New Orks & Tau – White Dwarf #108 REVEALED

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Come see the new Orks and Tau close up in our White Dwarf #108 review!




The new White Dwarf is a great buy this week, once again including multiple paint splatters features and a great hobby showcase on some Red Scorpions. Plus you get a datasheet on the newly re-packaged Warboss Grukk as well!



White Dwarf #108 $4




Da Face-Rippa returns! It’s a week for some of the heroes and villains of the Warhammer 40,000 universe as Grukk Face-rippa returns, in Warboss Grukk’s Boss Mob, and, to oppose him, the Tau Empire Coalition Command, with updated Waaagh! Ghazghkull and Farsight Enclaves supplements too.

We take a look at all these new releases (there are several more besides), plus we’ve got Ben Ballard’s vast army of Red Scorpions in Army of the Month, a Parade Ground featuring Wulfen, Imperial Fists and Skitarii, plus Paint Splatter and full rules for the notorious Grukk himself and his old nemesis Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze!

All that and there’s still room for more in The Week in White Dwarf.

New Orks & Tau – White Dwarf #108 REVEALED

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  • Badgerboy1977

    So chuffed to see my Red Scorpions in WD and the upcoming Visions, still have plenty from the early days and it means a lot to be featured, particularly on this scale 🙂

    • Loggbert

      Good job mate!

  • Warboss Sotane

    You know what’s better than reboxing? Fixing our god damn codex.

    • Dan Wilson

      Apparently the Waaagh Gazkull supplement has a Decurion style detachment in, with the old Gazkull formations, plus three new formations.

      Depending on what these three new formations are, it might be enough to get me interested in getting my sporks back on the road.

      • Old zogwort

        New formations are sucky flier formations.
        Ghazcurion is all over the web. it is nice for a Ghaz list but way to expensive and restrictive to build a cool list with. Since all the mandatory units require point inefficient upgrades in order to work. resulting a core of ~700 – 1000 pnts with upgrades

    • Agent OfBolas

      nothing is better than reboxing!

      It’s GW holy grail.

  • Old zogwort

    Is it me or was the entire previous discussion about the Ghaz supplement removed. :