40K Returns! Next Week’s Products & Prices


Grab your wallets and get ready.  Summer is here and the Grimdark is coming back strong!

Multiple retailers across the globe tell BoLS the following this weekend:


Lost Patrol Boardgame $60

Two new “Start Collecting”  Box sets for the Grimdark:

Start Collecting Chaos Space Marines $85

Start Collecting Militarum Tempestus $85

Lost Patrol is no surprise as GW has been preparing to get it into wider retail locations for some months now.  Here is our rundown of the game:

Lost Patrol: Unboxed



Lost Patrol $60 

Moraz III – a deadly jungle world filled with danger and fear, populated by ferocious aliens who wait in the undergrowth to pounce on the unwary and mercilessly kill anyone who stumbles across them. Even the plant life itself is malignant here, constantly twisting and growing in unnatural ways to trap its prey.

A dropship containing vitally important surveillance files has crash landed on this hostile planet. It’s up to you and your squad of Space Marine Scouts to retrieve these files, activate the dropship, and hopefully escape with your lives.

A fun and compelling two-player challenge, Lost Patrol is a boxed game set on a hostile jungle world full of sinister hidden danger! Players assume the roles of a Space Marines Scout squad and a fierce swarm of cunning Genestealers eager to end their lives. The Genestealers of Moraz III have every advantage on their home turf and will make every attempt to quickly despatch the human intruders.

The Scouts will almost certainly all die. But how far can you get? Will you ever see the drop pod tile? And each game becomes a challenge to try and get further – and because you can turn games around in 10 minutes when you get into it, you can play loads of it, and swap sides and make it a competition with your mate.

Inside the box, you’ll find five Space Marine Scouts, twelve Genestealers, six Infestations (the markers of imminent Genestealer appearance),thirty hex tiles and the full rules for play.

Lost Patrol ships out on June 18th 2016

Start Collecting Sets


The Start Collecting sets are more interesting, in particular the Chaos Space Marines.  We have seen with Age of Sigmar that GW will often synchronize a new “Start Collecting” set with other reboxings and books accompanying the faction.  I would not be surprised to see the CSMs getting some love very soon.



~Take a look at the current 40K Start Collecting sets here and make your best guess on what the new one’s contents will be.

  • Darth Bumbles

    Good grief, it’s Charles Bronson!

    • Chris. K Cook

      That art is good but why Is the Squad leader holding a Medics tool?

      • Mike X

        A mace?

        • Dan Brugman

          yup, I’ve played d and d, the mace is clearly a healer’s tool! Now that drug gun with the chainsaw bayonet… now THAT is a leader’s weapon!!!!!!

          • Muninwing

            i put a magic item in a D&D campaign once that was a hammer that healed what it should have done for damage… but it also made really exaggerated wounds appear. they faded after an hour. if it healed over a certain amount, it cast feign death on the recipient.

            the PCs took forever trying to figure out why their big enemies they thought they killed kept coming back. turns out the big bad is the one who gave them the weapon in the first place.

          • Xodis

            So your enemy turned your heroes into Fix-it-Felix……thats just evil lol

          • Muninwing

            yeah — it was hilarious.

            you should have seen the look on their faces when they found out… i had them go against an enemy with a strong charm power, who snared the wielder of the hammer. he then smacked the paladin unconscious, and he looked dead.

            when they realized what they had been doing the whole time, they were equal parts furious and impressed.

          • EnTyme

            That’s brutal. I love it!

        • Chris. K Cook

          No the thing the fan art guy clearly thinks is a pistol.

      • Muninwing

        pretty sure that’s a chainsword style bayonet/sarissa on a hellgun…

        • Chris. K Cook

          No the bit in the kit the art is based on (it’s fan art) is clearly a syringe with chain scalpel/Amputation tool. just like the one on the Apothacary’s churgion

        • Chris. K Cook

          Battlefield amputations are a common thing.

          • Muninwing

            oh, i know. just… looking at that pic, i see a gun with a chainsaw.

            trigger, muzzle, yeah — looks like a gun. and the chainsaw blade is mounted underneath.

            so i don’t know about the kit, i just see the pic in front of me.

