GW Rumors: Dark Future Being Worked On


You heard that right folks. If you love cars, gas, guns and Mad Max, get in here!


via a source who spoke to BoLS on condition of anonymity:

We have been hearing for months now about the rejuvenation of GW creative efforts with the rebirth of Specialist Games.

So far we heard word of the following being worked on or considered:

  • Battlefleet Gothic
  • Necromunda
  • EPIC
  • Mordheim

And today we can add – Dark Future.

dark-future-artworkFor those who don’t remember 1988’s Dark Future was GW’s motorhead Max-Max inspired tabletop minis game.  A lot more fun and less math intensive than Car Wars, Dark Future had a lot of cars, motorcyclists and gang members on foot blasting each other off the never-ending roads of the grim dusty post-apocalyptic future.  Here is the basic rundown of the game from Wikipedia:

“Dark Future is a 1988 alternate history and post-apocalyptic science-fantasy miniature wargame by Games Workshop. It is set in the then-future year of 1995 (later updating the setting to 2021), in a post-apocalyptic fantasy-inspired alternate reality where the United States of America—as well as the rest of the world—has fallen apart. Society has collapsed (almost back to the times of both the Dark Ages and the Wild West—where there’s no law and no order), and the natural laws of physics have broken down. Megacorps are now in total control, technology runs rampant, and Sanctioned Ops patrol the roads and highways tracking down and destroying the renegade scum who live there, outside of the law and doing what they please.”

Word has reached us of some very intriguing developments in Specialist Games.


There is talk of Dark Future making a comeback (I’m sure the massive success of Fury Road had nothing to do with it). Early work is already being done, so it’s only a matter time till GW will have some cars and vehicles for you to paint up and blast off the tabletop.

It is said to be returning in 28mm Scale!

The biggest hint however is the setting.  Dark Future always had a certain blandness to it’s background (I mean – COME ON, it was set in a fictional 1995), and was one of the last standalone games that was not tied into the big GW universes.  We have heard that when Dark Future makes it’s return in one form or another, this previous oversight will be corrected.

I’ll leave you all to figure out exactly where you would best insert this type of game into GW’s universes…

Here are some images to take you back to 1988 and set the mood!

dark-future-cover Dark Future-Battlecarsbox dark-future-gameplay dark-future-minis white-dwarf-124-cover

Hmmm, now if you could modify that front dude’s head tattoo just a tad…


  • vlad78

    Resurrecting all those games is quite nice (dark future leaves me cold btw)… but can GW still create great new things or are we stuck between the past glories and dumb new products ala AOS?

    • Dennis Finan Jr

      aos is a blast.

      • elShoggotho

        AoS is the worst thing GW has ever done. Axing one of their main games and replacing it with such a humungous turd? Worst idea ever.

        • wibbling

          Why do you think that? Age of Sigmar has boosted the sale of models from a line that was in terminal decline.

          • Henry Faulkner

            there are just too many better written games out there in the fantasy skirmish genre. i don’t hate AoS, i had nothing invested in fantasy, no interest in it at all. i have an interest in different gaming rule sets though, and AoS is just not very interesting. it has nothing special or different about it. it’s boring.

          • Master Avoghai

            I would be curious to see your sources as the last GW board recognized that AoS didn’t give the results expected.

            Moreover, we actually don’t know if AoS has boosted the sales because people are buying models to play 9th age or KoW or if it’s because they really play AoS.

            The problem of the free rule book is that they don’t allow any projection on who really plays the game…

            Finally, GW was reponsible of this decline by introducing a gameplay (40+units) that didn’t fit their product (highly detailled and pricey models).

            If they had kept a game with units of 16-20 like v6 and not introduced crazy things like random charge, I’m not sure the gale would have known such decline…

          • Erik Setzer

            “Moreover, we actually don’t know if AoS has boosted the sales because people are buying models to play 9th age or KoW or if it’s because they really play AoS.”

            Though, to be fair, from their recent claims, they probably don’t care why people are buying the miniatures, so long as they’re buying the miniatures. All this talk of being a “miniatures producer,” they should be happy with any sales, even if someone’s buying an Orc army to play KoW.

