Rock!


Fenris under heavy orbital bombardment. Is that just me, or does it look like the northern pole is exploding!?

Also, we now know Curse of the Wulfen ends with a massive cliffhanger.  We will have to wait for a future campaign book to discover if the Space Wolves will also lose their homeworld at the hands of their misguided brothers.  There’s a sense of Tzeentchian justice there if you think about it…

Curse of the Wulfen New Rules Roundup

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  • Well. That was unexpected.

    • euansmith


      • Prior to this if anybody ever said “Oh by the way Grey Knights are going to bomb the planet of Fenris” I would have told them to quit the crack. Exciting times ahead!

        • Mike M

          DA’s had that pleasure. GK’s just tagged along.

          • georgelabour

            They were there first. They just got distracted by a nova cannon to the face.

  • WellSpokenMan

    Sorry Space Wolves, but it was they only way to be sure.

    • Bradley Macduff

      i have a feeling that the dark angels have some agents of chaos whispering in there ear

      • WellSpokenMan

        Agents of something. Nobody know for sure what the Watchers in the Dark are or what their agenda is.

      • D. B.

        The Changeling, to be precise (second image): https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/466

      • Tesq

        bel’akor is working for you!

  • Arthfael

    Interesting… I feel both dread and elation. Moving the plot forward a bit is ok, just don’t go too far…

    • Barimbino

      Aaaaannnnnd it’s gone…

    • vlad78

      My only concern is that the writing is good.

      • ZeeLobby

        Well, if they go the AoS route, it won’t be :/

    • zemlod

      That’s how it started on the Fantasy side too… Next thing they’ll be killing named characters left and right, including the Emperor, end all storylines (“The Time of Ending”) get rid of the points system and have everyone rebase their minis on square bases!

      • Bayne MacGregor

        Or hex bases, someone may have found the hex bases on D&D miniatures in an old Citadel archive and went.. hey now we can have complex facing and fire arc rules…

  • Badtucker

    that may not be Fenris – it may well be one of the other fenris system planets. although it might be fenris.

    • Chaosrex

      The leaked bit says its fenris

    • Robbie MacNiven

      It’s not Fenris.

  • Mr_Pickles

    So, if Fenris is the primary recruiting world for the Space Wolves, this would effectively kill them as a chapter, and they would have to convert another world into a primary home/recruitment world to continue.

    • georgelabour

      From the information we have from Battle of The fang losing Fenris would render them effectively extinct. For some reason the Geneseed of Russ does not mesh well with non-Fenrisians which is why the Wolf Brothers did not work out.

      Unless of course the Wulfen give them some other means of propagation or directing the flaws in their geneseed….

      • WH100M

        Since then would a new fluff can’t break what’s already existing ?

        • georgelabour

          Since some guy on the internet said so.


          • WH100M

            Oh right and since when does GW actually listens to anyone ?
            SO ?


      • Scissorheart

        So Leman Russ is going to come back, which is convenient seeing as he is about to receive a new model from forge world. 🙂

        • Mr_Pickles

          Leman Russ comes back and with his coming, wakes the Lion.

          • Scissorheart

            Everyone wakes up – and as a result they are really grumpy.

          • Havik110

            And punches him in the face

          • AWarhammerPlayer

            Leman Russ coming back in 40k would be awesome but so many other marine players would get salty as f”k.

          • Well…Anghron would definately like a good scrap with him for sure, or any of the other demon primarchs 😀

          • Scissorheart

            Magnus would probably want to have a go

          • Mathew G. Smith

            Ragnar would just stab him in the eye again.

        • georgelabour

          If the omnissiah wills it, and Bob from accounting can be kept at bay long enough.

  • georgelabour

    I can envision one of 3 possibilities.

    1) The Dark Angels bombardment is stopped by the Fang’s defenses, and the other factions entering the system intervene on the Wolve’s behalf. A civil war of sorts ensues as the various factions side with either the angels or the good guys.

    2) Fenris gets exploderated Mr.Torque style. The Wolve’s become a renegade chapter and vanish into the warp to live like true werewolf space vikings.