          • Chris. K Cook

            Yeah the artist obviously hasn’t seen the kit either.

      • Commissar Ahmad

        So he can kill you twice.

    • V10_Rob

      Reminded of Sean Connery, myself

      • Darth Bumbles

        I can see that too.

      • Carlill

        Indiana wash the grox’sh name.

        • monkeypuzzle

          The grox? You are named after the grox?

    • Ty Hayden

      I was thinking Burt Reynolds…

    • Satyan Patel

      Clark Gable. That’s an exact match.

  • Shiwan8

    Crap, crap is what will be in the CSM box.

    • wibbling

      More likely raptors, a ‘tactical squad’ and a rhino.

      Maybe terminators/possessed? Either way it’s likely to be a good set of solid troops for a starting army.

      • ZeeLobby

        A starting army of crap!

      • Shiwan8

        Have you seen any of the previous CSM starters?

        Anyway, it has been revealed and it’s crap.

    • petrow84

      Soo, Start collecting Nurgle?

      • Shiwan8

        Start using 30k.

  • Joshua Overbeck

    CSM Box will have a 10man CSM Squad, a Helbrute, and a Terminator Lord, and come with a formation that will let you shoot in the movement phase in exchange for moving.

    We shall call it the Felblade Strikeforce.

    • yoash barak

      No possessed in a chaos kit?

      • Shiwan8

        Don’t worry. There will be nothing new in it.

      • Zack Seiders

        Or that landraider that all it does is sink points in “if it is not a terminator lord with bezerkers the thing is a waste of points” Least the box has some marginally more useful units in it.

    • Charon

      Not enough random.
      Box will have 5 Posessed, the Terminator lord and a Rhino.
      As a benefit you get +1 I at any assault where you roll a double for charge distance while beeing 12″ around the Chaos lord. On a double 1 lose one model (your choice)

      • UnLachy

        Roll a D6 and consult a table, the contents of the box will correspond to your dice roll

      • Spacefrisian

        Hmm more like 10 Cultists, 1 Spawn, 5 Possessed and a power armour chaos lord with chainsword and boltpistol. The formation grants the cultistes and Lord the random table of the possessed….cant make chaos to stronk right?

        • Charon

          Already leaked. Terminator lord, 10 CSM, Helbrute.

          • Prophet

            Source? I thought that one was just a mirroring of the SM box?

          • Charon

            There are some shops who already have it up for preorder and they list the contents.
            Also it makes sense as the Start collecting stuff is plastic and at least a basic unit. the Lord is our only plastic Character and CSM are our only plastic troops that are not snapfit.

          • Zack Seiders

            Let us hope this formation has better rules than the crap from the black legion/ crimson slaughter formations.

          • Danny Jackson

            or the renegade knight formation rule

          • Zack Seiders

            I only see the purpose of getting one knight for khorne daemonkin. Formation puts the knights at a disadvantage with their “loyalist” counterparts” Besides in regards to khorne daemonkin a single knight has better FRIENDS in regards to taking down a stupid knight than a 2nd stupid knight “maulerfiend with lasher tendrils to reduce enemy knights attacks, or if it is a shooty knight a soulgrinder or 2 to bring in the pain after the land raider/ support vehicle is destroyed.

    • stiff77

      According to this German site, that’s exactly what’s in the box: http://www.gameware.at/info/space/Warhammer+40k+Start+Collecting+Chaos+Space+Marines?emphasize=GW-4CSPSTC

    • Zack Seiders

      Just hope the rules for said box formation is at least marginally better than the crap we got in black legion/ crimson slaughter formation. (shooting twice in a turn already sounds good on paper.)

  • stiff77

    Calling it now, Khorne berzerkers, Chaos cultists and an aspiring champion.

    • Soundwave

      Throw a Helbrute in there and I’d say you’ll be spot on.

  • Shiwan8

    A formation of 9 mutilators. Formation bonus: Mutilator WS reduced to 0.

