Blood Bowl: Skavenblight Scramblers Unboxed

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Let’s unbox and take a close look at the first expansion team for the new Blood Bowl game! The Skavenblight Scramblers are looking hot!

The first team for Blood Bowl to be released individually; is one you would be interested in!


This box includes twelve Skaven models and as we can see right away there are no Rat Ogres in the box. We are unsure if these will be released as a half sprue or clam back in the future but we are sure Games Workshop has something planned for us in the future.


The box comes with instructions that shows us how to snap our Skaven together. Keep in mind this is a board game so there isn’t going to be a ton of customization and kit bashing that can be done with these models. On the back of the instruction booklet, there’s all stats for your new Skaven team.


New 32mm slotted bases are included and have the little peg hole already punched out so the model can “pick up” the ball.


There are two identical sprues so we will just take a look at one of them so you can get a closer look. Of course they are extremely detailed as we would expect from a new product from Games Workshop. The Skaven team seems to just be the grey plastic we see our 40k and AoS models come in. We were expecting to see a different color but most people will paint their team up anyway so this isn’t a big deal.

To get a closer look at all of this and to see the new Blood Bowl dice that everyone seems to be losing their minds over, take a look at this video!


Skavenblight Scramblers: $35

The only team to have ever won the Blood Bowl trophy two years on the run (Blood Bowl XVII and XVIII, fact fans,) the Skavenblight Scramblers are at least a bit legendary. They’ve had a run of bad luck since then, but since the recent appointment of their new head coach Sandch Blackpelt, they’ve seen a new lease of life. Being Skaven, they naturally have a love for absolute, mindless violence, and their recent uptick in confidence and aggression has seen them elected Team of the Year 2493 in Spike! Magazine. Perhaps another trophy is within their grasp…

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble the Skavenblight Scramblers, a team for use in games of Blood Bowl. You’ll receive 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Gutter Runners and 6 Linemen, and a roster sheet. Supplied with a transfer sheet, turn markers, extra balls, and 12 Citadel 32mm Round bases featuring holes to keep the ball in.

Head over to Games Workshop and grab your new team of Skavenblight Scramblers today!

  • benn grimm

    ‘They may not be all that strong, they certainly aren’t tough, but boy oh boy are Skaven fast!’
    Loving the sculpts for these guys, fingers crossed Headsplitter makes an appearance soon 🙂

  • Horacio Rivas

    I’ve been blood bowl the whole week. Loving the game and the miniatures. The skaven team is really fun. the only problem I’ve had with the skaven is the Blitzers tail. the “blade” keeps falling off.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      I had the same problem, the tails were fiddly, and snapped while cleaning them or placing other parts on. Easy fix with glue, but still.

  • Drew

    My problem with the new Blood Bowl models is that I don’t think you should have to buy a whole second $35 box just to get two more gutter runners (the max a team can field). They should have just made it a $40 or $45 dollar box and included a full complement of players. The orc and human teams are worse; you have to buy another entire copy of the boxed game just to get another couple of catchers, blitzers, etc.

    If they release some kind of “boosters” that get around this problem, the gripe goes away immediately and I will be happy as a clam again…this game is the CORRECT way to rerelease a classic (*coughSilverTowercough*); it gives me high hopes for the future with Forge World managing the specialist games, though I’m sad my favorite of them (Warhammer Quest) got the crappy one-dimensional GW rework treatment rather than what it deserved. Ah well…at least we can still play the classic Quest where character improvement mattered and the stories were epic tales full of dungeons to explore with a wide variety of foes!

    • Robomummy

      patience my friend, they just came out saturday. give it time before they come out with additional players or just wait until bits sellers get a hold of their copies.

  • the_wheel_turns

    No Skaven stat cards in the Skaven box?


    • Emperor’s Champion

      nope just another 15 quid book unfortunately.

    • Horus84cmd

      the instruction sheet has the team rooster or you can download it for free from the BB website. You don’t have to purchase Death Zone. As for actual cards no – but hardly any team had ‘cards’ in previous editions either, only the ones in the starter set.

      • the_wheel_turns

        I thought cards were the new thing and I liked the idea. A small change but enough to convince me to buy the new edition. I assumed that every team would then get them as they also have star player cards in the main box.

        Which leads me to believe that other star players will get them when realised as well.

        So I can only think Skaven cards will be sold separately (when they should be in the Skaven Box)

        • Horus84cmd

          Yeah it would be cool to have cards for them all – like baseball cards! Although I believe at some even a star play deck box (mock up I assume) was on display. So perhaps it is something they will be doing or are toying with?

  • Emperor’s Champion

    shame we don’t have rat ogres but I’m picking this up still deffo

  • Seb

    I see Night Runner potential in four of those models 🙂