TWG: Painting Heresy Salamanders & World Eaters


Today I share with you two tutorials on how to paint two Horus Heresy Legions: Salamanders and World Eaters.

Betrayal at Calth provided an excellent oppurtunity for anybody looking to collect a Heresy Era force of Space Marines. With 18 Legions to choose from there is plenty of opportunity for trying out some new paint schemes. In my Horus Heresy video tutorial series I show you how to paint each of the Legions step by step and this time I will be covering the Salamanders and the World Eaters.

How To Paint Horus Heresy Salamanders

How To Paint Horus Heresy World Eaters

Thanks for watching.

  • Firemind

    Hey, nice seeing you over here, too! You definitely deserve the coverage.

    Great work as always.

  • Valeli

    Something about the white seems just a /touch/ off, but I can’t quite put my finger on what.

    Still, good job. And I love (love!) seeing painting tip articles around here. Thanks.

    • The recesses could do with more shading. Some Agrax Earthshade, GW style, would help a lot.

    • Advachiel

      I think the standard approach to painting white armor starts with a grey primer, not white, so you can add highlights or shadow to create gradients and contrast.