Deathwatch: Prices and Products – CONFIRMED


Prepare your wallet. Deathwatch and the new boxed set are coming next week. Here’s the prices hot off the presses:

Industry insiders tell BoLS the following:

Warhammer 40,000 Death Masque: $150

Codex Deathwatch: $50

Deathwatch Datacards: $13.50

Deathwatch Dice: $20

Calgar’s Siege (black library novel): $27

Look for these to go up for preorder this Saturday (August 6th) and hit the shelves the following weekend (August 13th).


That’s a standard hardcover codex price and a big boxed set coming in right around the level of the recent offerings like Betrayal at Calth and Deathwatch Overkill.

With the contents listed here: this box represents a massive savings of nearly $250 or almost 66% off the price of buying the contents individually!

~ Ohh, Eldrad vs Artemis – that’ll be good!

  • Shawn

    At that price, it must be a full fledged army. I wonder if they’ll just have special rules to represent all chapters, or be allowed to mix and match chapter rules for your army? A standard set of rules, will be most likely, but it would interesting.

    • BaronSnakPak

      From the other article:

      Boxed Game Contents:
      1 Watch Captain Artemis
      5 Deathwatch Veterans
      5 Vanguard Veterans
      1 Deathwatch Upgrade Sprue
      1 Venerable Dreadnought

      1 Eldrad Ultran
      12 Harlequin Players
      1 Death Jester
      1 Voidweaver
      2 Skyweavers
      1 Harlequin transfer sheet.

      208 pg 40k Rulebook with special Death Watch Cover (think softback mini rulebook)

      • stiff77

        So it’s about £110 of harlequins for £95. Flip the marines on ebay and it’s a great deal.

        • Karru

          Oh, I’m so going to buy that box just to get all the models. None in the box is something I don’t want. My Ultramarines could use those Vanguard Veterans to bring them to 10 models, Deathwatch sounds nice addition to my collection and Venerable Dreadnought is always nice.

          My Eldar army on the other hand could use all that come in the box.

      • Shawn

        Yeah, I saw all that, thanks. A small army of marines with a death watch upgrade sprue. Might be better off just looking for an upgrade sprue and the codex.

    • jazeroth

      get rid of super friends rules with FAQ then bring them back in a new book = profit

      • Frank Underwood

        You missed out the step about stealing underpants

        • Yeah, yeah… but what’s stage two?

          • Frank Underwood

            Step 1 Steal Underpants
            Step 2 Get rid of super friends rules with FAQ then bring back in a new book
            Step 3 Profit!

  • darkconsecrator

    It says it come with exclusive data sheets. Hella savings if you play Harlequins, hard to say with DW considering you need the codex to know what they bring to the table

    • Randy Randalman

      No you don’t. All the rules for using the minis in the box will be in the box.

      • darkconsecrator

        Rule book? Yea that is there. For Deathwatch and Harlquin no. They each have their own codex. They will have the rules for them, but that still means you need codex to play in some gaming clubs for full benefits

        • TenDM

          I think he misunderstood what you were saying. He means they’ll have something like the Quick Reference rules Dark Vengeance had, so you’ll have the rules to know what you’re bringing to the table. It’s enough to play the game but like you say you won’t actually know how good the savings are until you’ve got the Codex.
          We can speculate as to how good they are but they might be the stuff people would never actually buy if they were running a Deathwatch army.

  • Drasek

    If the codex is $50 then it should be a full codex and not like Skitarii or Cult Mechanicus. Those were only $33.

    • DeadlyYellow

      – Open Space Marine Codex
      – Ctrl+C
      – Ctrl+P
      – Delete Chapter Tactics and half of units (probably anything aerial.)
      – Replace fluff with that of FFG RPG.
      – Call it a day.

      • JimOnMars

        You forgot -Add More Grav.

  • MightyOrang

    On the plus side were going to see a temporary glut of those models on EBay.

    BACalth really set the gold standard for these boxes. Most everything else (but not DW:OK) seems over priced by comparison

    • Randy Randalman

      The Imperial Knights box was like $90 off of retail.

