Fritz’s Tabletop: 40K Rules Stress Points

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Discover the rules stress points in Warhammer 40K and how can you use them for a tactical advantage.

What are the rules stress point in Warhammer 40K? Every wargame is a simulation of rules that does its best to create a gaming world on the table. Many of the rule mechanics work well, and others not so well…

In this 40K tabletop tactics post we are going to apply some gaming force to the contact points where the 40K rules break down so we can use them for a tactical advantage.

Prepare for glory!

What are the rule stress points of a wargame- of Warhammer 40k? Where and how do they exist?


You Go I Go as a stress point and how we can use that as a winning tactic.

The DICE as a stress point, and the challenges of using a D6 based system.

~See you on the tabletop!



  • jeff white

    i like what you are doing here.
    40k is a serious investment in time and
    is a great vehicle for education and training
    in resource management, competitive and cooperative engagements,
    and as you say decision/game theory.

    indeed, i feel that is the meta-level discourse over mutually constraining rules sets that is the most important.
    this is a crucial skill in a functional democracy,
    and one sadly lacking in most everyone
    including gamers
    that i have ever met…