Geekery: Meet Batman’s New Onscreen Nemesis


Get a look at the infamous assassin on the set of Affleck’s new Batman movie.

Deathstroke was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez and first appeared in “The New Teen Titans” #2 in 1980.

Slade Wilson was recruited into Team 7, and was turned into the ultimate soldier thanks to an experimental procedure that gave him super human strength, speed, and intelligence. After the team disbanded he became a mercenary, and has since become one of the most adept assassins and feared characters in the DC universe. He takes on increasingly difficult tasks in order to push himself farther – completing jobs no matter the odds. He is ruthless, manipulative, and deadly.

And he’s Batman’s next foe on the big screen…

The characters first run in was in “City of Assassins” in 1991 – and Batman didn’t fare too well. Will see how he does in this next battle.

Rumor has it this won’t be the only bad guy Bats will be taking on. The Batman – which is reportedly the running title from Warner Brothers that I hope doesn’t stick – may be a take on Arkham Asylum, so we’ll get cameos from a lot of the classics.



  • Sparowl

    I thought that was supposed to be Iron man walking down the ramp for a minute. Not sure why an assassin would wear material that is reflective. Seems like a really poor design.

    • He used to wear bright orange underwear on the outside of his costume and pirate boots…

      • euansmith

        Looking at Deathstoke’s boots in the first picture, I’m seeming a Deathstoke Space Marine Chapter in the offing 😀

        • Shawn

          Call them the Deathstrokers Chapter, or the Strokers of Death?

          • euansmith

            Strokers of Death? Slaanesh, is that you?

    • Mike X

      Comic books, anime, and wargaming rely on the “rule of cool”. The most illogical and impractical aesthetics often look the most badass.

      • wibbling

        Emma Frost.

        Wins for the most impractical outfit of the year.

        • Elektra and Vampirella are pretty good runner ups.

          • euansmith

            Dagger of “Cloak and Dagger” and Huntress must both use a lot of blue trac to hold their costumes on.

          • nurglitch

            Double sided tape and spray-on glue.

          • Shawn

            Or better yet, it’s all just painted on.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      WAs about to say but Haakon Slash beat me to it. He does wear blue and orange.. not likely to sneak up on anyone unless at a Chicago Bear’s tailgate party to begin with…

    • Xodis

      He doesnt really need to be sneaky, his armor can withstand the Flash Speed Force Punch, and anything that Superman can dish out.

  • Wade Wilson > Slade Wilson

    (Yes I know that Deathstroke was around before Deadpool. Deadpool still is more awesome.)

    • Deadpool started as a parody of sorts of Deathstroke.

      • Malisteen

        More of a straight up knock off, just kind of snarky. And then he was popular enough for DC to make a knock off of the knock off, which is where Deadshot cape from. It was only later that Deadpool became the 4th wall breaking cartoon character antihero that we know today.

    • Xodis

      Depends on your definition of awesome. Slade is a better fighter than Wade, Wade is just funnier.

  • Kampfgrot .

    Deathstroke is one of my favourite DC villains, so bring it on!

    • Xodis

      Mine too, I hope they do him justice.

      • Horus84cmd

        It’s a DC movie don’t hold you’re breath…..they’ll find a way to balls it up some how. Probably by added 6 other comic characters that are needed to the plot.

        • Xodis

          I actually enjoy the DC movies. The only problem with BvS was it should have been the third movie in a trilogy to really tell the complete tale. They are rushing and playing catch up instead of just doing a slow boil.

          • Horus84cmd

            Oh yeah I enjoy them “enough” but there is so much wrong with both BvS and Suicide Squad. Man of Steal set up the DC universe on such a solid foot and the balls just been not only dropped but had holes put in it.

            You’re exactly on the nose that DC are rushing it and playing catch. It’s so sad see Warner Bro’s treating the DC characters in this way.

          • Xodis

            Ive never had real faith in WB honestly. They have no control like Marvel/Disney does and they let the writers and directors run wild then try to control everything after the fact or from the backseat.

            I agree MoS set things up wonderfully, but instead of letting the presence of Batman just build tension they had to jump on the “OMG its not DC without BATMAN” bandwagon.

          • euansmith

            I think Batman vs Superman would have been excellent if there had been more plot and characterization and less Zack Snyder and Jesse Eisenberg.

            Suicide Squad would have been excellent if there had been a better less meddling by the producers, and a proper Suicide Squad mission.

            I really want them to do well. The TV shows are good fun, but DC seems to panic when making films these days.

          • Xodis

            Yeah, they are trying to beat Marvel instead of just trying to make a great movie. Im still behind on SS, but I didnt have a problem with Jesse Eisenberg as LL, I just felt that his story could have been better told.

            Movie 1 should have been Man of Steel 2: Show the relations between the world government and Superman, show Lex plotting and his reasoning behind it and him getting access to Zod and the shuttle and actually being smart not just crazy.

            Movie 2 should have been Batman: Show Batman getting angry, show him going full psycho and his reasoning, and let him take out one of his super powered villains like Grundy or a real Bane so he has a reason and a way to test his super suit.

            Movie 3 should have finally been the BvS movie we saw and it would have made a lot more sense with minor tweaks in the plot development.

          • Horus84cmd

            That already reads better than BvS. If I were to list the issues I have with BvS it would way long.

          • euansmith

            Like the other movies, Suicide Squad has got lots of great bits, but lacks structure. DC seem to try to cram too much in to each film, then desperately edit it down to two hours; cutting out little things like plot, character arcs and pacing.