    • Muninwing

      that’s certainly in theme for muties.

      i’d actually like to see a mutilator formation that allowed them to charge from deeepstrike. everyone else gets it. if they had it, and about 5-10 points were knocked off of each model, they might be worth taking.

      i’d still convert them instead of using the puttyfaces, but still…

      • Nameless

        I’m not sure even then, having to use a different weapon in each round of combat can be a huge drawback. if whatever you charge survives one round the second round of combat is going to be a lot lighter. If they could freely choose between lightning claws, chainfists or power mauls and could charge from deep strike – then they probably wouldn’t need a points drop to be takeable (though still not top tier)

        • Muninwing

          they are not perfect, but i do think they have potential. a good idea with bad implementation.

          like a lot of what is in the CSM book.

          • Nameless

            I’m not really sure, one of the things that often puts me off picking up Chaos marines is all of the seemingly random limitations – mutilators not being able to use the same weapon twice in a row, or Thousand sons not being allowed any special weapons, rather than the points inefficiency.

      • Shiwan8

        If only…

        • Zack Seiders

          if only multilators charge on deepstrike. That is the main problem with multilators (and they are still in finecast)

          • Shiwan8

            That, and the cost which is double their worth even if they DS+assault.

          • Zack Seiders

            All the more reason why I like obliterators better (main change I want with them is give them plastic models AND more guns to use (they have the assault cannon which is otherwise a loyalist only gun outside of forgeworld…. no sin in giving them grav weapons. Add in the option for toughness 5 and obliterators are an oddball regarding point value “glaring flaw with them is they are targets for tarpits and they cost even more points than multilators” (especially regarding toughness 5 option)

  • Simon Chatterley

    The day Chaos Space Marines get love is the day before Space Marines gain destroyer ammo for boltguns.

    • Thomson

      Exactly. Then they will get a formation where they get +1 Initiative and +1 Morale after you sung the Brunnen G song.

      • Dan

        And +1 bs if you imitate an eagle’s cry when performing a shooting attack.

  • Benoit Tremblay

    where’s the Start Collecting for Eldar? Dark Eldar? Grey Knights? Dark Angels? … don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely getting the Militarum Tempestus box but I just wish they’d cover all the main bases first.

  • amaximus167

    So, any idea what is actually in the CSM box?

    • Byungwook Kim

      Decades old under qualified crap

      • Joe Dom GA

        But with a special rule that makes it all better, right?

      • Xodis

        Well duh, be more specific lol

        • Zack Seiders

          10 marines, a termy lord and a hellbrute. Or in my own eyes, plague marines, a potential nurgle termy lord (still situational in comparison to a nurgle biker lord or a juggerlord) and hellbrute who is also situational (is it the new model with all the options or the dark vengence one that looks like crap in comparison?) “last game I had bad rolls using it in khorne daemonkin (he has lass cannon for taking out vehicles/ forcing wounds on monsterous creatures) and game before that while hellbrute was out of line of sight for the vehicles he had a moment to shine when a deepstriking squad of plasma failed to kill him “they had him shaken so I was half worried he would not use his heavy flamer to roast the tempestus b4 crushing them (that was my opponent)…. que crazed result removing the shaken and giving him rage.

  • Xodis

    Until CSM get a codex worth using, Ill stick to being happy about their new paints from last week.

  • ChubToad

    Dear BoLS, please stahp mentioning Chaos Space Marines please, everytime those three words are included in a sentence the ammout of tears they produce can drown Africa and Asia in one go.

  • Moonsaves

    Hopefully they release the rules for Militarum Tempestus in Lost Patrol like they did with Deathwatch. It would make sense to do this at the same time as a Start Collecting Militarum Tempestus box.

    • Benoit Tremblay

      Deathwatch: my main reason for getting the Militarum Tempestus Start Collecting Box 😀

      • Satyan Patel

        Total bum. I just bought two boxes of Tempestus. Guess I’ll get the starter box to feel better.

  • Sam Nolton

    Damn….might have to actually start Militarum Tempestus now that they’re affordable.

  • JP

    You know what? I’m just going to say it.
    Unless there’s strippers and lap dances, my wallet is staying in my pocket.