          • Master Avoghai

            Sure… But it’s a short time view.
            If more and more people use KoW rules you’ll progressively see those customer slipping to KoW minis and therefore continue to lose sales without identifying a cause and with a very late reaction once identified.

            It’s always good to know why you sell your products and to which type of customers…. But we’re talking about GW eh, who consider market studies as “otiose” 😉

            I consider that the unit rules should be free and available in the boxset BUT the rulebook should never be free as it is a good indicator of who really play the game.
            As for the fluff part of the codex… Then give to black library.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            not necessarily. All their competitors give free rules. Also, KoW models suck so bad, so until mantic makes better models (which will eventually cost more) we will have come full circle. I play KoW but I use my GW models because they do look so much better!

          • Master Avoghai

            Note that my remark on free rules is not specific for GW… I tjink that Mantic should have made a non-free rule book too.

            On Mantic model design : but whzt if they release a good looking unit that you can integrate into your citadel armies?

            What if they are as affordable (or more affordable) as GW unit that necessitate high conversion to be playable as such?

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Then I would use them, plain and simple. Sadly they do not have anything that has of yet interested me. Also they do sell non free rule books as well. As well as many of GW’s competitors for those who would rather have a physical. GW also does this with their AoS game…

          • Alhazred TheMad

            Some of Mantics stuff is good. I love the dreadball selection, they make for interesting opponents in my Deathwatch RPG. Warpaths line leaves a lot to be desired though.

          • Me

            I am kind of the opposite. I think ALL of the rules should be free (with no art or fluff). Then sell printed books for collectors (I would buy them) and interactive eBooks for ease of use (I would buy these too) – both with art and fluff added. Then just maintain the rules by updating them in the repositories, adding addendum documents for the printed books, and updating the eBooks.

            The collectors and eBooks would likely sell even better than they do now because the free rules would bring more people in and get them interested. I certainly do not think the collector’s stuff would suffer. Those usually sell out in nothing flat, even with the lower cost version being made available at the same time.

            Back to what you were saying, it certainly would make things easier to track. However, it also would reduce the number of people playing by increasing the price of entry.

            Of course, all of this is just my opinion…

          • Chris. K Cook

            The Fluff needs to be in the codex, you need to know waht and who your Guys ARE as well as what they do. Its a Simulation not Chess.

            Spoken like a true WAAC guy there.

          • Master Avoghai

            YOU need… As well as I do too…

            And I’d bought the BL fluff books without hesitation. So this wouldn’t change our habit at all.

            BUT everybody doesn’t buy GW minis for the same reason as we do. Some do that simply for painting, other simply for playing whithout necessarly be a WAAC btw…

            The fluff on the top of an entry is enough for a noob to know what are those guys. He already has to learn how to play, how to paint etc… He’lll have the time to enter in depth with the details of his army later.
            A codex is a financial gap for starting a new army. Instead of a the admech and the skitarii codex I could get a start collecting skitarii boxset.

            Moreover, havin a well written fluff book written by good authors could make people that only come for a good read willing to play.

            Finally, this could bring more turn over in the rules for the armies as GW could keep a fluff book while changing a profile or an option for any entry without having to write again and again the same fluff… I play DA for 17 years now and the new codex bring nothing in term of fluff… So why writing a new one each time?

          • Dennis Finan Jr

            they are all in decline tho

          • Marky

            I thought the end times did quite well.. maybe whfb wasn’t doing that well because they were pushing 40k hard and ignoring whfb?

          • Erik Setzer

            End Times sold out like crazy on preorders. It was madness. WFB players were hungry for attention and didn’t get it until their game was being axed. It’s kind of sad to think about.

          • Muninwing

            ET should have been one year per book. with planned events. given the ability for an average player to field a new-style force from the new rules.

            it could have been a weekly update in whatever rag of a magazine they have now, batreps and status updates on the smaller events. it would have been a great farewell, and would have boosted interest.

            they rushed it. they cut short their own revenue streams instead of having a comprehensive and well-constructed plan.

            and yes… after 8th turned out to be rather terrible, and the expansions for 8th compounded the problems, the loyal fans were hoping for some not-stupid rules to play with. ET gave them some of that. but really, that just means that WHF 9th would have netted them all in if ET was handled well, and the majority of the (feeble) reasons that GW gave for killing WHF in favor of AoS (some of which they have already broken themselves) would have been fixed instead of used as excuses.

            how many players do you know that have more than 10,000 points of a force? how many of them, if given a new option or an interesting set of new rules, would not expand despite not needing to? the “players already had made the purchases they wanted” excuse was one of the dumbest most out-of-touch things i’ve heard outside of a (insert politician you don’t like) rally.

