Age of Sigmar: Battletome Ironjaws Contents & Clans



Battletome Ironjawz’ complete contents are revealed . Come see the strangely familiar clans of the Orruks.

IronJawz Battletome

The forces of destruction are coming this weekend!

images via 4-20-2016

First up the table of contents:



Clocking in at 128pp, Battletome Ironjaws is on the thinner side of the Age of Sigmar releases.


Onto the clans and we’ll let you look at these names from the table of contents:




…and try to match them up with these guys below:

ironjaws-color-4 ironjaws-color-2 ironjaws-color-1 ironjaws-color-3 ironjaws-color-5


I think I see bloodaxes…maybe?

~Waaagh till you drop!


  • I do like the colors for dem Ironsunz

  • These are just the 40K Ork klanz! From Goff to Deathskullz.

    • MikeHollstrom

      it’s almost like there’s a finite number of colour schemes that’ll look good on them! :0

    • euansmith

      Isn’t it the White Scars at the top, Astral Tigers below them, the Ultramarines in the fourth slot and the Iron Fists below them?

      • Seienchin

        I would have said: White scars, Blood angels, Black templars, Ultramarines and Iron Warriors… Nevertheless they look pretty mariny…

  • euansmith

    Those Orruk Brutes look like they could make a good basis for some Plague Marine conversions.

    • standardleft

      I was thinking Nurgle Blood Warriors

    • Seienchin

      Indeed. Change the hands and some weapons and you get first class plague marines.

    • rednekkboss

      Or Mega armored orks.

      • blackbloodshaman

        Mega armor or the long awaited Ard’Boyz

    • blackbloodshaman

      At least someone will buy them then

  • Old zogwort


  • Secundum


  • Erik Setzer

    Seeing basic Orcs that are bigger than Black Orcs still bugs me. I get that this is Warhammer: Age of Overcompensation, and they can claim that with larger models they have to charge two to three times as much (at least), but it just feels so wrong to see the “biggest and the baddest” being smaller than other Orcs. Even Grimgor would probably look smaller, and he’s freaking Grimgor, for crying out loud.

    I think AoS is more a 35mm game, not a 28mm game. It’s only still a “28mm” game to let people use old models so they have more factions to play for now, but it seems the long-term plan is to supersize everything to a degree that’d make McDonald’s jealous.

    • wibbling

      I see what you mean, but I don’t think workshop have ever said it is a 28mm game (or referenced scale at all). For me I think these giant models are lovely, and that two handed axe thing is just hilariously bonkers.

      • Erik Setzer

        I don’t think the models look bad (aside from the boar-thingies), at least in this range (I have my issues with Rob Liefeld style anatomy, weapons that aren’t possible, inability to sculpt chains, blocky areas that should be smooth on organic creatures, too much of the skulls-beneath-the-skin on new Chaos, and the general blandness of the Sigmarines). But when the fluff for so long has been that Black Orcs were the biggest and toughest of the Orcs, it feels sad to see them now relegated to looking kind of small and weedy, just because the game is going for bigger, bigger, BIGGER. If they do proper Black Orcs again, they’re going to be the size of mammoths (not Ogres, because these new Orcs look to be the size of Ogres).

        • georgelabour

          To be fair one one of your points Warhammer’s art has always been replete with impractical weapons of absurb size.

          Just look at the artwork in the 2nd-6th edition warhammer fantasy rule books. Many of the axes in there are bigger than the people wielding them.

          • Erik Setzer

            Maybe the art’s been weird, but I hadn’t seen a model in the past wielding a weapon that they cannot possibly swing because it’s too long (the lower end of it would hit the ground). That’s to say nothing of the weapons with chains attached to them, too often with bits hanging from the chains that would just help the chains get tangled on themselves (and that’s not aided at all by their current inability to do chains, because apparently their CAD skills are well behind the prior team’s hand sculpting skills).

          • georgelabour

            So…your issue is merely with the hafts and accessories and not with the fact they’ve continued the long line of unfeasible weaponry on their models.

            Which again has been kind of a thing since the inception of all forms of Warhammer. did Felix fence with a sword that big, and made of copper?

            Is that correct?

        • Zack Seiders

          boars are the only models in the line up that is bad. btw iron jaws is still black orcs.

    • standardleft

      I’d like to see GW orcs over the ages, they just keep growing.

    • reynor

      in 1988 orcs were half the size of space marines. nowadays that would look stupid. things change.

      as for scale creep, I agree, everything is getting bigger and I like it, especially for what is more a small-scale skirmish game. The most important thing to me is that these new models are at least a little bigger than Stormcast Eternals. Orcs are supposed to tower over humans, and I don’t think Stormcast are seven feet tall (though I could still be mistaken).

      In any case, as a long time gamer (see the aformentioned 1988) I’m happy to see orcs this mean and this badass even if they are as big as Ogres.

  • JN7

    Their new naming scheme to ensure IP is still the dumbest thing ever.

    • georgelabour

      Dumber than Jedi and Sith?

      Or naming your main power armored hero with some form of Military Rank?

      How about calling the main protagonist Guy-male…as if people won’t realize the giant muscles, and furry loin cloth aren’t clues enough as to his maculine identity.

      • Erik Setzer

        Disregarding that the last one is literally a cartoon aimed at children, the first two cases were building a new IP from scratch, not suddenly opting to completely unnecessarily change names of races in an IP just to ensure they can be trademarked because the lawyers want to make some money.

        • georgelabour

          And no one at anytime in my given examples made similar choices regarding trademark and copyright issues?

          That’s an odd claim to make and I’d love to see proof that George Lucas decided to go with jedi and sith over space-wizard and space-wizard in black without any consideration for the marketing aspects..