            I’m hoping that Wonder Woman is going to be a nice, simple, straight forward story. She’s got one of my favourite bits of theme music for years, s that’s a good start (not the excellent one from the old Linda Carter TV show, but the one from BvS which created the best scene in the movie for me; Bruce Wayne looks at a photograph).

          • Me

            “cutting out little things like plot, character arcs and pacing”

            I about fell out of my chair…

            Between making soulless originals and ripping the souls out of the original material with remakes and adaptations, it feels like a lot of the people in charge of making these movies have totally forgotten the definition of those words.

          • Grafton Is Dust

            Assault on Arkham is the Suicide Squad movie we really should have gotten. 🙂

          • euansmith

            I’d have liked to have seen them tasked with stealing info on a Neutral or Friendly Nation’s Metahuman Research Program. Something properly unhanded and featuring a bunch of opponents with a similar power level to the Squad.

            Also, because they can’t be expecting to make a huge number of these film, I’d like them to up the death rate among the Squad members.

          • Grafton Is Dust

            Oh Assault on Arkham delivers. Amanda Waller is incredibly cruel and controlling, Harley is better IMO, and her relationship with the Joker is closer to the original canon of being horribly abusive. The death rate is insanely high among the members, and Batman features as an actual factor in the story rather than a cameo.

            IMO the Suicide Squad movie just failed to deliver in a lot of ways, which was disappointing. :/

          • Malisteen

            Man of steel absolutely did not set up the DC universe on solid footing – that movie was a mess from start to finish. Hardly anything any character does ever makes sense, it’s got all this unearned mythic pomposity, the entire film is just utterly joyless from the desaturated palatte to the droning speaches to the 9-11 style disaster imagery. Likewise, the Superman it gives us isn’t uplifting or inspirational at all, but rather relentlessly grim and dour and morose, and thus fails as Superman entirely, _especially_ as a superman that’s supposed to exist _in contrast_ to Batman within a shared universe setting.

            It wasn’t quite the absolute mess that DoJ was, but it certainly set the stage for it. Everything wrong with DoJ (ie, everything about DoJ) was the natural continuation of flaws already baked into MoS.

          • Graymantle

            Absolutely spot on. I would also add that many of MoS’s problems were carried over from Nolan and his Dark Knight trilogy—most notably the collateral damage and reckless endangerment. Those were pretty far out of character for Batman, but WAY more so for Supes.

          • Malisteen

            Yeah, I liked the first couple of Nolan’s Bat movies, but the third was a wreck, and very indicative of problems that have come to plague the new DC movie universe. I like to say that Dawn of Justice is ‘everything wrong with Dark Knight Rises mixed with everything wrong with Man of Steel’.

          • Horus84cmd


            Oh don’t get me wrong MoS was by no means a perfect movie and it has issues. However, personally to me, it set up a chance for a decent universe to be built around it.

            The film, MoS, itself attempts to ground a god-like being and the effect that has on the world. They tried to pitch Superman as a kind of reluctant and unsure hero throughout – inexperience in away. Whilst that didn’t fall entire flat it was perhaps hammer home too much and by the end he’d not moved on enough. I don’t mind the destruction. It fits. If Superman was fully confident in who/what he is then maybe he’d had taken the fight away from people being harmed – but he’s not that character yet. Then you’d got Zod (and two other maniacs) a military general that knows how to sow terror into a populus, knows strategy and knows how to fight and keep the fight on his terms i.e. in this case in Metropolis. Things would, quiet realistically, not end world for bystanders. I’m in 50/50 minds with Superman killing Zod. On one level it works but on the other hand the writers could have set up a different scenario where he wouldn’t have to kill Zod. It would have worked stronger, if as viewer, there was a pay off in a lesson learnt for Superman – but then we don’t get that, which is why I still in two minds about it.

            It’s been mentioned above, and I agree, that Warners have jump too fast and are attempting to play catch up, before laying more groundwork to build to a BvS confrontation. To build this universe’s superman, batman, lex luthor etc.. Instead it’s all these character just crammed in there along with 3 films worth of plot line. They should have been taking two or three other films (mix of Batman, Superman Sequel etc…) to explore the ramifications of MoS – a Superman sequel should of been us a view seeing Superman being/becoming the inspiring hero. Then by the time BvS come round there is a lot more weight to it all.

  • Horus84cmd

    More accurate rumour that Deathstroke will be part of the first Justice League film sent in to help by Amanda Waller. It’s not that he won’t appear in a Batman solo flick, but that films not even got a release date beside coming after the two Justice League Movies and a bunch of others:

    Wonder Woman (2017)
    Justice League (2017)
    The Flash (2018)
    Aquaman (2018)
    Shazam (2019)
    Untitled Justice League sequel (2019)
    Cyborg (2020)
    Green Lantern Corps (2020)
    Untitled Batman (TBA)

    Of course things can be moved around BUT Deathstroke will be in Justice League.

    • Xodis

      I think Deathstroke is needed though since the main villain is going to be not Darkseid but one of his lesser known villains Steppenwolf. At least Deathstroke gives them a villain that can be remembered.

      • Horus84cmd

        Perhaps. Deathstroke appears to be disembarking from a plane (thought to be the Flying-Fox) and you just make out the Batmobile in the background. Hence, why the general consensus so far is that DS will be working with the JL via Waller.