          • Chris. K Cook

            “after 8th turned out to be rather terrible, ”

            Really *th was one of the best editions since 5th in my book.

          • Muninwing

            the changes to magic, artillery, charge distance, and monstrous creatures were not necessarily for the better. i liked some ideas, like bonuses for unit sizes… but that then drove up the size of games.

            it had some merits, it had some flaws. it was needed after the armybooks in 7th basically handed 2/3 of the game to army choice before the match started, but it wasn’t a strong enough fix.

            but to each his own…

          • Chris. K Cook

            The horde rule didn’t drive up game sizes. The power gamers who wanted non horde armies to get the bonus did.

          • Will

            8th wasn’t bad (played 5/6/7) it was lack of support for over 2 years that killed it. Became too predictable due to no new army books to change the meta and End of Times just made things silly. This meant clubs stopped playing it because games weren’t fun/interesting, could hardly find a regular l game in the NW for years. Even a hardened tournament and ETC player like myself stopped enjoying it as much as I used to.

            Having now lost WFB (Playing 9th) I’ve realised just how unique a game GW had. It baffles me why they would drop a unique product in a neish market in favour of something very generic.

            I’ve got nothing against AoS it’s just not for me I like square bases and ranked up units. I’m liking the new specialist games even if theyou do feel like splash releases to sure up revenue. Can’t wait for Gothic and Blood Bowl.

          • Chris. K Cook

            Yeah when 8th Ed came out around my parts there was an upswing in FB as it was fun and interesting again and 40K was still in that horrid blandfest that was 5th. Then 6th came out and was even more awesome.

            If WFB had gotten a 9th ed that was like the love that 40K got for 6th/7th eds it would have had a huge come back. WFB with Fornications and Allies and Bound Monsters would have been awesome

          • lorieth

            “WFB with Fornications and Allies and Bound Monsters would have been awesome”

            I think She-Who-Thirsts is hunting your soul. Heed the warnings of the spirit stones!

          • Muninwing

            i had missed that one at first. wow.

            fornications. the opposite of what WHF players do with their time.

          • Marky

            *was *did
            I’m much more attractive since I stopped playing WHFB 🙂

          • Chris. K Cook

            derp. Fortifications

          • Chris. K Cook

            Buying before they disappear?

          • Chris. K Cook

            I liked Random Charge. It made charging more dangerous unless you were nice and close.

            And GW didn’t force you to play huge games. It was a segment of the community that did that. Just because they gave a boot to armies that were already running big units doesn’t mean they forced you to only play 2500+ games.

          • Erik Setzer

            “Age of Sigmar has boosted the sale of models from a line that was in terminal decline.”

            Do be so kind as to show your sourced evidence of this. Given that GW’s latest numbers are actually down, with a warning that they’ll be down again at the end of the year, that would mean that 40K suddenly dropped like a rock. So are you really going to tell us that suddenly 40K is shedding sales like crazy, but it’s okay because AoS is almost making up for it?

            Or, more likely, your local players (at least some of them) like AoS more than WFB and have *maybe* spent more (in the short run at least), so you assume that means it’s the same everywhere, even though such anecdotal “evidence” could be countered by places like my local gaming scene where heavy excitement and buzz around WFB just a year ago has turned into people just being done with GW in general, not just AoS, so badly that the local GW store is in serious threat of closing despite being constantly packed in the not too distant past.

          • Jospeh Boster

            Boosted is ambiguous enough to be correct. If you go from selling 1 model to 2 that is a huge boost. Yet not enough dollars to halt an overall sales decline. Did not meet expectations is the same. Maybe they expected to get up to WFB 8th sales, Maybe the expected to get 2002 sales levels like some people say the One man store’s quota is.

          • Erik Setzer

            But *is* it correct? What if the actual numbers are down, or just even? We have no numbers to go with, other than the company’s overall numbers, which were down.

