REVIEW: GW’s Battle Mat Value

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Today we are going to unbox the first official Games Workshop neoprene battle mat. Was it worth all the waiting and hype?

Games Workshop finally released their first official battle mat called City Ruins and we plan to give you all a closer look at this new product!


The box is extremely heavy duty and the battle mat comes folded up inside. You heard me right. Folded and not rolled.

The colors don’t seem to match the colors on the box at first look but that wouldn’t be the first time we have seen that in products. Products style and quality may vary folks, it’s true for everything I feel like not just 40k.


Comparing the new GW mat to the mats, the GW it appears to be much thinner and they stitched the edge to perhaps attach the two halves or just make it more durable.

The graphics themselves are fresh, and full of 40k iconography, however the mat appears to be washed out and not at all vibrant like the Khorne one in Warhammer TV’s video, or even the box art.




Not Vibrant….

At $85 it’s possible that they may have overpriced their product a bit being that it’s only a 4×4 mat, and there are other companies out there that offer 4×6 mats for the same price and even lower. However I think for smaller games, and even every GW store out there it can be incredibly appealing.

Watch the video and tell us what you think about Games Workshop jumping back into the mat game.

Warhammer 40,000 Battle Mat: City Ruin $85


~Did you pick one up? What did you think?

  • dreamwarder

    So… more GW overpriced tat.

    • It’s a $10 premium over frontline’s 4×4 mats, not much overall. That said, super underwhelming graphic

  • ZeeLobby

    Er… I’d much appreciate non-vibrant over vibrant. It’s supposed to be a cool mat that enhances the terrain and models placed on it. Not an awesome uber-designed mat that your models/terrain get lost on. I’m glad it’s duller than the promo photos made it look. I can barely make out the models on it on their website. Thank goodness they didn’t put orange tau on it.

    • Horus84cmd

      It’s like the box art has been created from a photograph of the mat that was: professionally lit and more than likely tweaked in photoshop….shocking that it looks different under regular everyday lights…

      • benn grimm

        You with your tin foil hat conspiracy theories… 😉

  • CthulhuDawg

    I actually really like the graphics but at 4×4 for $85+tax I’m going to keep giving my money to The last 6×4 mat I ordered was $89 flat from CR to USA and arrived in less then a week. Try again GW you’re almost there.

  • SupPupPup

    Its ok. I would think this is a bad first go at mats, a tester, with low production costs.

    I hope they give us something a bit more interesting in the future.

  • SilentPony

    This is the perfect example of GW’s woes. $85 for a poorly designed 4×4 mat, when other companies make high-quality, better designed, more varieties 6×4 for the same price, and 4×4 for cheaper.

    They really do just kinda’ suck at this don’t they?

  • Hawt Dawg

    Those arms! Strigoi FTW!

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    – Lightweight
    – Fold-able
    – Colorful
    – Pretty

    – 4×4
    – Thin
    – Needs ironing
    – A little busy

    Not sure who this is for, The mat itself and the design behind it is not awful. It is easy easier to transport than the big mouse pad mats we’ve come accustomed to. it just needs to be 6×4 and, maybe, a less busy design.

    • I disagree on the size, for a 6×4 board I want something like a realm of battle or tablescape, but for some mortalis/kill team I like to vary my setting (and come up with lots of terrain variety to go with it) so I want a mat.

      That said agreed on the design

      • DeadlyYellow

        Sector Imperialis would make a good candidate for a print map, being mostly flat as it is. RoB is much more appealing with its height variance.

        I do like those boards, though they never get used at the shop I visit. Everyone there hates playing on them.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Eh price is fairly comparable, so I will not complain on that front. My issue is it has the terrain, which does not mesh well if lining up with another of the same mat. It also has a defined raised area.. so that makes the illusion it is two levels. Again that means stale games on it., unless you just ignore the terrain print, which bothers me.
    The other main issue is even if you did line two halves together.. you have that sewn hemmed edge that will make a very visible black line between mats.
    This Mat was clearly designed however, with their new kill teams in mind, especially the new campaign. To which I suppose that is fine, but I would grow bored of the mat very quick, which is my problem with most mats versus boards.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      The mat dictates a story to you, rather than allowing you to define the story yourself.

      • eMtoN

        Isn’t that how most mats are though? I own several FAT mats to give a different feel to my games. It’s no different than also having different types of terrain. For example if all you have in your terrain box are a couple buildings then it’s just as stale.

        • Satyan Patel

          The and it depends. I do like your opinion however. If your mat is a grassy field or desert terrain it can be used infinite amount of times especially depending on how you place your terrain on it. Though the mats with roads could become stale. Especially those with just one road and it just forks off.

      • Satyan Patel

        Exactly what I was thinking, but your choice of words is better! A friend purchased the mat, and I didn’t say anything, but I felt you could do the same thing with just plain red felt, airbrush it, and just place a Pegasus brand ” Gothic Bridge” on it in the center at a fraction of the cost.

  • benn grimm

    Looks pretty cool, not necessarily something I would pick up, but it beats the hell out of the green sheet we used to use when I first got started. If the frontline gaming ones weren’t so god damn awesome this would be a lot more impressive, as it is, they have a ways to go to compete.

    • Bredkooler

      Have to agree. I own 5 FAT mats and they are great! Also at less than $100 for a 6×4 theyre a better deal. But like GW says, they’re a minitures company…. right.

      • $75 for a frontline 4×4, $85 for a GW one. Price isn’t the issue, but the design is where it falls down

      • benn grimm

        5? Nice…:) Yeah definitely, one of my regular opponents has one and I’m a big fan. I guess ‘we make the best miniatures in the world, pretty good paints, so-so rules, dice, tools and battle maps…. but we’re trying…’ doesn’t sound quite as great to potential investors… 😉

        • Bredkooler

          I have the grasslands one, 2 different city mats, the 10mil scale city mat for dropzone commander and the ocean one for Dystopian Wars. Super high quality and I really like the carry case they come with that has a nice “photo tag” which makes grabbing the one I want super easy. Totally reccomend them to anyone.

          • bobrunnicles

            Yeah I have five too; the blastscape one with the craters, the snow one, desert one, swamp one and ruined city one. Then I also have a 4×4 one I picked up from someone else for use with Infinity (it’s a hi-tech city mat) but I could see it getting pressed into Kill Zone use fairly easily 🙂

  • frankelee

    Not in love with it. Wish there were more mats available here in the States though.

    • Daniel R Weber

      Try Fat Mats, Mats from Mars, etc. Plenty if you look around.

  • Nyyppä

    I appreciate the effort but I have no use for a thing like this. Too small and specific. Same cost for a full table mat and I’d buy it. Now….nah.

  • Satyan Patel

    Does anyone know where I can get nice mats that are 2’x2′ (feet here in the states) or even 2’x4′? It’s an awkward size, but I play with my son and we play small skirmishes and he’s a child so attention span is shirt hence the smaller mat size.

  • Valeli

    I honestly think you’d be crazy to pay ~100 dollars for a static battle mat…. I’d much rather just use terrain to create unique fields each game. Even if that terrain is just boxes covered with a blanket.

    To each their own though, I guess.

  • E65

    Ahh. That’s the GW we all know, drowning in their own hubris.

    • denzark

      No one about to release plastic custodes is drowning under anything anytime soon. Sorry to disappoint.

  • Well, they’re trying. It’s the thought that counts, right?

  • Admiral Raptor

    Too many better alternatives out there. This thing is only for the purist fanboys.

  • Carl Tuttle

    What I dont understand is why a 4×4 mat designed for 40k…. why not 4×6?

  • Smac

    this mat is horrible, it makes no sense…