Signals Episode 438: Defeating Battle Company

signals 438

On today’s episode Reece and Frankie show you guys how to defeat the unending tide of free transports! 


How do you guys defeat the dreaded Space Marine battle company? You can follow along with the show notes here.

  • “Don’t forget to order your new Warmachine F.A.T. mat today!” – most important

    • Beoron


      • You’re aware I was making a sarcastic joke by quoting this non-40k-advertisement placed in a 40k-article, right?

  • Beoron

    Really great episode. Also when you play Battle Company!

  • Shiwan8

    I appreciate the genuine attitude against rule abusing and acceptance towards all honest ways to play the game. I can imagine how the WAACs hate these people but then again haters gonna hate.

    • memitchell

      Haters g-o-t-t-a hate.

      Sheesh. I hate that.

      • Shiwan8