First Look: Blood Bowl Death Zone Season One

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Curious as to what’s inside the Blood Bowl: Deathzone Season One! book? So are we – Join us as we take a look inside!

Death Zone is a 48 page supplement that features many of the rules and content we saw already included in the older copies of Blood Bowl. It also features the 7 new team types (well sorta new, veterans will recognize them from the existing indy league rules) and is pretty much a must have if you are planning to play Blood Bowl.


The Casualty Table is not included in the main box so it is great to see it in the Season One book. This is also where you will get all of your Star Player Points rules and info. TOUCHDOWN!


All of the Optional Rules are in this book so you can change things up and add some depth to your Blood Bowl game.


We can see here that many of the teams have other units such as Ogres that aren’t in the team boxes. So that leaves us to wonder how these models will be released in the future. Will they be in clampacks or will they release other box sets with these special units in them? I guess only time will tell.

To see the entire First Look Review, check out this video below.

Blood Bowl Death Zone Season One: $25


Presenting a fantastic book filled with teams to get your season of Blood Bowl off to a riotous start – Death Zone Season 1! In this 48-page softback, you’ll find a wealth of new teams, star players and play options to expand and enhance your Blood Bowl experience.

In the book

Within Blood Bowl Death Zone: Season 1 you’ll find:

–        Details for 7 team types (Skaven, Nurgle, Dwarf, Elven Union, High Elf, Dark Elf and Wood Elf) with background, rosters and famous examples of each;
–        new official rules! Casualties, Expensive Mistakes, Play-offs, Glittering Prizes and more! Plus the official and sacred word of the great god Nuffle on the subject of running leagues – put your team roster together and play through a whole season of Blood Bowl, with all the victories, losses, touchdowns and injuries adding experience, growing your team into an unstoppable football juggernaut (possibly. If you win.)
–         an updated list of skills (a big list) and new game options to try out – Piling On! Dirty Players! Break Tackles! Diving Catches! Really Quite Horrible Mutations! More!;
–        updated rules for improving your team with the addition of coaching staff: Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Cheerleaders and Apothecaries;
–        rules for Exhibition Play;
–        the Hall of Fame – welcome the Bright Crusaders and the Orcland Raiders, along with their rosters;
–        Star Players! Eldril Sidewinder, Griff Oberwald, Grim Ironjaw, Guffle Pusmaw, Hakflem Skuttlespike, Jordell Freshbreeze, Mighty Zug, Morg ‘n’ Thorg, Prince Moranion, Roxanna Darknail and Varag Ghoul-Chewer – they’re a  in there;
–        official reference guides for each of the 7 team types in the book.

The Death Zone Season One book is a must have if you are planning to play Blood Bowl. Head over to Games Workshop and snag your copy today!


More Teams, Rules and League Play Support – It’s a winner!

  • DrWilhelm

    Anyone else noticed the ref models on the inside covers? Have I missed something or have they just not been announced yet? I must have that halfling…

    • Horus84cmd

      Yeah. I think they have been on display at a event somewhere. They have not ‘formally’ been announced – yet

  • Carey_Mahoney

    If it’s “a must-have if you want to play BloodBowl”, it should have been in the basic starter box.

  • benn grimm

    Kind of sad they seem to have dropped proper Chaos undivided, hope their planning to include them at some point soon, not cause we need the rules (for any of it), but new models would be nice.

    • kremmet

      They’re still in they game under the name Chaos Chosen. Nurgle teams have existed for a long time now as their own entity.

      • benn grimm

        They’re still in the game under the name Chaos (as nothing released so far invalidates the book we’ve been using the last ten or so years) and I’m well aware of how long nurgle teams have been in the game. I’m talking updated models.

        • kremmet

          Well, besides the new naming scheme there are some minor changes to skills and star players in this edition that differ from the CRP (which is six years old IIRC). You can see how your post might be a bit misleading as, while these rules are incredibly similar to the CRP, they are not exactly the same.

          End point is Chaos isn’t gone and new models would be nice, yes. I’m assuming they went with Nurgle because the team is a bit easier to theme the sculpts for to get a unique look. I too would love to see fresh sculpts as my Chaos team has been Slaanesh-themed for quite some time.

          • benn grimm

            Yeah, fair play, I can see that. I’ve been trying to work out what’s changed, didn’t see anything yet, but I guess I just need time. The boxed set seems incredibly similar to the 3rd ed set, minus the extra teams and a couple of other things, plus a few cards. The death zone season one book has some of the living rule book stuff, but not all, I assume the rest will follow (fingers crossed), until then I’ll be sticking with the LR6, more for completeness/convenience than anything else.

            Do you know off hand of any specific changes so far?

          • kremmet

            I think most people will stick with the CRP until at least GW figures out their league tracking. That is, assuming that their league rules are also closer to minor modifications.

            Some of the specific changes are quality of life hits like making Illegal Procedure an optional rule while others are tweaks to model rules (Morg N Thorg no longer works for everybody). In Death Zone S1 you see changes to rules such as Piling On which now uses a team reroll. The book actually states that it also doesn’t combine with other casualty-generating skills, but that has since been hit with an erratum.

    • Alpharius

      All the rules for the other teams (including chaos) are free on the GW website:

      • benn grimm

        All the rules are available for free in the living rule book, as I already said, we don’t need rules (for any of it), but new models would be nice. The non inclusion in death zone raises questions as to whether this will happen, this is what I’m referring to. I highly doubt for the example, that they will release an updated amazon team (even though the rules are on the website).

        • Severius_Tolluck

          It’s a stop gap measure, just like the early AoS days with the rule sheets for the old stuff. To stop the loss of players and give a few of the old guys with armies a chance to play in the new setting. All in the hope that enough of the new material will get you to change your mind and buy something.