          As for unnescarry that’s simply your own personal opinion on the matter. Considering the after effects of the chapterhouse fiasco and the rise of third party ‘modification parts’ it’s perfectly reasonable for GW to do what Lucasfilms, Hasbro, Blizzard, Bungie/Microsoft/343 have all done in order to protect their businesses and product identity.

          And again all those terms they made up for their products are just as arbitrary and silly in their own way.

          Seriously..who goes around calling a person by a rank literally thousands of other people in the same service will have? Might as well call his buddy Sergeant Jo…oh wait, they did.

          • JN7

            Their naming nonsense is a finger in the dike. They can’t stop other companies from making things that look like marines, or orcs (however stupidly they spell it), or elves of any variety. It is a result of the same mentality that led them to whine about an unknown author on Amazon. In essence, it’s the dumbest thing ever.

          • georgelabour

            You didn’t answer my question. Weird considering it was the very first sentence of the comment you’re replying to.

          • JN7

            I did, actually. It was, “yes.” Scroll up.

          • georgelabour

            No you did not.

            Please read the question put to Erik Setzer that you claimed to have answered with one word.

            Then please provide proof that substantiates the position you’ve taken. As you’re now claiming to be a super connected industry insider that part should be simple.

          • Moonsaves

            To be fair, it’s more like Tolkien got to Return of the King and then started calling orcs “Orruks” because his lawyer told him to.

          • georgelabour

            And to be fair Tolkien invented all manner of silly words for his setting. You might say he set the bar for silliness when it comes to labeling fictional things.

            Example: He called his race of fae near immortal people eldEr instead of just leaving them as elves of plain old fae folk. He then insisted it was just coincidence that this old ancient people were just one letter away from being called eldEr.

            Heck he even made up an entire fake language of silly words for them.

      • JN7


        • georgelabour

          Explain. IN detail. Preferably with the research data supporting the stance you’ve taken.

  • wibbling

    On my monitor I’ve one of the 2nd edition boxed set goblin spearmen models.

    Compared to that little fellow, these new models look amazing.

    • Seienchin

      Is that an insult towards the 2nd edition or an insult towards Aos?? Well they look good… compared to the worst miniatures from 30 years ago?

      • georgelabour

        That would have been the original Nagash. Which didn’t get mentioned.

  • Seienchin

    I hate these models for various reasons:
    1. They are 100% not compatible with people still playing warhammer (probably intentionaly…)
    2. They look like a mixture of warcraft design and 40k orcs… Something I would tolerate for 40k but not for fantasy…
    3. They really dont make any sense whatsoever (warcrafty…). Their gear is just Impractical stuff just slapped on to them… In warhammer 40k it makes sense since the orks pretty much just slapp garbage looted from humans on to themselves but in AoS??? Who is making these huge impractical armours?? The orcs(sorry orruks) themselves??

    • standardleft

      I would say maybe 33% playable with an old army, as they still use the old savage and black orcs (which would be around 33% of your army)

    • 1. Guess why it’s called WH AoS and not WHFB?
      2. Warcraft? Not even close.
      3. “in AoS??? Who is making these huge impractical armours?? The orcs(sorry orruks) themselves??” Yes.

      • Shardak

        They look quite a bit like the Warrior Season 5 PvP/the Warrior Tier 5/Season 3 and the Warrior Tier 7 and 8 sets on an Male Orc from World of Warcraft if you can imagine them painted not lurid yellow.

  • Kaptain Badrukk

    I’m so freakin happy right now. I’ve been playing with orks and orcs since 1992 and these are some of the most awesome minis ever. I love how black orcs are now the little ones, i always thought they seemed kinda small compared to the fluff. Plus it’s nice to see them take more steps away for Deadhammer and into the new era, psyched for gobbos now!

  • standardleft

    I want them in a paint scheme like this.

    • euansmith

      That is a great bit of painting; if only the minis looked that well posed.

  • Michael Kapuscinski

    Look guys! Ultrama-orks!

  • It’s nice to see wrong informations and my pics with another source.

  • Tyris

    Notably missing: a plausible name for the old Black Orc Big Boss warscroll. Ardboyz are clearly Black Orcs, but everything else is spoken for.

    • Ard Boss – There, I named it!

      • Tyris

        That doesn’t actually magically teleport the warscroll into the book, you know.

  • Lewis Anderson

    I find it interesting how much NEWER collectors and gamers view this release. As a OLD collector these orruks are great in fact I would argue they are returning to more of the original look GW had. The gritty orc/ork look wasn’t around till gorkamorka game came out before that ALL orc/orks looked more inline with these models then the current orc/ork. Im still on the fence about AoS due to how GW screwed the release and killed fantasy in such a horrible way. I just wish GW would release the look of all factions for AoS so we could stop with this comparisons to fantasy line. This is AoS NEW $#%^&$ Look accept it or not comparing to fantasy is wasted time.
    These are first AoS models I might buy…

    • Zack Seiders

      I want to get some of these models myself

    • Seienchin

      Lets agree to disagree here. All AoS hate aside (I dont hate the rules actually – just the fluff) these do NOT look like old orcs… They look far more gritty than the old orcs and yes I know what you are getting at: The colors are a reminder of the brighter orcs of the 80s and early 90s but they the rest of the models dont. The old orcs were much smaller, fought with realistic weapons and they actually had rather “dumb, mean and funny” expressions like they enjoying battle a lot instead of these “I am bash your skull in” kind of expressions. So yeah colors = reminder of oldhammer orcs, everything else = space orcs meet with an extradose of grimdark.