GW: It’s Official – Video Trailer For Space Marine Day!


Get your Power Armor READY – Games Workshop has officially announced Space Marine Day with a new Video Trailer!

April 16th has been confirmed as “Free Space Marine Day” at GW Stores. Question is what will they be giving away, and what will the exclusive miniature be for sale on the day.

Five years ago GW sold this miniature for the 25th anniversary:

25 anniversary figure

Which was taken from the cover of the old Rogue Trader rules manual for 40k First Edition:


Here’s the teaser video straight from GW:

The Event flyer:

Image via George Smiley 3-15-2016


“Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of SPACE MARINES”

“Exclusive Figure”

“Many Events”

“and much more”

Previous Event Intro From WD #112

via Scanner

free space marines


Additional Info:

via Captain Citadel 3-16-2016

Stores will have an event like the celebrate the day for grand openings and birthdays etc, etc.  Marine day will offer a special figure for sale that will only be available while supplies last, same with the other event give outs.


Honestly I really don’t see how you can have a “SPACE MARINE DAY” and not give out Space Marine swag, right? But that’s cool there will be an exclusive and freebies too.


-So what store are YOU going to on the 16th of April?


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  • JP

    The exclusive “Miniature” is probably a $200 diorama of that Crimson Fist blob they have in the teaser.

    • Michael Williams

      Only $200? That’s cheap 😛

    • Barimbino

      I was wondering what that was.

    • Boondox

      I like my 25th Anniversary CF blob so let another chapter have it this time. They haven’t done much with UM recently…

  • Ross Allan

    One wonders if they may have dusted off the mould for the old RTB-01 box…in theory, if it still exists, they should be able to cast from it?

    Speculation, not rumour!

    • Commissar Molotov

      They’re so TEENY compared with the newer ones. Scale creep, man! Scale creep!

    • JP

      You mean these guys? Look at that price! I want models at that price!

      • Mach13

        And adjusted for inflation/exchange rates that is about $35 dollars. Compared to $40 for the way more detailed current set. Wait, what do you mean there are 30 in that box!?!

        • JP

          They sold them by the platoon back then! I find it hard to swallow that the cost really went up to $4 per model from a paltry ~$1.16 per model. That’s almost 350% higher. How did that even happen?

          • bginer

            I bought the box I had in 1990 I believe, so it was a long time ago (and trust me, it was an expensive purchase for me at the time. I was in the British Army then and making very little money compared to today’s standards).

            Whether or not that figure you quote matches, or exceeds inflation for that period or not, I don’t know.

          • JP

            I was just using the numbers Mach13 tossed out there. Still though, it’s a very big difference.

          • Mach13

            And my number was a very rough guess pulled from the interwebs. As you mentioned though, be interesting to know what drives the significant cost increase? Material costs, production costs, overheards, or just GW deciding they can make more money off of these. Probably a mix of the above.

          • JP

            If I had to take a wild stab in the dark, it would be: Shareholders screaming, “WEZ WANTZ MOAR MONEYZ!!!!”

          • bginer


            Or, that’s my perception anyway. Not just on GW’s part, but all publicly traded companies have the same pressure on them to perform to financial analysts forecasts or the share price goes down.

            Worst thing GW ever did was to go public IMHO.

          • bginer

            Massive difference, and a lot of things have changed since then.

            In my mind the biggest thing was GW going public. Being traded on the stock markets makes a company a slave to the shareholders, and the financial machine. From that point on the most important thing for the CEO isn’t really the customers, or the employees, but the stock price.

            Kirby’s response to this was the price rises we’ve seen over the last few years coupled with massive cuts across the company.

            Anyway, TL:DR. Sorry, but that’s one of my hot buttons. Didn’t mean to go on.

        • bginer

          Yep, 30 guys with heavy weapons, and special weapons (as they were then) options, and a Captain with a power fist.

          It was a ground breaking box at the time I think. I may be in error, but I don’t recall anything else like it in the market place.

          • chuck_lapine

            You got more than one power fist in that box. It had a ton of extra bits.

            i liked those old models as they werent overly cluttered with needless detail like some of todays models.

            I remember seeing the art on the box before I even knew what 40k was and it just captured my imagination.

            This was also the time period where you got two rhinos or two land raiders to a box for something like $20

          • bginer

            You’re absolutely correct on the power fists and the rest of the bits. I had forgotten, had to google pictures of the sprues and remember what I had…

            Damn you time!


      • TweetleBeetle

        But I don’t want those crappy models. No low price is worth it to me when the models suck.

        • bginer

          Personal preference I suppose, but I like the old models in some ways better than the current ones. IMO, they’re ‘cleaner’ and more fitting to what I think is a fighting aesthetic. I get the whole Gothic feel, but the RTB-01 box when it came out just fit like I, as a soldier at that time; thought they should to be efficient in combat. I could see them in my mind on a battlefield in West Germany with no problem.

          And I LOVED the old missile launchers! Was so glad to see that they brought them back in plastic in the BaC box set. I’ve got 10 of those bad boys! (missile launchers, not box sets! :)).

          And as to the price, well. Goes to show how much it’s changed from then to now. Willingness to pay that price is again, personal preference.

          • ZeeLobby

            Ignore TweetleGWBeetle. He’d say whatever he could together you to buy more current GW items, regardless of price or quality.

          • bginer

            Yeah, I’m familiar with his posting style I’m afraid.

            I was actually hoping to get him to respond for once, but to no avail. I’m curious as to how a civilized dialog with him would go. I’d hate to think he just trolled for a living so to speak.

          • Boondox

            I agree on the cleaner look of the RT days. Before the DA got their Grimdark enema…

          • bginer

            Grimdark enema…

            Lost. Just f’n lost. Still giggling.

            Thanks for that! 🙂

      • Captain Raptor

        I have a box of these spread out through my space marine armies. It was a fantastic kit, especially if you like MK6 armor. I wish it was still around, it would make 30k infinitely more accessible.

        Love that price, shows how stupidly over costed every single one of GW’s kits are today.

  • Henry Faulkner

    salute weekend

    • Tyris


  • Melchior

    They will likely give away those small sprues with a single snap fit marine on it.

  • 3dken

    At first I thought SM didn’t come out until ’87 with Rogue Trader, that would make them 29yo, and not 30. So, I looked through some old WD and found one of the first SM sightings. WD 83 November of ’86, making them 30 years old!

  • 3dken

    At first I thought SMs didn’t come out until ’87 with Rogue Trader, that would make them 29yo, and not 30. So, I looked at Stuff of Legends website and found a scan of a flyer showing the first space marines (c100 line).

    • Boondox

      If they did a somewhat modernized squad of these I’d buy 2 of them to start! They’re some of my favorite SM mini’s of all time…

  • NikosanPrime

    I have got to have 100 of those old minis.

    Back in the days when the Ultramarines were 25th founding chapter and were really just upstarts that included criminals that had been mind altered into chained psychopaths doing the will of the Imperium. Back before they got retconned into poster boys for everything.

    • Boondox

      Before the DA became green Native American monks? I feel your pain my friend…

  • Alistair Collins

    It’s a bit cruel showing the cover box for Space Marine which was the name for GW’s 40K “Epic” scale game, as the thumbnail for an article about the 28mm scale 40K game.
    I was suddenty very hopeful and then nothing 🙂

    Also, a noob error. Where’s the old school editors 🙂

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Yeah, pretty sure I called it! 30 dollar model will probably sell for far more now though sadly. Glad I got mine at the 25th!