Shattered Earth: Technology & Eldritch Horror Collide!


Massive Awesome is on Kickstarter with their post-apocalyptic miniatures game: Shattered Earth.

Massive Awesome is jumping into the Kickstarter arena and now you have a chance to pledge some money and get some absolutely gorgeous resin miniatures.

Shattered Earth is set around 30 years after a series of devastating events that have turned Earth into an unrecognizable hellscape. Volcanic eruptions have filled the atmosphere with ash, continents have been reshaped, swallowed by the ocean, or merged with other landmasses. After things have finally stabilized, the remnants of humanity are faced with a new threat as immense energy called Ether from another world has flooded our dimension, bringing with it ancient creatures known only as The Deathless.

The game currently has three complete factions that you can pledge to get starter boxes for. The United Nations of Mankind is the largest remaining human power and represents an alliance between the remnants of the US and Russian Federation, seeking to bring pre-cataclysm stability back to the world. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Cult of the Dragon, a group of anarchists that experiment with Ether and turn themselves into super powered monstrosities. Finally there are The Deathless, mysterious creatures from another world that have followed the flow of Ether. The Children of the One True God and the Humanist Revolution are two additional factions that will be introduced if the relevant stretch goals are met.

The actual rules for Shattered Earth are very scalable, allowing the game to be played with anywhere between 5 and 15 miniatures. Like a lot of recent skirmish games, Shattered Earth is scenario-driven with asymmetrical objectives. Ether plays a role in battles too, in the form of a finite resource used to power certain special abilities. People who love rolling lots of dice will be happy to know that the game is based around dice pools of d10s, with modifiers like cover or range bands adding or subtracting dice. The current interaction of the rules are free to download on Massive Awesome’s website, and the rules will always be available for free.


The basic starter box pledges are between £27 and £43, or around $39-$62. For £61, or around $88, you can grab a two-player bundle that features the UNM vs the Cult of the Dragon. Every pledge level also includes a free mini rulebook. The miniatures look fantastic, with the Cult’s leader Lee Kyong-Min Jormungandr Form being my favorite. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this game as it sees a full release later this year.

Shattered Earth Kickstarter




Anyone here interested in Shattered Earth? Which faction do you like most?

  • Ben_S

    Looks interesting. I can’t see the current rules though, only a bit that says the rules will be online when the game is out. Did I miss something?

    • Parthis

      The rules are linked from the Kickstarter. Shattered Earth plays really well.

      • Ben_S


  • OolonColluphid

    So basically CthulhuTech with player models, less animu and more Xcom?