    3) The orbital bombardment was not ordered by Azrael and is in fact the work of Alpharius/The Changeling/Magnus/Bob from accounting. Sadly it still causes a civil war but in the end everyone hugs, drinks meads, makes up, and wakes up in the same bed wondering what happened last night.

    • WH100M

      Lion El’Johnson has finaly decided to take on his beef with Grimnar now he came back from the Eye of Terror

      • WH100M

        Don’t tell me you didn’t know about someone held secret in the depths of th Rock…

        I’m sure he’s become one of the Fallen. Maybe allied with Tzeentch.

        • Hannoveraner

          Luther? Isnt he redeemed?

          • Nocturus

            Luther is insane, and Lion is at the bottom of the rock. Both have been confirmed I seem to remember.

          • WH100M

            Oh my, you’re right pointing out my fuzzy references 😀
            I was referring to the part of the fluff that aludes the fact that Lion’s sleeping body is sleeping somewhere underneath the Roc.
            As I read tham from the “Angels of Death” Codex… 20 years have rendered that a bit foggy.

      • Hannoveraner

        He surley has no beef with Grimnar.

        • WH100M

          RIght, I was thinking of SW’s Primarch Leman Russ… Sorry for that…

          Russ is supposed to have disappeared in the Eye of Terror, so he might have been back with the Wulfens. 😀

    • Mr_Pickles

      another could be, Space Wolves are wiped out / retreating like Eldar are, and the Dark Angels make a triumphant speech about them killing “evil” this message gets mis-translated and the Dark Angels are attacked after this for betraying the imperium, with everyone thinking the Dark Angels have gone rogue.

      I could see this being a good way to destroy two first founding chapters/Loyalist Legions by Tzeentch and/or Thousand Sons.

      • georgelabour

        Except then how would GW sell us more wulfen models?

        • Erik Setzer

          They make new models that you have to buy, because your old armies are now obsolete.

          See: Original Wulfen, Squats, several units for various 40K armies, the entire Ork 2nd edition line, Genestealer Cults, and multiple armies and units in WFB.

          Not saying it would happen, just saying it hasn’t stopped them before…

          • georgelabour

            I’m not seeing anything in the rule book that says I can’t use older models.

            The old 13th company line is still viable although the wulfen may require rebasing if you’re into that sort of stuff.

            I still have some original mega armor nobz that see the able, along with a couple of autocannon toting orks who serve as big shoota in a boyz mob.

            And of course my original metal Karl Franz on griffon and vermin lords saw some use back when I played WHFB.

    • Jonathan B.

      Mr. Roper, you left your wallet in Jack’s bed again.

    • Brad Watson

      Curse you Bob from accounting!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Erik Setzer

      All I can think of now is a trailer with Lion El’Johnson and a bunch of other people on one side squaring up against Leman Russ and company on the other side and a title flashing on the screen:

      Marv- er… Games Workshop presents… Warhammer 40,000: Civil War.

      • georgelabour

        They could get Dan Abnett to write it, and even work in a Guardians of the Galaxy tie in at the same time!

  • GooeySnail

    I hope fenris becomes a floating g station like the rock. Then this continues until each chapter of space marines has a floating station. Then they all fly away with the the last station (Terra with the golden throne, the emperor being the Navigator through the warp) to a completely new galaxy!!!!!

    This is all happening while Chaos takes over the current galaxy. In the future, there will be travel between the two galaxies (kind of like the webway). Call it Age of Exploration.

    Boom, heard it here first!

    • GooeySnail

      This or each Space station becomes a “realm” like AOS once the galaxy is completely swallowed by the eye of terror. Safe bastions shielded and held up through the emperors psychic abilities.

    • Scissorheart

      Or, they all become rocks but when they join together they make a super duper robot thing, a bit like Macron 1 for those old enough to remember it.

      • Nocturus

        Does the emperor form the head?

    • Thomas Gardiner

      Man, they might actually do that.

      Holy god, they might actually do that.

      • GooeySnail

        Or the eye of terror expands the whole galaxy. The floating stationse then become the realms for 40k much like in age of sigmar. Each one protected and shielded by the emperors psychic will. This would be called Age of Chaos.

        This makes even more sense with the new restructuring of GW.
        Think about it- having one good guy wins universe (aos) and one grim dark bad guys win (age of chaos). This covers a larger demographic and allows the targeting of young and mid 20s early 30s groups.

