Konflikt ’47: Schwerefeldprojector and Tesla Turrets

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Give your Weird World War II tanks an upgrade with these new turrets…

As the war progresses front line mods and first stage weapons start to appear on the battlefield – and become a requirement to succeed in battle in an ever more advanced arms race. These options can be mounted on tanks or on bunkers to add extra defense.

Schwerefeld Projector – $20.00



The gravity manipulation weapons employed by Germany have the ability to alter localised gravity, crushing targets under their own weight, or rapidly altering the gravity in a small space. This can cause rapid failure of mechanical parts and the aftershocks can disrupt a target’s ability to operate for a significant time. The ability of the weapon’s energy field to manipulate gravity is linked to the target’s mass, making the weapon more effective against bigger and heavier targets. This has led to more of these weapons being employed on the Eastern Front than in the west, to counter the heavy Soviet walkers and tanks.


Tesla Cannon turret$20.00


The Tesla Cannon directed energy weapons conceived and developed by Nikola Tesla have had an immediate impact on the battlefield. Even heavily-armoured vehicles are vulnerable to electricity and with a dispersion setting, squads of infantry can be attacked just as easily. Whilst relatively short ranged and bulky, they are effective against both vehicles and infantry, which makes them popular with the tank crews that use them. Tactically the glow of the Tesla Cannon’s coils makes ambushes and fighting at night difficult, but the psychological effect of the electrical arcs on enemy soldiers is worth the side effects.

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  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Good idea!

  • Commissar Molotov

    Eagerly awaiting a Schweinprojektor that fires flaming pigs at the Allies!

    • D. B.

      “Schweinewerfer”, more likely. 😉

      • palaeomerus


  • palaeomerus

    So in the Konflikt ’47 alt WW2 Tesla didn’t die in 1943?

    • LordRao

      You’re assuming that in the world of K’47 being dead means you can’t invent. 😉

      • palaeomerus

        Oh dear…

    • Jon Moldenhauer

      Well, he could have been better at writing things down and keeping a lab notebook that others could follow in Konflict ’47. So then he could have developed them long before the war but it took that long for the US military to find people who could understand his notes.

  • Damistar

    I’d have like to see more in the lines of the Maus or the E series for Germany. Or if they want to get creative then follow the design trends from 45 onward. I get the whole Weird War 2, but why do they always go with the “alien” technology angle. And walkers, while certainly cool, are not as practical as just regular tanks.