            If someone likes AoS, great, but they shouldn’t just claim it’s doing better than WFB with no evidence to justify the claim.

          • Muninwing

            more to the point, the only revealed comments are vague to the point of misrepresentation.

            GW-HQ stated at the end of the year that AoS has met or exceeded their expectations.

            what if their expectations were to do 70% of the business that WHF did, and they managed 80% to start?

          • Stan

            Is that reflected by the 15% drop in sales that was recently reported.

          • vlad78

            Only for people willing to have the complete collection before it would be removed from sale. For the rest , you have no clue, as usual.

          • Muninwing

            i bore quickly of skirmish games.

            new games — and the newer the more dramatic — are guaranteed to boost sales while people try it.

            that’s temporary.

            many people have made the case that FIXING the problems with WHF would not have been hard, and would have revitalized the line.

            may people have also explained why the progress of events (rumors, change, and the blame-game that ensued) made veteran players — who would have reinvested in the game if it was more taken-care-of — feel insulted, excluded, or targeted, leading to their quitting.

            add all that bad blood, the lack of basic fluff (it’s been long enough that the “it’s new” is no longer acceptable for having such a poorly-defined concept), the expensiveness (of a game that is supposed to be cheaper, given GW’s “barrier to entry” claim as to one reason why they changed format), and the wearing off of the newness… and we will see if the game continues.

            boosting sales temporarily is a slow death rather than fixing a problem. and from what i’ve seen, the initial issues with AoS have not been ironed out a bit. which is not an encouraging sign.

            if you like it, that’s great. i love that there are different games for different people to play. i don’t want to poop in your cereal. but don’t pretend that it’s not poop to begin with for some of us, or that it’s flawless, or that GW’s debut wasn’t one of the least professional cluster-fudges in gaming history.

          • Andy Sparks

            Evidence please

          • Chris. K Cook

            Now now.

        • Dennis Finan Jr

          What did they axe tho? Warhammer fantasy was already dead. I dont get why you still cant play with the last warhammer ruleset with your old models? What does it matter? Aos changes nothing, just a different setting.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            yep kno one stops you from using old sets. Also that whole its a dead game so a dead game wont sell is load of crap. Thousands of people still play ancient editions of things like DnD, car wars, Ogre, BloodBowl, Silent Death, etc…

          • Gridloc

            I dont’ think dead is right word when people talk about discontinued games. Its more an increased tax on the players head to organize the games. When WHFB was around, going into a FLGS or local GW store meant you would be very likely to get a game going. Now you can still game but you have to make sure to organize it as its not a current game. This gets more and more difficult as time goes by, plus AoS “suggest” round bases, so those who did convert have harder time (thus less desire) to play fantasy with their old armies.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Well see that is the thing, I never had FLGS growing up or official stores. It was always forming a group and always having to organize. Call me old, call me proactive, etc. Just me though, I understand people love pick up and go but I never saw these games good for pick up and go and never felt the need to wander in a store and just grab a game with a stranger.

          • Marky

            In the UK people often have smaller houses and play a lot more games at local stores. If your local store is a gw and the game you want to play if whfb then it’s dead.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Except that is not the case every where and if that is the case at your local store I feel sorry for you. The few stores left around here are perfectly fine if you play either. So long as it is a product they sell / sold. I agree company wide they should just let you play with their models as they are a model company and not a game company according to their own statement but i digress.

          • Hedwerx

            I live in the uk. Round my way local stores were the size of cupboards. Racks of models and a till, no space for tables. Most people in the UK play in their house on the kitchen table or have a table in the the loft or spare room, or they join a club. Clubs tend to have more relaxed attitudes to old games, and you tend to see the same faces from week to week… Makes it easier to arrange to play whatever the hell you want.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            That, and that was my first exposure into this hobby. FLGS never had tables! Same goes in the USA! Not everyone has that advantage. So many of us older players learned to grab a friend and holed them at gunpoint in the basement and say “Play!”

          • Marky

            I converted my attic into a games room – so I agree a bit.
            But when at Uni I played in the local GW every week for 3+ years.. and bought tons of stuff, most of the guys I played against had shared flats or stayed n halls with literally no room to game.

