40K: Real Life Emperor’s Champion Sword


Watch one blacksmith build and use a life size Space Marine Relic-blade!


This bad boy clocks in at:

  • Black Sword
  • 65″ long
  • 51 pounds

Able to slice through ice, watermelons, and stumps with no problem.

Black Sword being built:




Black Sword being wielded:


blacksword3 blacksword4blacksword5

“It’s GW Legal – RUN RUN!!!”


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  • euansmith

    “Good against stumps and water melons is one thing, but hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”

    What a cool crafting project.

    • If only we had done THIS in metalwork at school…

      • Gustav

        I did…made a number of swords including a hilarious 6′ great sword. Interesting thing to take home from school, I must say…!

  • Gideon Ernesto

    -“They don’t know where we live… now.”

  • Emprah


  • Zingbaby

    I want.

  • OolonColluphid

    Meanwhile Man at Armes refuses to do anything from Warhammer and makes swords from weeboo garbage . At least they had enough taste to make one from the only good non Gundam mecha anime this year.

  • Dumbcow1

    So…..now 11 Black Swords exist…..No PITY! NO REMORSE!! NO FEAR!!! Praise Be!

  • Crevab

    I enjoyed his show while it lasted :/

  • JP

    You’d never get mugged again if you owned THAT.
    “Heh. That’s not a knife. THAT’S a knife.”

    • And you’d be stabbed about thirty times just while you try to lift it up.

      But on the plus side, if they tried to grab your sword and run away with it they wouldn’t get very far.

      • JP

        Well, of course, you’d have to be, like Ronnie Coleman or John Cena to use it, but then no one would probably try to mug guys like them in the first place.

  • edendil

    That is an awesome sword.
    I think they need to get a weightlifter to show it in action though. It is clearly too heavy for a normal man.

    • Someone needs to get some video of the dude who plays The Mountain on Games of Thrones swinging that thing around.

      • LordKrungharr

        In the World’s Strongest Man competition they sometimes hold 65 lb battle axes up for minutes with arms outstretched, so any of those guys could give this mighty blade a worthy whirl. But Mr. Cthulhu the maker did a fine job of testing it too!

      • petrow84

        posted it on his FB page, we’ll see, what he says about

      • Jake

        give the mountain an extra large version of one of the exo suits the army is working on http://static.progressivemediagroup.com/uploads/imagelibrary/XOS2.jpg

        then we are talking.

  • LordKrungharr

    Next project: CHAIN FIST!

  • zemlod

    I love how he goes from “For the Emperor!” to Full Grassman “Blearglbleargh” in just seconds 🙂

  • abaddonsmummy

    Why is he wearing headphones?

    • He’s listening to a Black Library audio book to get him in the mood.