40K HOBBY: Custodes & Sisters Model Review


Today a professional painter goes over the new kits from Burning of Prospero. How good are they?


Model Review Categories


How does this model compare to others? Is it well sculpted from a technical viewpoint? Are mold lines and digital cuts done with forethought? Is this kit a pleasure or a boor to work with?


How much is this product and is it worth it to buy?  GW has really been making these boxed games a good savings in general; is that true here? I look at how much you get and what you need to get them to work.


What kind of potential for conversion is there in this kit, either as the basis of conversions or in the form of bits? How many roles can these models potentially fill?

Model Looks

Is the sculpt nice looking?  Does it fit in the universe you plan on using it in?

Overall Review

Everything all together.  



Agents of the Emperor (Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence)


Both of these sets were well sculpted and cut apart, but the thing I was most impressed by was the uniqueness of these kits compared to other 40K offerings. Some have compared the Custodes to Stormcast Eternals, but Stormcast are mostly smooth, whereas the Custodes have every surface  festooned with rich, eagly detail, which makes them quite different I’d say. The Sisters models certainly speak to the feasibility of plastic Sisters of Battle in the near future. I will say that the Custodes models do take an absolute age to build. I think I built them in the same amount of time I built the rest of the box. 5/5


I know I hardly have to say this, but if you are getting these kits in the Prospero set, they are an absolutely amazing value when compared to either comparable GW or FW kits. There is certainly value here also in the fact that neither of these units is offered in any other form for now. That said, the fact that only Loyalists can use them hurts their 30K value at least. 4.5/5


I would not rate either of  these kits as particularly convertable, at least in any mass sense. There are some weapon swaps and things you could do, but neither of these kits begs to be changed or used as anything else. I would also say the massive scale of the Custodes weapons makes them less useful in other places. That said, the Breacher conversions I have seen with the MKIIIs and the Custodes shields are very nice. 3.5/5

Model Looks

I have to say that the looks of both these kits were really well executed. They are both very true to the source material and art. This is especially impressive with the Custodes, due to how overwrought they are in the art. But the sculptors did a great job here striking a balance with the space and detail. To me, every surface is covered with detail yet they somehow do not seem too cluttered. 5/5

Overall Review

Overall these kits are some more really interesting elite units for the Horus Heresy series and I feel like they really did them justice. I cannot wait to see the other units and add ons which I’m sure Forgeworld has in store for this cool new faction. 4.5/5



~Aventine Out

  • Rudboy TheRed

    Those models look like they didn’t see professional miniatures painter imho.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      I think the flash/lighting is washing out the skill.

    • ILikeToColourRed

      professional means paid, not necessarily “the best you’ll ever see”
      it also means working inside a budget set by someone else, as opposed to when people spend weeks on an individual display piece

  • Kharn121

    The custodes are ok but the sisters are FAR too single pose for my tastes. The only options you have is bolter, flamer or sword in a specific pose and swappable head. Hope the rumored SoB plastics are more customizable.

    • ILikeToColourRed

      I’m quite disappointed by the sisters also, not quite sure how they’ll look once there’s a few identical squads on the table…

      • euansmith

        I guess they are only supposed to be fielded a few at a time. Maybe there is a multipose box coming for when they roll out an entire army.

  • Nameless

    “I would not rate either of these kits as particularly convertable” 3.5/5. I can’t be the only one confused by this score right? I guess we have a baseline for how inflated the other scores are, working off this we can hypothesis that scores go from 3-5 (making all the 4.5’s and 5’s more understandable.

    5 = 5/5
    4.5 = 3.75/5
    4 = 2.5/5
    3.5 = 1.25/5

    • AventineX

      Nah, the scale just accounts for some things we don’t see here. They are not particularly convertable simply because they don’t really call for it, not because it would be actively difficult. A 1 on that scale would be a single pose metal model or something.

      • Nameless

        Respectfully I completely disagree.

        I can understand your subjective belief that these models don’t require any conversion, however I can think of several ways in which someone who likes these models may wish to convert them.

        firstly if they own several squads (the sisters in particular due to their formation). the mono pose nature of the models (and all games workshops more recent releases) makes squads look identical. It is not unforeseeable that someone might wish to give each squad its own character to differentiate them.

        secondly a person may wish to use parts of the custodes to convert up a ornate set of artificer armour for a character, both making the character stand out and tieing in the custodes models visually to the rest of the armour.

        thirdly the very same unit might receive new rules and/or weapons that someone might wish to convert rather than forking out for the new kit of exactly the same models (with only one special weapon per box despite the squad being able to take 2).

        and of course that is only assuming that someone shares your subjective view and likes the models on the whole rather than in part (or is desperate for plastic sisters of battle).