          • Squighopper

            AoS in my community hit harder then just old fantasy players not buying or playing it. No one is buying 40k either due to lack of trust that they will do something similar. Personally do I think they will? No. But there is still that lack of trust within others that is driving slaes for GW down period.

          • Erik Setzer

            That’s what happened around here. Practically have to go to the GW store to get a game with someone if you want to play a GW game, and even then it’s down to a very small number of players, some of whom only game there, and one is a teenager whose mother treats the GW store like a day care.

            Though on the plus side, it means interest in other games is picking up, which also means stores are starting to stock those games. Having more than just GW or PP is nice.

          • Muninwing

            the fear that GW will AoS 40k is cited in many places for reasons not to buy any armies or new releases.

            and with Rob Baer pushing his “End Times 40k narrative at every corner, that fear keeps returning.

            GW needs to communicate with their fans more, or they will suffer the monetary consequences.

          • Muninwing

            WHF was not dead, that’s the problem.

            there were a ton of loyal customers waiting for a better-than-8th ruleset to drop, hoping that 9th would be that.

            and with that release they would have played as they used to. at least they thought that, and think doubly that now that they haven’t the option.

          • Marky

            yip, I was ready for a new army in 9th Ed… was going to do an unusual goblin army and/or an allied empire & dwarfs army. Spent the money on some mantic games and some bike parts instead.

        • Davor Mackovic

          Wouldn’t the worst idea ever is not giving customers what they want and not do market research?

          Wouldn’t the second worst idea ever is piss on Fantasy 8th edition so people wouldn’t buy it instead of making it a strong edition that people would spend money on?

          • Muninwing

            8th was bad

            storm of magic took one of the worst aspects and made it abysmal, as well as put its flaws on stage

            the “summer of monsters” not actually being as impressive as the name sounded, and cementing exactly how much worse large monsters became in 8th also put on stage one of their primary flaws.

            no wonder GW thought WHF was dead — their idiotic releases show that they didn’t understand what was going on with their own product.

          • Chris. K Cook

            SoM was horrid, I would have loved to have used the bound monsters without all the other garbage in it.

            What we all really wanted was Siege damn it.

      • Amdor

        Yup. Shotgun blast right to the knee 😛 (of course my humble opinion)

    • euansmith

      There is Assassination Thingie and Deathwatch: Overkill and Betrayal @ Calth.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. Execution Force did meh at my local FLGS. Last time I checked they still had a bunch of copies of the original shipment. Betrayal at Calth definitely sold well. But most people used them for 30K. Same will probably be true for Deathwatch and 40K. The problem is that these standalone games are fun, but relatively shallow in game play. They’re obviously meant to be conduits to entice players into one of GWs mainstays. Hopefully the new specialist games will be more focused stand-alones, rather than mainstream sidebars.

        • euansmith

          I had hoped that their board games were going to be joined up, with common rules and interchangeable bits like boards and minis.

          I’ve got my fingers crossed that we see the return of something like the Necromunda Bulkheads.

          • Boondox

            If all their board games used the same size and connector type imagine combining them with SH for a huge game….

        • Ben_S

          They may be intended as conduits, but I doubt many people who aren’t already GW fans buy them. The prices are only really justified if you want the miniatures to do double duty in 40k.

    • Well, BaC and Deathwatch and Assasinorum are all new board games released in the last year TBF

    • Alhazred TheMad

      I love AoS, I’ve bought way more for it then WFB. It’s accessible to everyone and has room to grow.

      • vlad78

        Fantastic. I’m happy for you. To each its own. I find the background so dumb and the new minis so ugly that I stopped buying GW products. Only deathwatch has rekindled my interest of late but it’s too expensive for a 1vs1 game.

  • PenelopeTheWonderPony

    Dark Future in the 40K universe… isn’t that basically GorkaMorka?

    • More the Necromunda Ash Wastes expansion Fanatic released way back when.

    • euansmith

      When the poster mention 28mm I thought, “GorkaMorka”. 😀

      The original scale was good because you could use matchbox cars, but I guess GW wants to be able to sell their own kits rather than encourage players to bit up 3rd Party stuff.

      • Dave

        Which is sad, I’d be all over it at the matchbox scale. They could have sold upgrade kits for the matchbox cars, spend little, sell lots.
        Now I think I’ll look for a copy of Car Wars instead.

