The Harrowing: The Alpha Legion Strikes



The Alpha Legion strikes a garrison world as only they can, with action and guile leaving none to know who is responsible.

Black Library moves the Horus Heresy series with a tale of the Hydra and it’s duplicitous way of war.


The Harrowing 

 eBook: $4.99

The garrison world of Callistra Mundi is threatened by traitor forces – none other than the insidious Alpha Legion. Like so many before it, this attack will not come as a traditional legionary assault, but as a Harrowing. Operatives and turncoats are revealed within the Mechanicum ark freighter Omnissiax and her attendant battlegroup, and confusion will reign amongst the loyalist defenders. And only when none can tell friend from foe will the true destruction begin…

Written by Rob Sanders

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~The Alpha Legion are involved – you will have to choose which lie to believe.

  • Beefcake the mighty

    Ooh blue space marines!

    • euansmith

      “Yeah, buddy, we’re Ultramarines carrying out this attack on your garrison. Remember that, Ultramarines.”

      • Beefcake the mighty

        I was always quite partial to the beekeeper uniforms of AIM

        • euansmith

          They are excellent.

  • An_Enemy

    So is the guy with the crest the weakest and most useless one in the squad? Doesn’t seem very alpha legion to mark a Sgt out on the battlefield.

  • euansmith

    Alpha Legion, so sneaky, they even swap their should pads around so you can’t tell if they are coming or going.

    • effinger2

      Hahahaha… good one.

  • Alan Kelly

    This story is already in print in Horus Heresy vol 33 “War Without End”.

    • ChubToad

      More like “Horus Heresy series without end”

    • Exactly, and in Sedition’s Gate before that.

  • Good to see BoLS being so out of touch with Black Library releases that they’ll advertise a years old story from first an event exclusive anthology and reprinted months ago in War Without End, a numbered HH book, as new and innovative.

    • Davor Mackovic

      Well to be fair, if this is just a stand alone Alpha Legion book, then for someone who only wants Alpha Legion and not any other stuff, and cheaper too, why not say it’s out for those who don’t know?

  • sethmo

    To be honest this book is turning out less fun then the other Alpha Legion books.

    It is kinda slow moving, is starting to dip into the unbelievable (for 40k, ha!), and really has some boring characters. This from a person who has enjoyed most of the HH series…..