        Young players pushed toward aos. Less of slannesh (nudity), no guns, less real, less violence, etc. These players would then be targeted as they grow older to switch to age of chaos. AOC having slannesh full out (nudity), gun violence, modern war, genocide, etc.

        The second system has to feel similar but still new to the aging customer. The Age of Chaos is coming……

        • WellSpokenMan

          This turns into a massive civil war as the remaining loyalists marines side with one side or the other. Sensing weakness, Abbadon attacks, more Necrons wake up, and more Hive Fleets arrive. The Imperium turns to the Eldar, Tau, and maybe even Orks for help. Every faction takes heavy losses and after the dust settles, 40k is reborn as super sized skirmish game fewer, shorter turns, and an average game time of two hours or less.

          • GooeySnail

            I disagree with the imperium turning to xenos. There will have to be faction books like aos.

            Imperium-astartes,Astra millatarum,etc
            Chaos-marines, demons,
            Xenos-tau,eldar(which will see a rename), maybe neurons
            Orks,tyranids, and maybe neurons in some form of “destruction” faction. Maybe hordes or space scourge but definetly something to indicate that they are not colonizing and only looking to destroy.

          • WellSpokenMan

            I only mean for the end times scenario. I was only suggesting how all the factions could get pulled into the fight. Afterwards, the old hatreds re-emerge. Just take the AoS factions and 40kify them to guess how it all shakes out.

        • Thomas Gardiner

          If that does happen then I am absolutely selling up and calling it quits.

    • georgelabour

      But which heavy metal band would cover such an epic departure?

      • GooeySnail

        “Like a stone” by audioslave

      • euansmith

        Hawkwind… its got to be Hawkwind.

  • Sputnikwriter

    For the Lion! Burn the Furries!

  • euansmith

    Yo, D.J., drop them Exterminatus beats!

    • benn grimm

      Boom tiss a boom tiss boom! Skirt wearing nancies in the house yo! 😉

      • Mike M

        Ignore the yelping of the furries burning to death.

  • Shawn

    I’m convinced that the current Dark Angles are the real Heretics, and it was Lion’El Johnson who contemplated siding with Horus. Cypher, and everyone on Caliban knew and were bombarded for “treachery” and as a cruel joke Tzeench (I don’t think any of the other Chaos gods have the foresight to do something like this) decides to save the loyalists and fling them into the warp to torment the Dark Angels for eternity.

    • Liam

      This exact alternate version of events was put forward in an old Black Library book, I believe Angel of Darkness. I hear it’s been contradicted in some of the Horus Heresy books, but having not read them myself I can’t confirm. GW sources have stated on occasion that Angel of Darkness isn’t canon or, at least, just represents a Fallen Angel’s manipulations.

      Either way, my Fallen Angels army is intrigued by this direction 😛

      • euansmith

        Merir Astelan, “So, wait, what, are we the good guys or the bad guys?”

      • Daniel Sundblad

        To be fair, that is interwebs chinese whispers between people whos has not read the book tehmselves, and/or people who has but don’t get the litterary device of teh unreliable narrator… It is a fallen telling that story, he is, well, lying…

        The Dark Angels gets up to a lot of shady things, but the guys on Claiban being the actual loyalists and the post-heresy formed chapter and sucessors being the traitors is not one of them…

    • Scott B. Smith

      The High Elves/Dark Elves provide a good example that GW will, in fact, pull such shenanigans.

  • benn grimm

    Those Dark Skirt Wearing Nancies just bit off more than they can chew me thinks. It’s one thing harassing your own brothers across the galaxy, quite another to risk the wrath of the wolves who aren’t wolves…)

    • WellSpokenMan

      I’m curious as to what the reasoning behind this is going to be. If there is one thing the Dark Angels don’t want is a lot of attention. To do this they must have had a hell of a reason.

      • Daniel Sundblad

        Hairy mutants emerging in the wake of the 13 Black Crusade? Proof that the Space Wolves are the degenerates that has been suspected since the beginning, the reason the high lords of Terra hasn’t made use of SW geneseed in founding new chapters. Stuff like that.

