Outside the Box 03-18-16

tabletop-fix-wideWelcome to a new issue of Outside the box, this time with news about Infinity, Bushido, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Imperial Assault and more – Enjoy!

Several new previews of upcoming releases:
224701_1064525540275019_2244350518373916197_n 995365_1064632610264312_1565414512770056668_n 1948030_1064708846923355_740019346043480162_n 10478158_1062849107109329_621663609015153037_n–> More Infinity News

Mierce Miniatures
New Darklands releases are available:
mrm_blg_bnb_mon_045_000_01_large mrm_blg_bnb_mon_043_000_01_large–> More Mierce Miniatures News

Raging Heroes
The Iron Empire gets reinforcements:
Sigrith-02_grande Kruger-01_grande –> More Raging Heroes News

Warlord Games
A new preview for Beyond the Gates of Antares:
And the War of Religions infantry regiment has been released:
WGP-18-WoR-Infantry-Regiment-b-600x450–> More Warlord Games News

Mantic Games
Mantic Games released new army lists for Kings of War and the new Dungeon Saga expansion Infernal Crypts:
dsfghj–> More Mantic Games News

GCT Studios
GCT Studios presents two new miniatures for the Temple of Ro-Kan:

Fantasy Flight Games
A new wave of X-Wing releases is available:
punishing-one-600px mist-hunter-600pxghost-600px–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

Victoria Miniatures
New bits for the Female Tannenburg regiment:
12814189_888558647847265_118516597268153121_n12814019_888562284513568_8941047579599324894_n–> More Victoria Miniatures News

Things from the Basement
A new town house is available:
1221031149b1221031149c–> More Things from the Basement News

Russian Alternative
After quite a break, new evil dwarves have been released:
12814519_562740953902960_7436544598005303070_n 993564_562745497235839_8690649340973126107_n 10273470_562746787235710_6519042622403055792_n–> More Russian Alternative News

Hasslefree Miniatures
Hasslefree Miniatures released new resin masters:
A184NolaFive.175820 A093PostApocGang2.181303–> More Hasslefree Miniatures News

LaserCutCard offers a new range of simple SciFi buildings:
house-round-03 house-arc-03–> More LaserCutCard News

Cool Mini or Not
A two player starter set for Wrath of Kings is now available:
–> More Cool Mini or Not News

Blitzkrieg Miniatures
Blitzkrieg Miniatures announced a new range of Cold War tanks:
10403380_1124349220931129_8152068370211822118_n 12801306_1120110364688348_8986859985792939416_n–> More Blitzkrieg Miniatures News

Anvil Industry
Anvil Industry announced a 5th anniversary miniature:
10341635_966931283388191_6663142949449790694_n–> More Anvil Industry News

JoeK Minis
JoeK presents a new preview of their Argonauts:
12821407_10153689096029219_8052978929368409083_n–> More JoeK Minis News

Rubicon Models
More previews of the Willys Jeep kit:
1915034_1689266081326753_7461736974440830892_n–> More Rubicon Models News

And Mindwork Games released the Mushroom Shaman:
12495937_1716185801960530_1551106869547446855_o–> More Mindwork Games News

And of course, new crowdfunding campaigns:
Studio Miniatures – Hollywood Havoc
Slow Death Games – Wild in the Streets
AntiMatter Games – DeepWars Blood Reef
El Kraken Released – Tercio Miniatures
World of Twilight – The Casanii of Anyaral
World’s End Publishing – This is not a test
Steel Fist Miniatures – Armoured Knights
Frog God Games – Quests of Doom 3
Fortress Figures – S.T.A.R. Troopers
The Plastic Soldier Company – Quartermaster Genera Victory or Death
Brigade Games – Post-Apocalyptic Wastelanders and Survivors
Sukubus Studio – Witch Team on Indiegogo

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

Great week again! Looking very much forward to getting my hand son that Willys Jeep kit!
  • Sebastien Bazinet

    That Scobby-Doo gang from Hasslefree lol

    • Severius_Tolluck

      That is pretty hilarious.

    • finbikkifin

      They do a regular unarmed civilian version as well, in their Modern > Non-Com/Civilian section.

      I’m pretty sure they’re not the only company selling post-apoc or zombie-hunting Scooby Gangs, but they are a good company.

    • Jonathan B.

      And I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids…and your dumb dog!

      • nurglitch

        “You are the Hand chosen by The Master!”

        • cudgel

          “You are the sword of MICHEAL !”

      • cudgel

        Not to mention the chainsaw!

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Hmm that is one sweet looking figure for Infinity, and the paint job stunning. I am assuming that is a new non-com sculpt? I have the limited edition War-cor figure and I thought that was good.

    • Sebastien Bazinet

      They’re alternate sculpts from the RPG which you can use as HVT although some ,like the guy with the dog, will also have troop profiles.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        I think it is a small pig! Ah though, I see!

  • georgelabour

    space marine space wolves from space america!

  • euansmith

    I like the Infinity Pig, and Laser Cut Card continue to make some super cool stuff. The Starter Set for Wrath of Kings looks good. You get some pretty cool minis.