Fritz’s Tabletop: Finding The FUN In Your 40K Army

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Beyond the 40K narrative, as we move into tactics, what makes each 40K army so special?


Beyond the 40K narrative, as we move into tactics, what makes each 40K army so special? What are the different factors that as a player of your favorite army you want to take advantage of?

This week’s tabletop post continues to look at the various 40K armies, three of which have some very unique rules and units to play.

What makes them so fun to play?

How are they different vs. Space Marines?


Da Orks! As iconic as Space Marines are, one could argue that 40K wouldn’t be 40K without Orks and their contributions to the narrative of the game we all love.


Playing the Greater Good seems easy these days with Tau being so powerful, but is there more to the codex?

Chaos Daemons.


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  • Nyyppä

    The problem is that no matter how awesome you think your faction is or how well it’s implemented to the game, if your army is very broken or equally lacking in power it’s not fun. It just is not, not to someone who grew mentally past 2 year olds.

    • Valeli

      I’ve seen a few examples of people winning tournaments and stuff with “bad” armies.

      Now, I’m not trying to defend poor rules or GW ignoring factions. Not at all.

      But surely there’s some good fun to be had when you have your thing down flat and you’re able to succeed against expectations, no? Even if you “grew mentally past 2”.

      And if this has been done in tournaments (rarely) surely it happens more often in “casual” games where people aren’t (quite) as worried about min/maxing to the nth degree.

      Again – I’m not trying to defend bad design. I’d prefer all armies got equal time and well done rules. I’m just saying that if you’re attached to a faction for whatever reason, you can find enjoyment in it.

      I mean, I still like my sisters of battle. And we’ve ranked fairly high on the neglect-o-meter.

      • Aaron

        getting first turn and wiping tau off the board with 9 basilisks is pretty funny

      • Nyyppä

        I agree assuming the following: The person who wants to play the significantly weaker faction is a masochist. The person who wants to play the significantly stronger faction is a sadist. Neither have an off-day from this tendency.

        Otherwise it’s not realistically possible. In theory it can happen, but in practice it’s so rare it’s not rational to have any hope.

  • Agent OfBolas

    Good rulebook with tons of options to play = fun.

    Terrible book, like current Orks or Tyranids = no fun

    As simply as that.

    • Walter Vining

      I know people that play nids and have lots of fun with them. win lots of games.

      • Valeli

        Ditto. So I don’t think it’s “as simply as that”.

        I do totally agree that some of the 40k rule books have been disproportionately ignored and/or poorly done though.

        And while I don’t agree that rules are the only factor governing fun, being able to play on a level field and not feeling ignored is certainly a big factor in the end.

      • Aaron

        nids do have one competitive build in flyrant and big bug spam

  • Karru

    My view on “what makes army fun to play” usually boils down to two very important factors, Options and Unique Mechanics.

    I personally couldn’t care less if the army itself is bad as long as the mechanics are interesting. For example, if I enjoyed painting and modelling Tyranids, I would play them. I like the way Synapse works and the different things you can do with it. I also like the plethora of options that Tyranids have in terms of what they want to do. Want to be a fast, shooting army? Gargoyles, Flying Hive Tyrants, Raveners and Hive Crones are available to use. Want to flood the board with bodies? Tervigons, Termagaunts and Hormagaunts will bring you just that.

    The army itself is very bad and would be annihilated within the first turn, or if you are very lucky the second, in a highly competitive scene but luckily I don’t have that problem. I can pretty much play any army I want and I will never really have to worry about someone coming in with an Eldar army of Wraithknights, Bikes and Warp Spiders.

    Tau is something I really would like to start collecting, but I just can’t get an inspiration for a perfect colour scheme. I’ve tried 4-6 so far and none have given me that nice feeling of a good looking paint scheme. Tau also has lots of fun unique mechanics with their Suits and Marker Lights. The entire army works together to support each other which is something I find very interesting. They also have TONS of options to choose from.

    This is the reason why I absolutely despise CSM right now. They have nothing interesting going on. The entire army has no fun mechanics. The Chaos Boon table gets barely utilised and that is literally the only real mechanic in the book. Beyond that, it’s just way worse Space Marines. Because of that I play Space Marines, because at least my Ultramarines have a god damn mechanic that sees use throughout the game.

    I love my Orks. Once again, they are not the top tier but they allow me to try out something I have never done before. Mass assault army with lots of mobility. My biggest army is my Space Marines and with them I go with very balanced force of backline units supporting some advancing units with one or two units deep striking on top of the enemy line as a disruption unit. Beyond that, they really aren’t that mobile. My Eldar utilise more Guardians than anything else really so I don’t move that much with them. Also, since Assaulting is so bad right now, the only option is to do it on mass, unless you run a Deathstar, Orks have plenty of option in the book as well as thematic rules like the Mob Rule and WAAAGH!!!. There is also all the Orky shooting that’s going on that is always fun.

  • What I love about Daemonkin is that it really feels like the fluff and the playstyle go hand in hand. I try to impress Khorne, go for the big kills, if I fail my death brings him pleasure and if I succeed doubly so. It means I never mind losing a unit and always play hyper aggressive.

    Meanwhile my death guard army really embodies the unkillable, plodding nature of the plague marine, and zombies are pretty much perfect for running straight at the enemy and soaking endless damage.

    I find slaanesh and tzeentch somewhat harder to translate, at least prior to the new Tz rules.

  • Old zogwort

    Lol that ork video. Erhm let me explain how to have fun with orks. I have never played them. But I sure enjoy mowing them down in a single turn of shooting with my eldar when they run towards me. So just keep doing that you will like it.