        • Jospeh Boster

          Matchbox is 2-up car wars. So you’ll need to blow up your maps.

        • Matchbox cars are ok and all, but I really think any scale smaller than 28mm is a waste, there’s just so much more detail and options in that scale.

          • Tim Ensor

            In the original game (which was great, btw) it was almost all cars and bikes, infantry came in later supplements. The scale was chosen to be matchbox/hot wheels deliberately and they really encouraged conversions and using bits.

            I’d love this to make a comeback. Turret mounted auto cannons were a favourite of mine!

          • I do a lot of converting die cast cars and model kits in as close a scale to 40k as I can get, so I’m definitely hoping for 28mm haha.

          • Calum Wallace

            The issue with 28mm-scale vehicle-centric gaming is the amount of space you need to really do it justice. My brother and I used to use the floor of a twenty-foot-long hallway as our playing surface – and that frequently felt a bit tight even on length.

            It’s movement distances that are the killer. Get them too low and it feels more like ‘rush hour on the London ring-road’ than ‘highway warriors’ – GoMo is an excellent demonstration of that, a running Ork could usually keep up with the traffic.

            That said totally unsurprised to see the ’28mm’ there for the exact same reason that they went for 20mm back in the day – the modern Games Workshop, unlike they were in the late ’80s, does not see the availability of cheap compatible stuff from third-party sources as a good thing.

      • Alhazred TheMad

        And suddenly Genestealer cults have rides! Seriously though some generic vehicles for 40k might be awesome to have. Or terrible, I mean theoretically if their for civ use they’d be just a little better than an ork truck right?

      • Ben_S

        Some people my way seem to be quite into this:

    • Bayne MacGregor

      Or part of Old Night before the Emperor made the thunder warriors…

      • Andrew

        I wish for a Unification Wars game.

        • Chris. K Cook

          FFG Risk-esque board game would rock.

    • GulMek

      Yes thissounds more like a remake of gorkamorka, but with more races… no pun intended 😛 i can see why they would try to include more of them so less people are excluded. As longs as orks are represented I’ll most likely play it… and probably other races

    • Riot

      darkfuture is a boardgame with tiles & squares (road)
      has been slightly inspired on another GW game “Battlecars”

      Battlecars is practically a simplified version of Car Wars (steve jackson games)

  • Dyolfnai

    Gorkamunda (or possibly necromorka)

  • Hedwerx

    Shoehorning it into a 40k setting might possibly make it less good IMO.. It’s the grim 41st millenium, where technical advancements are slowly slipping into oblivion. But these piston-head gangs out in the wastes totally have souped up supercars! Apparently.

    Also on that WD cover, why has one of the Golden Girls joined a gang of raiders?

    • David Hurst

      Technological advancements like portable fusion reactors and force fields are slipping into oblivion. Basic combustion engines are probably safe.

      That said I would like to see this set in the pre-unification period of earth. Before the Emperor conquered/united the earth.

      • Hedwerx

        Yeah near future or post golden age would be better than 40k.

        • wibbling

          Oooh! How about on a pre-unification earth? That gives Games Workshop a chance to flesh out the ‘how it came to be’ and push (perhaps) thunder warriors in?

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        thaat would be the obvious setting, 25K or thereabouts. I’ve always loved those snippets of fluff about Albia, the Techno-Nomads etc you find in the FW HH books. Be very cool to see that fleshed out as a setting.

    • Grafton Is Dust

      The high tech stuff is slipping, but building Auto weaponry and the internal combustion engine is possible anywhere in the Imperium that isn’t a Feral or Feudal World.

    • Jospeh Boster

      They should license mad max and be done with it.

  • ted1138

    Bringing back Dark Future, but removing all the things that made it great. How could that fail?

    • Hedwerx

      Probably so you can’t just go out and buy Matchbox cars and stick some guns on them. Different scale, different aesthetic. Expect the usual breaking up of of character types into groups. Girl gang, techy gang, brute gang, and the ever present religious nutter gang…

    • zeno666

      GW at work 😉

    • What made it great?

      • ted1138

        Matchbox cars with guns.