      • benn grimm

        Indeed, not exactly known for their co-operation with the Inquisition. Maybe its the watchers in the dark, sticking their inter-dimensional oar in?

  • Melchior

    The irony of the Space Wolves having their home world smashed to smithereens by another legion is just delicious

  • Deacon Ix

    MAD hopefully 🙂

  • BlickWinkel

    Suffer not the yiff to live

  • ChubToad

    Damn, now I have to have the campaign book…

  • Hadrian

    Hopefully that is not Fenris itself, but instead Midgardia or Frostheim. Destroying Fenris essentially ends the unique culture the Wolves have adopted, might end the chapter as a whole, and would show an incredible lack of foresight on GW’s part.

    Then again The End Times showed that no cow is sacred.

    • D. B.

      Couldn’t be Midgardia. This planet looks rocky and frosty. Midgardia is essentially Catachan in pink.

      Another possibility is that Fenris is a goner, and the Wolves re-settle on Frostheim, which has a human population similar to that on Fenris.

  • Krizzab

    looks like someone awaken from a 10.000 years nap.

  • Daniel Sundblad

    Though I think people might put a bit too much into the bombing thing… It’s not like the Fang hasn’t taken a shelling and kept on yelling before, Bucharis, Thousand Sons (with or without Magnus leading them) a couple of times, probably more instances tucked away in the timeline sections of the various editions of the Codex (don’t have one at hand).

    • Hadrian

      The problem is that the picture shows the planet itself cracking open. That sort of devastation will kill all life on the surface.

      • Daniel Sundblad

        Well… It also may not… You are taking the “Is that just me, or does it look like the northern pole is exploding!?” at face value… The picture is not neccecarily showing the curvature of the planet, if you look at it closer, that mountain and mushroom cloud would have been log outside the atmosphere if it did. It is just a plain, with what is a big mountain miltary installation at the horizon, ships in low orbit in the foreground.

        Also, planet cracking open is called “tuesday” on Fenris.

  • JP

    Wait, so what beef do those paranoid introverts have with the shag carpets?

  • Mathew G. Smith

    Ok I’m calling it: Johnson crawls out of his coma in The Rock and Russ comes back to have it put with him in book 2. The Wolf Times are upon us, my friends.

  • OolonColluphid

    Nothing sort of an act of Mary Sue Ex machina can save the Space Wolves now.

  • disqus_dcbZY0MiwM

    I’m a little worried because this seems similar to the End Times stuff, and we all know what that lead to…

    • D. B.

      I think this is a classical “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”-scenario…

  • Andrew Thomas

    And Vulkan gets the news and says, “I told him he should’ve let me put those Void Relays in.”

  • Coltcabunny

    What a dumb perspective shot that last image is. Unless those Dark Talons (or whatever they’re called) are thousands (or more) of miles in the foreground of that Battle Barge then they really should not be that big.

    A Thunderhawk is like a small insect next to a Battle Barge. A 1 man fighter jet wouldn’t even register in scale.

    • georgelabour

      You’ve obviously not experienced a lot of space based fight scenes in anything sci-fi ever. -.-

  • aka_mythos

    I think it’d be great if the next chapter of the story is the Dark Angels’ secret of the Fallen gets out.

  • Dr.Strangelove

    Take that dogs. Tzeentch will not be denied!

  • Adam Fasoldt

    Or Fenris is moving on towards Summer. Things get a bit dicey that time of year.

    • euansmith

      “Summer is coming…”

  • moonshadow101

    Meanwhile, Ahriman and Magnus the Red are laughing like madmen.

  • usGrant7977

    Sanguinius could come back to life. If people are coming back from the dead how about the bird under glass?

  • PTFO Inspector
  • mike

    That spoiler picture bothers me. 300 die. The king and his 300 honour guard go for a walk to the beach.

  • Fexxo

    Man I neeeeed to know what happens after this! This kind of stuff is like crack to me.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Finally Magnus gets justice. Space Wolves are the Biff Tannen’s of 40k.

  • Robbie MacNiven

    That isn’t Fenris. I’ve written the sequel book, it’ll be getting released chapter by chapter and then as a full novel later in the year. Keep your eyes peeled.