      The Start Collecting boxes are arguably better deals than Calth was.

      Really, Calth just had the widest audience to appeal; but it was only Space Marines.

      All of the boxes have been pretty spectacular.

      • Karru

        The key to success when regarding the BaC set was that it was Horus Heresy. Before that box, all the models that it had costed around 412€ without postage from Forge World. Amazing deal considering that my price doesn’t include any command or extra bitz. It also brought the Horus Heresy line to plastic and brought it outside Forge World, both are something that countless have wanted for very long time. So if we look at the discount, you save 70% + you get a ton of extra bitz, knives, special weapons, pouches and sgt parts.

        So to argue your points:

        The Knight box was 95€ discount when you counted the terrain piece, which I do since it comes in the box. But it was still only two knights, not an army in the slightest. No new player would start out with two knights.

        Start Collecting boxes come with very specific set of models. All of them also happen to come with a generic and hard to convert character model. For example the Guard one, you get 10 Infantry Men, a Heavy Weapon, 1 Leman Russ and 1 Commissar. The Commissar for new players is something that they won’t be able to convert, at all, since the head is so badly done, bitz wise, and you really need the hat for the commissars. For 5€ more, I can get two Start Collecting boxes, let’s say I buy two of the Tau ones. Now I have 1(2) Ethereal, 20 Fire Warriors/Breachers, 6 Battlesuits and 8 Drones. One of those suit squads could be made into a Commander and bodyguards, for extra benefit.

        Using that we have the following to compare:

        BaC vs SC! Tau

        2 HQ = 2 HQ
        5 Terminators = 5 Battlesuits
        30 Marines = 20 Fire Warriors/Breachers
        1 Contemptor Dreadnought = 8 Drones

        I won’t count the extra Ethereal to the HQ, instead I decided to make one of the suits a Commander.

        So now to analyse the value between the two boxes. With BaC I get a nice starting army for 2 different systems, I can play 30k with them or 40k. I can buy a second box to double the size and with minor kit-bashing I can even make those two HQ models a bit different, so now I have 4 HQ’s I could use. Comparing it to the Tau box, I have 10 models less in basic troops and 1 Dreadnought to 8 Drones. The suits are bigger and more interesting than the Terminators, so they can balance themselves out.

        In other words, BaC is the ultimate deal GW has ever done. Start Collecting boxes are not that amazing compared since their value drops fast with multiple purchases. Before you might jump on that “multiple purchases” part, I’d like to point out that you can easily do this with BaC and your value loss is minimal. You cannot do it as easily with most of the Start Collecting boxes thanks to the very limited plastic Characters in them (as stated before with the Commissar).

        All boxes are great, but the BaC is the greatest of them all by a country mile.

        • SYSTem050

          If you like marines 😀

          • Karru

            Indeed, but even if you didn’t like marines, it is still the ultimate deal regarding $$ to Models. 125€ for that many multi-part high quality plastic models is insane.

      • MightyOrang

        I think in some cases – Orks and Mexhanicum – the boxes were great. For other armies like the DA and Eldar it seemed like you’re paying a lot for VERY little army. Compare that to BAC where you get 3x tatical squads (or mix in HW instead) and terminators and a Dred and two characters — and you’ve got a very robust starter army right from the start. For a Marine player there’s been nothing like it since AOBR.

    • Anti-Gravity

      The Tau Start Collecting is arguably the best value of them all. The friggin’ suits alone are practically the cost, never mind the other stuff. All of the SC box savings are great, I’ve bought several and even started new forces off them.

      • MightyOrang

        You’re right. Looks like the best of the bargains.

  • Those boxes contain less every time. 10 Marines, 1 Captain, 1 Dread. Where’s the 5 Terminators?

    Is this now a new edition or just a new starter box? The rulebook is the same we know?

    • somewhatdamaged

      Neither. Seems to be closer to a stormclaw or deathstorm style box

  • Joel Eddy

    If someone was new to 40K (plays other mini games), would you recommend grabbing the two Deathwatch games or the two Horus Heresy games… (when they are finally released)?