  • Badgerboy1977

    Now that’s proper old school, can’t wait for that one 🙂

    I’ve still got that WD somewhere as well.

  • Thunderchild

    Huh. I have one of those cultist guys in my bits box. I’d wondered where he came from.
    Strange thing is I’ve never bought dark future stuff.

  • Maus

    I was going to put on my nerd voice and say that DF was set in 1997.

    “It is set in the then-future year of 1995 (later updating the setting to 2021)”

    Shows what I know (which is nothing)

  • euansmith

    This is such a great illustration. Illustrations, outside of Horror Story books, so rarely focus on a moment of abject fear.

  • Spiderpope

    From what I’ve been told, Battlefleet Gothic, Necromunda and Mordheim are not currently being worked on. The current focus is the production side of Blood Bowl, and Epic – although it won’t be called that.

    As to Dark Future, its possible. GW lost the name Space Crusade after all, with Prodos now releasing their embarrassingly juvenile game with that name soon. They may seek to prevent similar old titles from lapsing.

    • Erik Setzer

      I think the video game for Dark Future helps GW hold onto the trademark.

      With Epic, I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved back to titles like Adeptus Titanicus, Space Marine, and Titan Legions (where they put the “Epic scale” logo on the box somewhere, rather than having it as the actual name). Epic 40K left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of gamers, and heralded the end of that game line. Doubt they want to dredge up those memories.

      • nurglitch

        The irony being that Epic: Armageddon is one of the best games GW ever released.

        • Toco

          The irony being that Epic 40,000 is one of the best rules GW ever released.

          • Chris. K Cook

            That was an Aweful game.

        • Erik Setzer

          E:A wasn’t bad, but E40K had already done a lot of damage. And even E:A, IIRC, didn’t have the structure of SM/TL where you felt like you were commanding armies with companies of soldiers and tanks and stuff, but more a few 40K armies mashed into one.

          • nurglitch

            I feel like it had a better structure than SM/TL. The turn sequence, use of blast markers, and Shoot/Engage/March makes for a much army-command experience for me.

          • Erik Setzer

            I’m referring more to the way you built armies. IIRC, in SM you had a core company that got auxiliary units attached to it, like a Battle Company of Marines with scout Land Speeders and Whirlwinds for fire support, or a Tank Company that had a unit of Basilisks attached to give them artillery, stuff like that.

            They could probably borrow elements from both sets of rules to make a better game if they try.

          • nurglitch

            Yes, I also preferred the more flexible army structure.

    • Ben_S

      I thought the problem was MB owning ‘Space Crusade’ though I could be wrong.
      Wasn’t there a ‘Heroquest’ kickstarter that got shut down?

      • Chris. K Cook

        Yeah because of some filthy Patent Squatting cretin who claims the name has something to do with RuneQuest.

    • Chris. K Cook

      Space Crusade never belonged to them it was a MB thing. They just made it for them.

  • Emdee

    Nice. I have that WD…..It will be cool to see these games return with some new models.

  • Illuminati Confirmed

    Since back then the road gangs of the future tied in with current glam-rock pop-culture, will the updated version feature gangs of hipster swaggots with tight jeans and side partings? :v

  • Erik Setzer

    Why would you put it in one of their other universes? Why not have it exist as what it was?

    There’s also a video game being worked on, which isn’t rumor (and it makes me wonder if rumors are coming from that rather than actual word on a miniatures game).

    And, come to think of it, having a video game with the name based on its classic setting, and a miniatures game in a completely different setting, would be rather confusing. (There’s already the mess with Warhammer: Total War introducing people to a type of game and a world and races that no longer exist.)

    But seriously, why are you asking where else they’d put it? Dark Future *is* a setting, all its own. It’s a dark future of our current… hence the name.

    With a lot of their older games being turned into video games (Dark Future, Talisman, Warhammer Quest, Chainsaw Warrior, Blood Bowl, Mordheim, BFG), it makes me wonder how many of those we might see resurrected on some way.


      really hope they stick with the dark future setting, yes its harder to protect ip on such a thing but pleeeeasssse gw keep dark futures setting. and make robocop/veerhoeven style adverts like at the start of the game become the general tone 🙂

  • Erik Setzer

    For those who didn’t see the trailer for the video game last year:

    And an interview from later in the year:

    Update in January:

    Looks like they improved the graphics along the way, but you’d expect that. The initial teaser was a pretty rough showing of the concept.

