GW: Next Week’s Products & Prices CONFIRMED


Something golden and it’s rumbling compatriots emerges to taunt you wallet this week.

We’ve all seen the GW Age of Sigmar mystery miniature:


Industry Professionals report the following coming this weekend:

Stormcast Eternal Lord Veritant $33




Baneblade $27


Shadowsword $27

It’s a short return to the Age of Sigmar after a long stretch of Warhammer 40K.  But don’t fret – I’m sure we will be back to the Grimdark in no time.

~ What do you think next week will bring?

  • ZeeLobby

    I’m guessing the biggest kit leaks was Magnus, and not a reboxed Baneblade? LoL

    • georgelabour

      That actually looks like a hardcover release of the Novel Banelbade, and what seems to be a sequel.

      • ZeeLobby

        Haha, yeah, it was a bad joke. Lately their lit tends to align with their releases.

  • Kevin Maloney

    Hooray. More Stormcasts. I am so excited by the prospect of yet more Stormcasts. Look at how excited I am.

    • Commissar Molotov

      You can never have enough fat guys in gold armor, I always say.

      • Ebsolom

        You forgot to mention their pinheads.

        • DeadlyYellow

          Made only of the finest most spindly plastic to serve as connection points, and will snap the moment a tool so much as touches the sprue.

    • Xodis

      Not just a Stormcast but a new Silver Tower character as well. Sure we need more stuff for the other factions, but hopefully those will be a big release and not a small trickle like this with a single hero.

    • wibbling

      You had the opportunity to not post. To say nothing. To just let it go. Instead, you leapt at the opportunity to comment. You must, therefore, be excited by it else you would have just ignored it.

  • rtheom

    This definitely seems like someone really really really wanted to design a Stormcast so they asked the boss repeatedly until the boss finally caved and told them they could make /one/ Stormcast.

  • Xodis

    Seems like an awful lot of build up for just a new character….wonder if this is going to be “special” somehow. We had the Helmetless Stormcast before….wonder if this will be a female Stormcast or something just as unique.

    • Grasshopper

      Female Stormcast? Yes!

  • georgelabour

    Wait…is that a sequel to Baneblade?!? Considered that bought.

    Now if only we could get sequels to Titanicus and Knights of The Imperium.

    • Damistar

      If Dan Abnett is doing sequels I’d prefer a new Gaunts Ghosts novel, although Titanicus was awesome in how it basically created background. Although the Imperial Guard owes Abnett a mighty debt as well.

      • georgelabour

        Let’s meet in the middle on this one.


        Or perhaps Gaunt’s Titan?

        • finbikkifin

          You can’t throw everything on Abnett’s shoulders.

          Presumably (sufficiently large) Titans are pretty safe places on the battlefield, so I’m sure Commissar Cain would happily hide out on one.

          • georgelabour

            Except they end up on the front lines of a fight.

            So I don’t think he’d be all that happy about it so much as he’d be putting on a brave face and hiding behind the thickest bulkhead next to the most heavily armored secutarii.

          • finbikkifin

            Making him one of the only survivors after the command crew are killed, with him and Jurgen left trying to encourage and support the only person left who can replace the princeps.

            Well, that kind of happened in one of the other Titan-based stories, the princeps died and someone who really wasn’t ready was forced to take over. But this time, with a Hero of the Imperium!

      • No chance of Abnett writing Titanicus sequels, with him being at least a
        year out from even finishing The Warmaster, the next GG novel after
        that and then Penitent.

        There is however a Titan trilogy by David Annandale starting in spring, kicking off with Warlord: Fury of the God-Machine.

        • Damistar

          I believe Titanicus was only intended as a one shot anyway, although it does have an interesting tie in to the HH novel Mechanicum. I enjoy his stories immensely and will be patient for his next work.

          • Personally, his last few commissions for Black Library have done nothing much for me. Doesn’t help that I found The Unremembered Empire terrible and I Am Slaughter pretty weak as well…
            In my eyes, Abnett’s success with BL rests squarely on his legacy, whereas his more recent works are showing lots of problems (even outside of BL, though I cannot say if, for example, the Tomb Raider novels really had much of his own writing in there, since they’re shared with Nik)

          • Damistar

            I can not really disagree with you on this. I would not say that Unremembered Empire was terrible but I would say it was weak compared to his other works. A lot of it had to do with so many converging story lines that it could not help being a mess. Also Guilliman came off as indecisive and unprepared, completely out of character for the Primarch that plans for everything.

  • Irishdelinquent

    Not gonna lie, this is not that terrible. It at least gives us a chance to recover from a condition I like to call “GenestealerCultsKilledMyWallet-itis”