    Been eyeing both these for some time. They both look fun, but I’m curious how playable they are outside of the included board game.

    Could I just say buy Deathwatch:Overkill plus this new one and the Codex and starting fielding small 40K games at my house? Same with the Betrayal at Calth stuff?

    • Karru

      Since we don’t know the rules of the board game for this new box, I’d advice going with BaC any day of the week. You get a nice board game as well and you’d be able to field an army on its own. Of course, if you want two armies, you could go with 2 boxes of BaC, that way you’ll have 2 whole armies to play with. You would also be able to play 30k with them. The other board games don’t really come with armies, more just the minimum models required for the board game.

      • Joel Eddy

        Thank you. Appreciate it!

        • Karru

          No problem dude, any time!

      • Patriarch

        Is this actually going to be a board game, or just a boxed 40k starter set?

        • Karru

          I actually don’t know, I’m taking a calculated guess since they seem to like releasing Board Games these days. It is a good business model, makes it easier for some to justify the cost.

        • victorpofa

          It is a starter set since it is supposed to come with a copy of “The Rules” with a Deathwatch cover. Previously Sanctus Reach came with a rule book sporting a Blood Angel cover.

    • Emprah

      I would recommend the HH series more, since they are only marines and you can assemble the whole lot as a single force.

      With 2 race packs, either you want to start both armies (Like how I decided to make a small ork horde from AoBR) or you need to find a buyer for the non marine miniatures.

      If you buy this new and the old deathwatch boxes, than you’ll have Deatwatch SM, Harlequin Eldar and Tyranid Genestealer cult.

      Now you may have enough cash to start 2 armies, but 3 I doubt most people can afford.

      • Joel Eddy

        Got it. That does make sense. Thanks for the clarification on moving the contents on after I’m done with the board game.

    • luke snell

      It ultimately depends on what you want to play. The HorusHeresy BaC is obviously the best deal for most models for your dollar, especially if you are going to double down and buy two boxes.
      Personally I love the Deathwatch Overkill box, alone for the 11 marine characters it comes with. They are incredible models and bring a ton of mini-narrative to the Deathwatch and are a joy to paint. Not to mention you get the boardgame as well if you are so inclined to give that a day in court outside of the regular 40K game. Together with this new Deathwatch starter box you would certainly have a great starter Deathwatch force- you can always ebay the genestealer cults and Eldar stuff.

      • Joel Eddy

        Thanks. I’m kind of leaning this way. If I get Overkill plus the new one, and then eventually a SC: Eldar/Tyranids to round those out eventually, I’ll be in fair shape. Less rule books to buy that way too 🙂

        • luke snell

          true, good point; the mini-rulebook in the new Deatwatch starter is definitely a big bonus!


    its a ripoff in NZ
    no one will buy it here
    will be buying from a US or UK source
    Its Such a joke the prices in NZ / Aussie

    • Ross Webb-Wagg

      I hear you, NZ/AUD prices are a joke, properly buy it from UK Ebay.

    • Geko747

      Lets hope when we broker that free trade deal with you guys it will fix a lot of the crappy deals you get from us.

  • ZeeLobby

    With end times on the horizon, I just don’t see myself buying anything 40K related til that shapes up. Fool me once, shame on you…

  • This Dave

    Dammit, why did there have to be Deathwatch dice involved? How did they know my weakness? This month just gets more and more expensive.

    I just wish GW would start putting the special symbols on the six side rather than the one side. I would rather see a field of Deathwatch symbols and think it was a great roll rather than a pathetic one.

  • Anti-Gravity

    Oooohhh, GW is doing a decent job keeping this box under wraps. It’s only a few days before the pre-order and still no leaked shots! I must see sculpts! BLAAARGH!! *depressurizes helmet in space*

  • uatu13

    The big question is whether these models are the actual multi-part kits with all the options, or just simpler pieces like Black Reach, etc.