    • Erik Setzer

      Oh, and a website:

      Looks like they’re the guys who did Chainsaw Warrior, too. And according to their Facebook page, the game is still in development, but will be released “soon,” though whether that’s regular soon or Blizzard Soon(TM), it’s not certain.

      • Blizzard Soon(TM) made me literally laugh out loud

  • Benoit Tremblay

    That’s awesome!

  • sjap98

    So true!
    Especially the bit about Pimpcron being very sexy (unfortunately I don’t have Netflix or know anybody called Nana…)

  • Commissar Molotov

    In 28mm? I’m gonna have to build a table the size of a go-cart racetrack!

  • Andrew

    The lore of that game (that I’ve read) is anything but bland.

  • Graham Bartram

    >.sigh< No longer 20mm…. that would be a shame. Personally I consider 20mm to be the best scale for car combat once pedestrians are involved. Any bigger than 25mm just doesn't do justice to the sense of speed unless the action is on a huge table, any smaller than 15mm is getting too small for the pedestrian models. 20mm also means you can convert die cast matchbox and corgi cars and use all manner of 72nd to 76th scale model sets, even 00 train stuff.

  • Josiah

    Is there nothing these people wont ripoff? Almost as bad as the British claiming Lancelot de Mole’s plans for the tank as their own…

  • eriochrome

    Dark Future rules would need a lot of work. Way out of date with modern gaming. Very much from the GW loves tables time period.

  • I think the best “spot” to place the time line of the game would be before the wars of unification. A world of techno barbarians as terra was could be the ideal setting. hell, it could even lead to the release of some thunder warriors to tie in to Horus Heresy.

  • Marco Paroli

    Oohho! Necromunda On the Road! 😛

  • Kirk Brownell

    I liked the background for the original dark future stuff, read a few of the novels and they were far easier for me to get into than the normal 40k and heresy books.

  • Be curious if they release it as a Gorka Morka type skirmisher (similar to Aberrant’s Warlands) or if they remake it as a ‘Rolling Road’ chase game. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Simon Neil Westerby

    28mm….. Hmmm
    in 1988 they released it in 1:72/6 scale (not quite sure which) and told you how to convert Matchbox/corgy/dinky cars….
    2016 its 28mm so they can sell you overpriced plastic kits.

    I quite liked it and thought the scale suited it… not so sure about it in 28mm…..
    Oh and bollox is it not to do with “Fury Road” success.. that’s exactly why they are releasing it!

  • Alhazred TheMad

    Like the concept of 40k civilian vehicles, feeling conflicted because all the skulls will not make them aerodynamic.

  • An_Enemy

    Could make an interesting basis for a 30k Cult army.

  • Calum Wallace

    Having reread this post several times, I have to vaguely wonder if whoever wrote it read the same Dark Future rulebook as I did.

    Blandness of background…? Wow. You’ve got some seriously, SERIOUSLY, high marks for non-blandess there, champ.

    • nurglitch

      Taste is subjective.

      • Calum Wallace

        Yes, and it might be my not-so-latent inner 2000AD fan speaking but as far as my tastes go the Dark Future rulebook contains some of the best material GW have ever published.

  • Dark future was so awesome! I hope they do it justice!

  • Stan

    Missed this the first time around, but was always interested.
    Hope they keep it in the same setting and let it stand on its own.

  • Iconoc1ast

    awwwww yeaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    “Bland background”? Clearly the article’s author never read the Jack Yeovil ‘Dark Future’ novels! The best thing to hope for for the resurrection of the game is that Kim Newman comes back to finish the story off with ‘US Calvary’.

  • Chris. K Cook

    28 MM? Cool, I’ll probably get it as I love this sorta stuff, plus I’ll bet I can loot minis for my Savlar Chem Dog and Penal Legion Armies.

    I’d also be happy if it was classic scale as I scored some cars of eBay cheap a while back when they had the rules online for free.

  • dreamwarder

    dark future + 40k = gorkamorka

  • surfpenguin

    D-Dark Future may be getting a reboot?

    TWANG!!! (that was me popping a big ol’ gamer stiffy!)